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10 Best Local SEO Service Providers of 2024

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Local SEO service providers can help you drive traffic from the Internet to your physical store. The many advantages of working with professional SEO service providers in India make the investment worthwhile. We have listed the top 10 local SEO service providers in India and how they can make your business scale effectively.

However, outsourcing your needs to local seo consultant can be a no-brainer. There are multiple reasons for hiring local SEO service experts and ways to make the right choice, which we will discuss in the article. Additionally, we will share the top 10 local seo consultants in the India that can help you fulfill your SEO needs.

Who are local SEO service providers?

hire local SEO service providers

Local SEO is essential if your business has a brick-and-mortar setup and serves a particular geographic area. It ensures people in your locality efficiently spot you on search engines and can reach out to your location or contact you.

No matter how straightforward this sounds, the process can be daunting to most businesses. However, local SEO providers can help you improve your online presence in the local SERPs with effective campaigns and top-notch strategies.

Are you still unaware of what the best local SEO providers in India can offer?

Multiple local SEO services are available today, such as website localization, content creation, link building, Google My Business profile setup, and optimization, building local citations, etc. Local SEO providers understand your marketing needs and customize your local SEO packages accordingly for better outcomes.

Why hire local SEO service providers in business?

An SEO statistic highlighted that 46% of all searches on Google have local intent. It means if you are not implementing basic local SEO strategies in business, you are most likely missing out on nearly half of all Google searches.

But we understand hiring an in-house SEO team and managing them can cost you an arm and a leg. Therefore, hiring professional local SEO consultant is the best way to gain their expertise in your budget. There are numerous other advantages of hiring local SEO providers, as listed below.

Experts know the area better

Every area has diverse traditions, customs, demographics, and geographical diversity, making targeting them difficult. However, local search engine optimization providers can help you in the process. local search engine optimization services providers typically have a solid understanding of the regional market and its target audiences. This enables you to develop an efficient SEO strategy that targets your potential customers. Hurry, and get started with a professional SEO service provider.

Easier consultation

When you hire local seo consultant, mostly these experts are available in your neighborhood. This allows you to collaborate and communicate with them quickly without the hassle of traveling or connecting virtually. Additionally, you can find local SEO service providers anytime when a crisis arises, which isn't possible with remote teams.

Better local keyword research

Whenever you target to generate leads online, you need efficient local keyword research that makes targeting potential customers easy. Similarly, Local SEO Optimization Services Providers must research industry-relevant local keywords that can reach your targets and drive more leads. Additionally, they can optimize your content and meta tags with these target keywords to increase your chance of appearing on the search results.

Enhance your visibility in local directories.

One great advantage of hiring local search engine optimization service providers is they can increase your chance of appearing on local directories like Google My Business, Yelp, etc. These local Providers can help you manage and optimize those platforms and update accurate business information to avoid confusion. They aim to enhance your online visibility and manage your reputation online.

Understanding of your competitors

Most of these SEO service providers have previous experience working for similar brands. This gives them an extra benefit in identifying and understanding your competitors and preparing a powerful strategy considering them.

Top 10 local SEO service providers

Now that you know the importance of local SEO service providers, it's time to hire the top ones. These top local SEO providers often utilize customized strategies to reach your audience on a smaller scale, especially in your locality.

They have an in-depth understanding of local needs, market trends, and government regulations. It further helps your company grow and stay compliant with the law. However, several SEO service providers flourished globally with the rising need for local SEO. We understand your difficulties in finding the right fit and have listed the top 10 local SEO services providers in India that you can consider.

1. Gigde

Do you favor targeting a particular area for your services? If yes, you can contact Gigde, one of the best local SEO service providers. As one of the best SEO service providers in India understand why businesses target the local market and can implement strategies that will help you drive local customers and improve revenue.

As you know, most search queries begin online presently, so we ensure to improve SERP ranking. It allows people in the same locality to find your business when they look for relevant products and services. Additionally, search engines update their algorithm for site ranking regularly, which makes things difficult for you.

However, we don't fear these changes as we quickly adapt to any new update and ensure Google crawls and indexes your site, resulting in high organic traffic.

Services provided:

  • SEO and PPC services
  • Social media marketing
  • Content development and marketing
  • Digital PR management
  • Graphic Designing

2. Page Traffic

If you are looking for one of the best local SEO service providers in India, then Page Traffic can be a great choice. They are famous for Google Maps optimization and other local SEO services for small to medium businesses.

Their customized strategies have the power to let your business flourish and thrive in a competitive environment and rank on top of search engines.

Services provided:

  • Local SEO services
  • E-commerce and Enterprise SEO
  • App Store Optimization
  • Social media marketing and paid advertising
  • Web design and development

3. Infidelity

When you start a business, your first target is to get customers, and local SEO service providers can help you in the process. One such agency is Infidigit, a top SEO service provider, which provides good online visibility on local searches. It is essential to businesses targeting some specific regions.

For example, you are a plumber, and your target customers are usually located in and around 10 kms. Would you target customers situated 500 km away from your business location? Infidigit packs a range of SEO services that cover your marketing needs.

Services provided:

  • In-depth analysis of your business area
  • Area-based keyboard research
  • Local link building and listing
  • Optimizing Google My Business Page
  • Website audit
  • App Store Optimization
  • Enterprise and e-commerce SEO
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

4. RankON Technologies

Are you saving money by avoiding local SEO? You might make a costly mistake by missing nearly half of the local Google searches. However, at RankON Technologies, you can find affordable services that act like magic for your business. How?

As one of the foremost local SEO service expert with local SEO guidelines and can efficiently rank you higher on local searches. This further increases your website traffic generation and conversion rates, leading to high business sales and revenue.

Services provided:

  • SEO and PPC services
  • SMM services
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • Web design and development services
  • Graphic design

5. ESage Digital

We all know SEO brings in organic website traffic, but it's also time-consuming. However, hiring top local seo company can significantly help implement such long-term marketing strategies. Here, you can consider connecting with ESage Digital.

They are masters in using locally targeted strategies to give your brand geo-critical native exposure and local market penetration. ESage Digital experts ensure you receive maximum response for your business through local reach and engagement.

As the best local SEO service providers, they also promote business across local listings and native platforms. Altogether, the agency helps grow your business presence and reach out to target audiences in your local sphere.

Services provided:

  • Wide range of SEO services
  • PPC management
  • Digital brand building
  • Social media management
  • E-commerce digital marketing

6. Local SEO Services

As the name suggests, this agency really has the mastery in offering local SEO services and can improve your traffic and lead generation from local searches. They can also create eye-catching Google My Business profiles to attract local customers.

Additionally, Local SEO Services implements various search engine ranking methods to improve your site ranking on search results and generate more traffic.

Services provided:

7. Savit Interactive

If you are looking for ways to improve your visibility in local markets and win over geo-targeted searches, Savit Interactive is the best choice for local SEO service providers. Why? They understand the SEO demands in multiple regions and provide practical solutions as per your needs.

Now that you rank higher on search engine results, the chances of drawing high website traffic increase.

Services provided:

  • SEO audits
  • keyword research
  • creating Google My Business profiles
  • customer review management
  • on-page optimization
  • content writing

8. Sevenstar Websolutions

Are you unsure which top local SEO service providers can help you meet more local consumers? Sevenstar Websolutions is ready to help. These experts make your business visible to most people in your area and promote your products or services for better sales.

Moreover, their strategy offers the best results within your preferred time period using diverse tactics and strategies. Eventually, you will appear on navigation maps and apps where people can find your exact location.

They create high-quality content and instill the most relevant SEO strategies to enhance your local search results. Furthermore, they list your company and its products on different business directories to connect with more viewers and improve business sales.

Services provided:

  • SEO services
  • Online reputation management
  • SMO services
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website designing and development
  • Virtual assistance services

9. Digitactix

While most businesses expect a constant flow of fresh leads, the process is complex, but Digitactix makes it smooth for you. This website SEO service provider optimizes your website to rank #1 on search engines and offers multiple services to bring in new leads regularly. Moreover, as one of the best local SEO service providers are masters in providing several digital marketing services, including web development, graphic designing, and more.

Services provided:

  • keyword research
  • Google My Business optimization
  • on-page optimization
  • link building
  • developing accurate citations

10. SEO Discovery

Did you know millions of people use search engines to find business locally? According to research, 97% of people search for a local business online. So, if you ignore local SEO for money, you will lose many potential customers.

But with SEO Discovery, you get the best services at affordable prices that improve your online visibility. When you are visible to people more on Google results, your chances of attracting them to business increase.

Services provided:

  • Wide range of SEO services, e.g., Local SEO, SEO audit, link building, etc.
  • Multiple digital marketing services, e.g., social media optimization, reputation management, content writing and marketing, web design services, etc.


In conclusion, we can say hiring local SEO service providers is usually a smart move for businesses. They can help you rank on top of local search results in numerous ways. However, you must carefully choose them as not all the best agencies may suit your needs. If you are looking for a reputed agency with a proven record of excellence, speak with us. We at Gigde offer SEO services and a range of other services that can improve your overall business sales and revenue.


Q1. What is the goal of local SEO?

Ans: Local SEO aim to rank your website on the first page of organic local searches and local snack packs.

Q2. What are the three pillars of local SEO?

Ans: Proximity, Prominence, and Relevance.

Q3. Why is local ranking important?

Ans: Local SEO experts emphasize local ranking, especially for businesses with a physical location or service area. It improves your chance of being discovered by potential customers while they search for relevant services or products like yours in their area on search engines.

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