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A professional SEO consultant can help your website improve its online ranking with their expertise. They offer websites their expert knowledge on SEO to help them get the results they want. They are very useful for websites with limited knowledge of SEO best practices and strategies. Therefore this blog focuses on answering all your questions regarding a professional SEO consultant!

Ever thought about why your website cannot produce the expected results despite all your SEO efforts? Or is your website’s performance decreasing because of your limited SEO knowledge?

Just like any other problem, these questions also have solutions! Do not lose hope your website is still salvageable! With the help of a professional SEO consultant, you can improve your website’s performance and experience all the benefits of SEO.

Before jumping straight into questions like what a professional SEO consultant is and why they are essential, you need at least a surface-level understanding of SEO consulting. Therefore the next section focuses on understanding the basics of SEO consulting.

A glance into SEO consulting!

SEO Consulting is a service companies offer to help websites improve their SEO strategies. These services include educating you on how to use SEO to its maximum potential and impact on your website. By relying on professional SEO consultancy, you can efficiently craft and implement strategies to solidify your authority and credibility in your niche!

Professional SEO consulting services are particularly useful for businesses that want to optimize their website for search engines but do not know the process. With the help of these services, they can improve their website ranking and increase their lead conversion rates.

Who is a Professional SEO Consultant?

Getting back to the main topic. Here is a simple explanation of who is a professional SEO consultant.

“A professional SEO consultant has advanced expertise in SEO. They use their profound SEO knowledge to help their client’s website reach the height of success and be among the top websites in their related fields.”

Search engine optimization consultants specializing in search engine marketing know-how to organically increase your brand’s reach without resorting to paid advertising. They utilize various proven strategies to help websites realize their online goals.

Best SEO strategies used by a professional SEO consultant!

Here is a list of some of the best SEO strategies that SEO consultants adopt.

Now that you have understood what professional SEO consultants are, it becomes even more important to know how they can help you.

How a professional SEO consultant can help you?

As we have already discussed, expert SEO consultants contribute their knowledge to benefit your website. So, the basic job description of a professional SEO consultant includes the following:

  • First, they review their client’s websites and perform audits.
  • Second, they conduct relevant keyword research to find high-performing keywords to rank clients’ websites.
  • Third, they find the weak points in the technical aspects of the website (page speed, page navigation, cross-browser compatibility, mobile optimization, etc.) and craft a strategy to alleviate them.
  • Fourth, add keywords in pertinent locations across the website, URL slugs, meta title, meta description, throughout the website content, etc.
  • Next, they develop customized strategies to improve the website ranking and drive more organic traffic.
  • Consequently, they use inbound marketing strategies to increase brand awareness, leads, and sales.
  • They also conduct comprehensive competitor analyses to ensure their clients rank for industry-specific keywords.
  • Finally, they also acquire credible backlinks from reputed sites.

These are but simple examples of what a professional SEO consultant does on a day-to-day basis.

Why do you need to work with a professional SEO consultant?

Many businesses think that they can optimize their website on their own. However, the result it may yield can’t be on par with what professional SEO consultants can deliver.

If you are satisfied with your website’s average performance, there is no need to hire local SEO experts. On the other hand, if your goals are to be in the top search results, then you should consider hiring a professional SEO consultant.

Professional SEO consulting services are especially beneficial for websites that aim high but are not able to achieve these goals. Remember that hiring a professional SEO consultant is a big step for the future of your website.

But at one point in your company’s journey, should you hire a professional SEO consultant? The next section will answer this!

Indications you need a professional SEO consultant

It is not difficult for websites to gauge when they need the help of an expert. You can easily observe many telltale signs that can help with making a decision.

1. Your SEO efforts are going to waste

Many website owners believe that having an in-house SEO team can be more helpful with long-term benefits. However, not everyone can afford to have an in-house team.

Plus, there is no guarantee your team of experts will bring in the results that you want. On the other hand, the very ground of hiring a professional SEO consultant is result-based. Therefore, hiring them is more useful and cost-effective.

2. Subpar Ranking

If your website’s rank keeps dropping no matter what you do. And despite all efforts, you are not able to find the reason for your website’s poor performance. This is a red flag for your website! It indicates that you need the help of a professional SEO consultant to recover from the damages of low ranking on the SERPs.

3. Low Traffic

Another major indicator of why you need an affordable SEO company or professional SEO consultant is if your site is consistently receiving low traffic. Your website is all about its visibility. If you cannot reach your target audience, your whole effort in building a website will go down the drain. Therefore, consider taking the help of a reliable, affordable SEO company or professional SEO consultant to drive more traffic.

4. Lack of time

Lack of time for SEO is a common problem many e-commerce websites face. Just imagine if you are already busy managing your business there is no way you have enough time to optimize your website for SEO. On top of that, SEO is not easy it is very time-consuming and needs constant monitoring.

Therefore you will be stuck in a dilemma of where you should put your focus. Hiring a professional SEO consultant will relieve you of this problem. You won’t have to worry about your site’s performance anymore, so you can wholeheartedly focus on expanding your business.

5. You have been penalized

Have you ever experienced your website’s rank decreasing after a Google Core update? If yes, this is likely due to Google penalizing you for breaking its best practices. These penalties, in particular, are tough to overcome on your own. Therefore, when you are stuck in such a situation, you should consider hiring a professional SEO consultant.

6. Your competitors are getting ahead of you

In this highly competitive digital world, your competitor’s rise to success is a big warning for you. If your competitor’s ranking keeps improving while you are stuck in the same position, you should get help from a professional SEO consultant.

Because in the online world, everyone competes for the same audience’s attention. Hence, the better your competitor’s ranking, the more traffic they drive. And if your competitors have more traffic, you will have less traffic.

Thus, you need to partner with a professional SEO consultant.

How to identify a professional SEO consultant?

Once you decide to hire a good SEO consultant, you must consider your options carefully, especially when it comes to performance management consulting firms. Hiring a professional SEO consultant is a significant step, and the choice you make can have a profound impact on your online presence. Therefore, it's crucial to be meticulous in your selection process. Evaluate the expertise and experience of potential consultants, and don't overlook the importance of their understanding of performance management strategies. This will ensure that the consultant you choose not only enhances your search engine optimization but also aligns with your broader business goals, contributing to overall performance improvement.

To make your job a little bit easier, here are a few signs you should look after before hiring an expert SEO consultant.

1. Years of experience

Before hiring someone checking their experience is very important because it shows their expertise level. People who have worked longer would better understand SEO practices. In addition, they will possess an in-depth knowledge of their field. Hence they can help your business much more efficiently.

2. Successful track record

When hiring a professional SEO consultant, you should also look out for their track records and how successful they are. Keep an eye out for people with proven results and higher success rates.

3. Communication skills

Communication skills are the main basis of work. Suppose they face difficulty explaining to you what changes you should consider making on your website. Then there is no use in hiring an expert therefore, always prioritize experts with excellent communication skills.


Hiring a professional SEO consultant can be a game changer for a website. For websites suffering from low ranking, relying on a professional SEO consultancy can help them big time!

An expert SEO consultant can help your website succeed, defeating all your competitors. A website can benefit from the specialist advice of a professional SEO consultant. Therefore, businesses must find the best person for this job. If you want to work with professional SEO consulting services, consider Gigde. To know more, connect with us today.


Q.1 Which are the best SEO consultant services?

Following is the list of the top SEO consultant services:

  • Gigde
  • WebFx
  • SmartSites
  • Straight North
  • Zupo
  • Intero Digital

Q2.How much does an SEO expert charge?

The cost of hiring an SEO expert generally depends on factors like their experience, field expertise, and specific service needed. However, on average, an SEO expert may charge you anywhere between $500 and $5000 monthly.

Q3.Which are the best SEO tools for eCommerce websites?

Some of the best SEO tools trusted by many e-commerce businesses include:

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