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Numbers do not lie- we are not making tall claims but just showing you what the data tells us!


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Why Does Your Business Need The Right Content Marketing Services?

Everything you read online is content- from social media posts to blogs and websites to search engine ads, emails, whitepapers, and journals. The right content is like a brand advocate. It can answer the queries of your target audience, sell your product/services, and engage with users. By working with our professional and hassle-free content marketing services in USA, you can increase leads,conversions, and profits!

What is a Content Marketing Service?

Content marketing service is a 360-degree solution where our executives provide you with all kinds of content, strategy, tools, and reporting tools. This enables you to run campaigns and increase your ROI successfully.

In the current digital marketing landscape, SEO, social media, and email marketing are pivotal to scaling a business! Do you know what is the foundation of all these marketing methods? Quality content!

Content marketing service entails creating exciting content that is both informative and engaging and helps to establish your business as a thought leader and subject matter expert. Our content is highly targeted depending on your business goals and target market.

53% of marketers are working to improve their content quality, as it directly impacts their sales, revenue, and consumer engagement. Outsource this task to our experienced and creative team, and watch your content performing like never before!

We are a full-service content marketing agency providing end-to-end assistance from strategizing to implementation, reporting, and ongoing support.

We complete over 5000+ content marketing projects yearly. Our team of experienced writers, editors, strategists, and marketers work together to create content (video, static image, or written) that will take your brand from 0 to 100 in no time.

Remember, whichever marketing strategy you opt for, it cannot become successful without CONTENT!

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Benefits Of Content Marketing Services To Build Successful Brands

Our writers are mavericks, and we can create content for every industry and on any topic under the sun, literally! Our editors and fact-checkers ensure that the content we create for your business resonates with your brand voice and objectives. We are the perfect partner on your road to success!

Increase your SERP ranking

Increase your SERP ranking

The content that we write is for both search engines and people. We ensure your brand message always catches the eyes of your target audience. As the top branded content marketing agency, every piece of content we provide is flawlessly written and correct in grammar, data, and approach.

Google and other popular search engines rank websites based on their content.Your content gets precedence over your competitors on SERP when it is unique, error-free, and provides answers to the most popular queries. Our writers ensure that the created content is both quote- and link-worthy!

Create A Brand Voice That Is Authentic, Authoritative, and Credible

Create A Brand Voice That Is Authentic, Authoritative, and Credible

A strong brand identity is of utmost importance to stand out in this competitive and cluttered market. There is growing acceptance of omnichannel expertise, where all customer touchpoints have the same voice and value system. Through our content marketing services, we understand our client’s mission, vision, and goals. We then create website content, blog content, social media content, emailers, and press releases that portray the same!

We create an unmissable brand identity by combining our creative and technical expertise. Are you ready to voice your opinion to the world today?

Increased Conversions and Sales

Increased Conversions and Sales

Content marketing aims to build a loyal and invested customer base, leading to increased lead generation and conversions. Our writers create fascinating and compelling content so that readers stay hooked through the end, thus reducing the bounce rate. Bounce rate is an important consideration for SERP ranking.

Our authentic content is written not just for search engines but is written keeping the website visitors in mind. The right content can become the differentiator between you and your competitors, and with our Content Marketing Services, you are guaranteed excellence.

No AI, 100% Genuine and Human Content

No AI, 100% Genuine and Human Content

AI Content has taken the content marketing industry by storm, and though every tool has its merits, it cannot replace human creativity, ingenuity, and level of personalization. Google penalizes sub-par and auto-generated content.

We work to bring content that is inclusive and strongly echoes your brand’s voice while also having an exclusive tone. Human writers understand the perspective of the target consumer and can create content that helps to answer their queries in a language they can most relate to.

We can easily adapt our writing style depending on the industry, target market, and content purpose.

What Can You Expect From Gigde’s Content Marketing Services

Content Marketing Services by the Gigde team is state-of-the-art, and we are the industry leader, and 90% of clients come through referrals. We have over 87% of ongoing content projects. Wondering why? We provide best-in-class content marketing services globally.

A-Z of Content

There are hundreds of different types of content, and we can assist you with all of them! Blogs, articles, website copy, social media copy, whitepapers, emailers, press releases, brochures, reports, pamphlets, and others, the list is endless. And then there are B2B and B2C content, sales, and lead generation content!

Any communication channel with intended customers needs content, and our content marketing services come to your rescue in this regard! Whatever is your content requirement, we have a solution for it.

Gigde Content Merketing Services
Captivating Copywriting

Captivating Copywriting

Nobody wants to read bland content, just like they don’t like bland food. Research states that humans have 8 seconds of attention span, less than a goldfish's, and we create content that people can keep reading for hours on an end.

We help to catch your audience and retain their attention, and captivate them from the get-go! Our content marketing team will enable you to do this successfully and effortlessly. Our writers know the exact technique to impress readers and tell your brand story in the best possible way.

You can strengthen your bottom line by catching your website visitors long enough to understand your brand’s offerings.

Writing SEO-optimized content needs technical knowledge and creative flair. Our team is expert in this regard. Not only do we have all the necessary tools but also the ability to meet the stringent criteria of those tools. We can do everything from adding targeted keywords to content formatting and maintaining proper sentence structuring!

Our content is written for search engines and audiences, and we score big on both fronts. Top-ranking content that engages and informs audiences leads to increased link-building and citations.

Branded Content

Branded Content

Get your brand voice seen by your competitors, industry peers, and audience. The right branded content can help you establish your business as a leader in your industry. The success of an advertisement campaign (Social media, PPC, Google Ads, etc) depends on the copy's strength and ingenuity.

Our team works as an extension of your in-house marketing team. We will adeptly explain your vision, mission, and products/services to your target market base. The brand ads motivate the users to take action, and this magic stems from the creative spirit of our copywriters.

Product Integrations

Product Integrations

E-Commerce has a become global phenomenon, and words act as salespeople to promote, upsell and cross-sell a brand’s products and servicees. The right product integrations in blogs, social media copies, and catchy product descriptions can help boost your sales.

We don’t just write content but also strategize and market content to create maximum impact. Creating the right target persona is the first step toward a successful content marketing game plan. Our consumer-centric approach to content allows us to create compelling copies that promote your brand while empowering your customers.

Content Strategy

Content Strategy

Just writing is not enough! At Gigde, our process starts with understanding your brand, business model, industry, and target audience. Next, we create an outline, create the content, get it edited, and proofread it. Ultimately, we deliver an excellent piece of creative work.

This process enables us to design a compact content strategy keeping in mind the proper content format and content delivery channel. Our holistic approach helps us to create successful content marketing service campaigns.

The right content strategy can help you increase your sales and conversions by 10X!

Editorial Content

Editorial Content

Editorial content is any informative and educative content on the Internet without any intention of adding an element of sales. Customers like to be informed before deciding to invest in a business. We do that through informative and engaging blogs, newsletters, and social media posts! The writers are adept at spinning stories that touch the heart, while our special ability is to dig deep and find unique information.

Our proficient writers have excellent English language command, a deep understanding of human psychology, and a passion for writing. Editorial content is what we thrive on.

Plagiarism-free Content

Plagiarism-free Content

Your story makes your brand stand apart- don’t let another brand’s narrative influence it. Audiences respect individuality and make them trust your recommendations, and they turn into loyal brand advocates.

Google heavily penalizes brands that plagiarize content, leading to a lower ranking on search pages. Undoubtedly, originality is guaranteed when it comes to content created by us.

First, our editors thoroughly fact-check each article to assure you of quality content. Next, we run our articles through premium plagiarism tools and provide you with the reports. Ultimately, you can run your test to determine the genuineness.

Reader-friendly Content

Reader-friendly Content

The Internet allows businesses to cater to a global audience base. This raises the need for the content to be flexible and easy to understand by even non-native speakers. Did you know there are multiple variations of English, each with its own localization technique? We understand the linguistic variations and tailor the content style to your target market.

Simple language and informative copy allows your readers to interact easily with the content and entices them to take action like subscribing to newsletters, making a purchase, or sign-up to your website.

Reader-centric content brings about engagement!

Keyword-Focused Content

Keyword-Focused Content

85% of people start their search on the web, and it starts by putting in a few keyphrases pertinent to their query. Understanding business and industry-specific keywords and writing content on them enables your brand to be on top of search results. The higher you appear on the list, the higher the chance of lead generation and conversion.

Our SEO-optimized content enables you to achieve your goals, get an edge over the competition, and draw in organic traffic. Don’t lose revenue because your content lacks proper keyword research.

Our Customized Content Marketing Service Process

Each project has its particular requirements, and we can tailor it to your needs. The team at Gigde works like a well-oiled machine, and every department comes together to create a cohesive content plan and see your content marketing journey from start to end.

Grow your Organic Traffic with SEO-Optimized Content Writing

Project Strategy

Project Strategy

Firstly, the project size directly impacts the campaign strategy. If you want extensive work, we can deliver on it, but it all needs considerable effort from the team! We review your existing content and discuss your end goals and the content delivery method. Depending on these factors, we create a content plan to complement your business objectives and maximize your ROI.

Delivery Timeline

Delivery Timeline

Secondly, the project turnaround time. We will mutually agree upon a time that suits both your business needs and our creative process. Our team always strives to provide quality content, and we work relentlessly to deliver it each time! We always stick by our commitment and deliver content on the time that was promised.

SEO-optimized Content

SEO-optimized Content

Thirdly, if you want content optimized for search engines, it includes the effort of our SEO team. We need to undertake thorough keyword research, and brand analysis, and create content that is both reader-friendly and SEO-friendly. Even while adhering to Google guidelines, we can create content that both engages and compels people to take action.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Finally, if you want the experienced marketers of Gigde to work their magic on marketing your content, you can do that as well. Our tried-and-tested approach and advanced tools help us bring improved ROI for your content marketing campaigns. We provide ongoing support in editing and tweaking the content as per your needs. Even the best content needs iterations to make it even better.


Frequently Asked


What is Content Marketing Services?

Content marketing is creating and delivering relevant, useful content to current and potential customers, like blogs, newsletters, white papers, social media posts, emails, videos, etc.

What type of content do you deliver?

At Gigde, our content marketing services entail all kinds of content. We do blogs/articles, social media copies, ad copies, emailers, newsletters, and website copies. Next, we work on B2B, B2C, and marketing copies. Finally, we are adept at writing reports, brochures, and pamphlets. Obviously, we work across all industries and sectors.

Is Content Marketing worth it?

Content marketing is the most important marketing technique because it helps your whole digital marketing strategy. Content marketing not only brings in new customers but also helps keep the ones you already have and teaches people about important issues.

Content marketing is popular because it's a cost-effective, sustainable marketing method. It nurtures your audience, answers questions, and builds their trust – all of which help your business produce better leads, more conversions, and more sales.

How does your content creation process work?

First, we will take a call to understand your requirement and the objective of your content. Second, we will create a strategy and send it for your approval. Third, we will create the first draft and edit it. Next, we will send it to you for review. Finally, you can send it back for review, and we rework it as per your recommendations.

Which are the best content marketing services in usa?

SEO content, social media content, and video content are all the rage in the content marketing sector in the USA.


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