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Boost Your SEO Rankings With These 16 Techniques

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Want to rank high on the search engine results page? Are you interested in knowing how to increase SEO of website? Then you are at the right place. Ranking matters a lot, especially if you are a business owner trying to sell your products and services online. The last thing you need is a website with a low ranking. Therefore, it's best if you start investing in SEO strategies to improve search engine ranking.

Therefore, this blog will provide effective SEO strategies to improve rankings. But before that, let's first understand how important SEO ranking is.

Why should businesses care about their website's ranking?

The reasons why so many businesses are eager to secure high rankings for their website are straightforward. The internet is like a marketplace. Like how stores in the front receive more customers, similarly the more eye-catching your website is, the more potential customers it will receive. And what could be more eye-catching than a website sitting at the top?

The top-ranking websites are literally the first thing you will see after typing your queries. So, just imagine how much your business will benefit from having a website with a good ranking. However, achieving a higher ranking takes time and constant effort. This is also why businesses invest so much in SEO strategies to improve search engine ranking. In fact, you can even hire digital marketing services to help you out.

Following are some vital statistics that will further prove the importance of ranking:

  • The top traffic source of all the websites comes from organic sources
  • More than two-thirds of all clicks go to the top three websites of organic search results.
  • The top organic search results get 19 times more clicks than the top paid search results.
  • Less than 1% of users click on the second page of search results.

Hence, the following section will provide useful SEO strategies to improve ranking. These strategies will show you how to increase the SEO of the website effectively, so keep reading.

How Can I Make Improvements to My SEO in 2024?

Search engine optimization is about helping search engines like Google find the information you have published online. Furthermore, SEO also helps the search engine rank your website against similar websites. If the search engine finds your website good enough, they will give you a higher ranking. If the website is not up to the mark, it gets lost among the long list of websites that get minimum to no traffic.

Now that you know how important SEO can be for your website, let's take a look at SEO strategies to improve ranking.

1. Research your online customers

Improving your website starts with understanding how your potential customers behave online. Pay attention to how people search for your products or services online. Learn about the customer's purchasing habits and preferences and use them to your advantage. Based on your collected data, you can now build a strategy that effectively converts them to loyal customers.

2. Use the right keywords on your site

Keywords, as you might already know, are the search terms of phrases that customers use to look for your brand's products and services online. Therefore keyword research is one of the most important to improve search engine ranking.

Here are some tips you can use:

  • Use popular keywords and phrases in your page titles, content, metadata, etc.
  • Use relevant keywords related to your business, services, and locations to make it easy for customers to find you.
  • Do not overuse keywords; remember, moderation is the key here.

3. Review and update existing content

Generally, improving existing content on your website before making a new one is a good practice. This will help remove irrelevant and unhelpful content that could otherwise harm your website. It will also help you maximize your content's potential and reduce overlapping.

Renewing old content is one of the excellent strategies to improve ranking, and professionals even use it. Here are two ways you review your content:

  • Check your outdated content and make necessary changes to boost its performance.
  • Improve high-potential pages to increase their ranking to the top of the search page.

4. Gain referrals from other highly reputed websites

Backlinks are one of the crucial factors that search engines look at before ranking your website. Backlinks from other highly authoritative websites can be very beneficial for your website. In fact, search engines even consider them like a vote of confidence about your website's accuracy, usefulness, and relevancy.

Earning high-quality backlinks is one of the best SEO strategies to improve ranking. Following are some helpful link-building strategies you can use:

  • Create highly shareable content
  • Publish data-driven content that tells a story

5. Link internally

Linking internally will help direct customers on your website from one page to another. This will increase the amount of time customers spend on your website. In addition, it will also help the search engine understand what your pages are about and how they are connected.

6. Use metatags in your site content

Meta tags refer to the pieces of content in your website coding that could not be displayed on the web pages. These tags are very helpful because they give the search engine extra information about your page content. You can generate good results by using these SEO strategies to improve ranking.

7. Target low-competition keyword

One reason your SEO strategies to improve search engine ranking are ineffective is that you are targeting too competitive keywords. Instead, it's better to target low-competition keywords.

8. Utilize long-tail keywords

Using long tail keywords as part of your SEO strategies to improve ranking is a great idea. These are highly specific terms that do not get many individual searches. However, together, they make a high percentage of searches. Moreover, people who search using long-tail keywords are more likely to take action.

9. Use images and optimize them

When it comes to SEO, people generally focus more on the written content, and images are more of an afterthought. Image optimization is probably one of the most undermined SEO strategies to improve website ranking. Optimized images are quite capable of driving traffic to your website.

10. Target featured snippets

Feature snippets are small excerpts that appear at the top of Google search results. These provide a short and quick answer to the searcher's queries. You can easily use these SEO strategies to improve ranking and gain more visibility, clicks, and traffic.

11. Make sure your brand's website is mobile-friendly and responsive

The vast majority of Internet users rely on smartphones. In fact, Google uses mobile-first indexing to rank your website. So, to improve your website's SEO, you need to focus on mobile SEO to improve website ranking.

12. Focus on Local SEO

You must use local SEO strategies if your business targets a local audience. This way, you can make your website more visible to a local audience and improve local search rankings.

13. Optimize page speed

A lot depends on the page load speed of your website. People are very impatient these days, to the point that if a website takes a few more seconds to load, they will just go to another website. If this happens to your website often, you must immediately improve your page speed. This is because an increased bounce rate will harm your site's ranking. Therefore, do not forget about the page speed when implementing SEO strategies to improve ranking.

14. Use short and descriptive URLs

One of the easiest tips to improve SEO ranking is to use short, descriptive, and memorable URLs for your web pages. These can tell the search engine what a page is about, thus boosting your business website's SEO and improving user experience.

15. Track, analyze, and optimize

SEO is not a one-time thing. If you want the effect of your SEO strategies to last longer, you need to track, analyze, and optimize them constantly.

16. Stay up to date

The search engine constantly evolves to provide users with a better experience. Simultaneously, SEO also evolves continuously. Therefore, staying ahead of the learning curve and optimizing SEO strategies to improve website ranking is important.


No matter how much you spend on paid strategies, they will never be able to produce as good results as organic strategies. Therefore, you must focus on SEO strategies to improve ranking of your website. And if you don't know how to improve SEO on website then you can always rely on Gigde. Our search engine optimization services will help your website continuously improve ranking and drive traffic.

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