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10 Latest SMS Marketing Trends for 2024

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Summary: SMS marketing is a go-to marketing strategy for businesses to reach and connect with customers. Thoughtfully crafted SMS can do wonders for a lot of business. Therefore, in this blog, we will be discussing some of the latest SMS marketing trends that can boost your marketing strategy and expand your business's reach!

Text marketing or SMS marketing is a brilliant way for businesses to reach out to their consumers! Even though many people might imagine that in the age of the internet and WhatsApp, SMS marketing trends are a thing of the past, they need to reconsider this. 

Therefore, these days we see a lot of SMS marketing trends taking over other marketing strategies! SMS marketing is one of the best alternatives for businesses to increase their reach and drive more traffic. 

With digital marketing communications on the rise, many companies have turned their focus on online marketing strategy. However, there is one more marketing strategy that is way better and far more efficient: the SMS marketing strategy! When done right, SMS marketing trends help a businesses a lot and help them connect with consumers directly.

Believe it or not, but right now, SMS marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for many businesses. Many people underestimate the power of text message marketing and may even feel it’s not worth the effort. 

Strategically by using SMS marketing trends, businesses can increase their profitability and drive conversions. Therefore, this blog focuses on some of the latest and most crucial SMS marketing trends. These sms trends will help you up your marketing game and gain an edge over your competitors. 

What is SMS marketing?

SMS stands for short message service; businesses rely on this service to send promotions to their target customers. In short, enterprises use short text messages to promote their products and services to users for various purposes. Like email marketing, this strategy is prevalent among businesses that wish to attract more customers. 

SMS marketing trends have been around for many decades and are popular. SMS is fast and effective, with a high open rate. Hence, many people use them as small segments of their marketing strategy. However, moderation is an essential thing businesses should consider while utilizing text message marketing. 

Marketers must use it in moderation to make the most of the latest SMS marketing trends. The frequency of your text and content can affect the results. 

If users frequently receive promotional text, they are bound to get annoyed. Therefore, businesses need to consider the frequency of their text carefully. In addition, smartly using good content will also leave your customers with a good impression. 

Are SMS marketing trends influential?

Marketing is not easy; it can take a lot of time even to develop an effective digital marketing strategy. And when you start thinking about the time it would take to implement these strategies and even more time to produce significant results. It becomes tiring! 

However, since text message marketing is simple to use, adopting the latest SMS marketing trends has become easy.

For business, it is natural to come across questions like

“Are SMS marketing trends effective?”

“Are SMS marketing trends worth it?”

Well, before you come to any conclusion, here are some statistics for you to consider why following SMS marketing trends is the best choice for you:

  • Did you know SMS messages have a 98% open rate? This fact in itself is awe-inspiring, and the thought of most of your consumers reading your text is even more amazing!
  • Another amazing fact is that SMS has a high success rate compared to other marketing strategies like sales calls and cold calling. Thus, signing up for the latest SMS marketing trends is essential.
  • In addition, many marketers have observed that SMS marketing trends actually result in a visible increase in revenue generation.
  • This next fact will make you even more shocked! About 50% of consumers make purchases after receiving a marketing text. This proves the fact that following SMS marketing trends is indeed very effective!

Going through these statistics might have cleared all your confusion regarding whether you should rely on SMS marketing trends or not! Moreover, SMS marketing has a lot of benefits for the business, and it helps them directly influence their customers to earn profits.

In the next section, we will be talking about the best SMS marketing trends.

List of the top SMS marketing trends in 2024

Text message marketing is slowly taking over, and it is not stopping now! This is pretty clear from the positive SMS marketing trends 2024. SMS marketing is expected to rise in the near future, and this is because of how beneficial it has become in the past few years.

Therefore, it becomes crucial for businesses looking for good SMS strategies to be aware of the latest SMS marketing trends. Knowing the latest SMS trends will give you a good idea of designing and executing a profitable SMS marketing strategy.

Trend 1: Utilizing SMS marketing instead of traditional marketing

Many businesses have been sleeping on the power of a good SMS marketing strategy. Recent SMS marketing trends indicate that over half of marketers still do not use it. This could be because they assume that text marketing is ineffective or time-consuming. 

However, the stats indicate the total opposite of this situation. In fact, SMS marketing trends are one of the most effective marketing strategies so far.

In 2020, SMS was one of the most popular and widely used communication mediums. This indicates that many people prefer directly receiving messages to other indirect advertising methods. In addition, SMS marketing can potentially reach many more people than any other marketing method. Therefore, business and marketing teams should seriously give the latest SMS marketing trends a chance!

Trend 2: Using SMS to offer discounts and promotions

One of the best SMS marketing trends we will discuss is persuading customers to act based on exclusive deals.

For a long time, text message marketing has been used for time-bound offers. These offers typically include short-term sales and promotions; businesses use this strategy to prompt users to act. Since the offers are only for a limited amount of time, it will induce a sense of urgency in the consumers and convince them to purchase. This strategy has proven useful in helping businesses increase their sales.

We have established that utilizing SMS marketing trends will increase your response rate. Therefore, promotional and discount texts become the key for businesses to maximize their sales significantly and earn more revenue. 

Trend 3: Using SMS to defeat your competition

The third point in our discussion of SMS marketing trends is how to utilize it to get ahead of the competition.

The fact that many businesses still do not use SMS as a marketing strategy might seem saddening, but for some, this is an opportunity. SMS marketing can help you gain an edge over competitors not using this strategy. Since SMS marketing shows visible results, you can use it to remove your competitors and establish your authority in the market.

Businesses and marketers not relying on text marketing are losing a big chunk of leads. At the same time, it provides an opportunity for their competitors to rely on SMS marketing trends to attract more potential consumers. 

Trends 4: Using text messages to drive traffic to your website

The next step in our discussion about SMS marketing trends is understanding how to use text messages to bring customers to the brand’s website.

SMS drives a lot of organic traffic for websites, and this is an undeniable truth and one of the top SMS marketing trends. Besides boosting sales and brand awareness, text message marketing helps businesses drive more traffic to their website. This way, they can attract more consumers and establish their brand image. As you might already know, the more traffic, the more brand awareness and visibility. 

Text can be beneficial for attracting and informing people about your brand. By using SMS, businesses can reach more people and get them to visit their websites. Once people visit the website, the chances of converting them will be higher. A good website with high-quality content and user experience will further the chances. 

Trend 4: Using SMS to provide users with support and updates

Another important trend from many SMS marketing trends that many businesses rely on is using texts to enhance customer support and provide better service. SMS marketing has proven to be one of the most convenient ways for businesses to support users as it is one of the most direct and intimate methods to stay in touch with the consumer.

Additionally, they can use SMS services to update users about

  • Transactions,
  • Order Confirmation, 
  • Shipping Notification.

This way, they can show customers how reliable their services are and increase trust between them. Providing suitable support and constant updates helps you retain more customers. Moreover, you can even use SMS as a retargeting strategy to keep them engaged and earn their loyalty. 

Trend5: Using AI to create conversational and personal messages

SMS chatbots have been taking over the SMS marketing trends for some time. Before, businesses had to at least design the text before sending them to their consumers. However, the arrival of AI chatbots has made it even more convenient for companies to construct text messages. 

AI-generated text created by chatbots will save time, and replying to queries will become very easy. Besides, chatbots can create personalized text to further convince consumers by holding meaningful conversations.

Trend 6: Relying on SMS marketing best practices

One of the most essential aspects of SMS marketing is its frequency. If you send too many texts frequently, it will most likely annoy the consumers and even discourage them. Deciding how often you send a text affects the perception of potential customers and the success of your SMS marketing trends. 

Too much text and your users might unsubscribe, and too little text might cause them to forget about your business. Therefore, businesses should focus on moderation while using SMS marketing.

Trend 7: Using SMS marketing to effectively promote local businesses

SMS marketing is beneficial for business; in addition, it is even more advantageous for local businesses. Local Businesses can use text message marketing to promote and advertise their businesses to local consumers. 

Using SMS marketing trends smartly, businesses can target local customers to increase their walk-in rates.

Text marketing for local businesses is, in particular, very effective because it targets local consumers and creates a connection with them. Many consumers still have more trust in local businesses rather than relying on online services. 

Therefore, SMS marketing will make these potential customers aware of your business and drive more foot traffic.  Utilizing strategies like Google My Business Local SEO can significantly boost your visibility and presence within the local community.

Trend 8: MMS as the new SMS marketing strategy

Do not restrict yourself to basic texting when many more interesting methods are available. Basic text can sometimes be boring and unattractive. Therefore, riding on the success of new SMS marketing trends, businesses have now shifted to Multimedia message services. Why rely on boring text when you can make it interesting for users by adding images, videos, GIFs, etc?

Trend 9: Using trigger-based text messaging

Trigger-based messages have become a genius way for businesses to further connect with their customers. Similar to email, companies can use auto-reply texts to converse with consumers, remind them of abandoned carts, etc. Trigger-based test messages in one of the amazing SMS marketing trends that can allow businesses to prompt consumers to take action by setting a trigger. 

Trend 10: SMS as the best marketing strategy

One of the main reasons businesses have resorted to text marketing is the fact that customers prefer receiving SMS over other marketing strategies. One of the main reasons why customers prefer receiving SMS is because they feel SMS, like email, is more personalized and customized. At the same time, SMS also provides users with a medium to reach out to businesses directly. Therefore, we have seen a surge in the use of SMS as a marketing strategy in the past few years!


In conclusion, SMS marketing trends are taking over other marketing worlds. This is because SMS marketing is very convenient, easy, and has a high response rate. With excellent results and better ROI, many businesses have decided to rely on SMS Marketing as their preferred marketing strategy.

SMS marketing is used by businesses to connect with potential customers directly and promote their brand. Many amazing SMS marketing trends exist, including using SMS to promote brands, offer discounts, provide support, rely on AI-chatbot to create more personalized texts, etc. 

Ultimately, businesses aim to target more people and drive more traffic, and SMS services help them achieve these goals easily! If you want to implement the latest SMS marketing trends successfully, connect with the consultants at Gigde! We hope this blog answers all your queries regarding SMS marketing trends 2023.


Q1.What are the disadvantages of SMS marketing?

Ans: One of the major disadvantages of SMS, in general, is its word limit. You cannot write lengthy paragraphs about your services and products because that will defeat the whole purpose of SMS.

Q2.What is the average ROI for SMS marketing?

Ans: Although the ROI of SMS marketing mostly depends on the range of campaigns. Nonetheless, after understanding how Effective SMS marketing strategies are, we can safely assume the ROI of SMS marketing is very high.

Q3.Does SMS marketing work for B2B?

Ans: Absolutely, SMS is quite an effective marketing strategy for B2B businesses. Any business can improve its sales and earn revenue by utilizing SMS marketing. 

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