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Best travel advertising agency In the United States 2024

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No business today can run without you putting efforts into bringing them in front of people, including your travel agency. Even the giants with millions of customers can fail to survive the competitive travel industry due to a lack of advertising efforts

Thomas Cook, one of the oldest global travel industry titans, failed recently for several reasons. Some of the major reasons contributing to the failure were a lack of online presence, increased debts, difficulty operating airlines, and reduced demand for tour packages

Surprisingly, the company had nearly 19 million customers when the business broke.

Therefore, if you are willing to survive the competition in the market, you must collaborate with the top travel advertising agency. They offer intricate approaches to marketing and advertising your offerings, managing communication channels, product positioning, and improving business revenue

An Overview of The Travel Agency Market

The travel industry is one of the largest service industries globally, which facilitates transportation and travel-related services. In research done by Statista in 2023, it was found that the global online travel industry market size alone was more than $470 billion. This was the result taken immediately after countries started recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic

So you can imagine where this number is going to be in the next few years when the world has fully recovered and things will go back to normal. Presently, the revenue in the Travel & Tourism market, particularly for businesses focusing on tourism digital marketing agency services, is forecasted to show a CAGR of 4.42% during 2023-2028, which is around US$1,063.00 billion by 2028.

Firstly, you must understand what are the sub-sectors of the travel industry. It mainly includes 

  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Food and beverage
  • Entertainment industry

No matter which part of the travel industry you are operating in, having a strong online presence is necessary to continue your business in today's competitive marketplace

It is when you can search for a travel advertising agency that aims to increase your brand awareness and get you more customers through organic and Paid traffic and other advertising mediums

What is A Travel Advertising Agency?

A travel advertising agency comprises experts who help you with travel-related marketing and online and offline advertising. You can do this to inform travelers globally about places they can visit, accommodations, restaurants, and the unique offerings of the places. But, what's more, what you do through travel agency advertising is let people know about your business.

There are a few major hurdles for small travel agencies today, which urges them to invest in creative travel ads. Some struggle to survive the competition with leading players, gain people's trust, and improve visibility

The leading players like Booking Holdings and Expedia hold the maximum share of the online travel agencies market, leaving little space for smaller companies to survive the game. On the other hand, people are suspicious of smaller travel agencies arranging their trips. It often becomes hard for you to break through the wall of mistrust. Additionally, the struggle to get noticed and remain on top of prospects' brains is never-ending. You can overcome all these hurdles with a travel agency advertisement.

Travel Advertisement Examples 

One of the common mistakes you can find with travel agency ads is they rely exclusively on gorgeous images and videos of places to attract users. Even though you may get clicks on these images, they aren't enough to improve the conversion rate.

If you check out the best travel ads, you will find they aren't focusing on convincing people to go on a vacation but on hiring them to take you on that vacation.

We have listed a few examples of travel agency advertisements to help you draw inspiration.

Visit Portugal

Portugal has become the top travel destination in the last few years. The country has created a buzz around its name by producing a series of mini videos with varying themes and messages to inspire more people to visit the place.

Their "Can't Skip Portugal" campaign video was among the top few campaigns that inspired people to skip out on life and get out into the world. They also created an interactive Emotion Travel Guide for users so that you can make the most out of your trip to Portugal.

Doors of Thrones

Even though Northern Ireland does have some of the world's famous landmarks, like the Giant's Causeway and its stunning natural beauty, it has been a difficult travel destination to sell. The travel marketing sector in Ireland has had to put more effort into creating unique campaigns like Doors of Thrones.

In 2016, multiple trees were destroyed by Storm Gertrude to make up the iconic Dark Hedges, where a famous scene from the Games of Thrones was filmed.

Later, the trees were carved into ten doors that represented each of the 6 seasons of the show. These doors were shipped to multiple locations nationwide, creating a new experience called The Journey of the Doors.

Travel Oregon

Travel Oregon introduced its "Only Slightly Exaggerated" tourism campaigns to represent Oregon as a dreamy and cartoon-like destination. They create marketing campaigns by combining print and social media posts, banner ads, and videos that consistently push boundaries and attract more people

MGM Grand

MGM Grand has created a unique marketing campaign that establishes an adult playground filled with card tables and slot machines to promote their new gaming center, "Level Up." 

They combined storytelling with native advertising and video advertising to deliver their content to the right audiences.

Benefits of Partnering With A Travel Advertising Agency

Have you ever scrolled through a webpage to find tempting images of sandy beaches, breathtaking mountains, and exotic locations? 

These travel advertising agency ads attract your attention and convince you to hire their agency for such trips. Now, if you are a travel agency, you can implement such creative Google ads to attract your prospects globally. But this requires expertise in marketing that you can get from an agency at affordable prices.

We have listed a few other benefits of hiring such an agency for your travel business.

Improve visibility and awareness

To establish a successful business, you need a constant flow of customers. For that, companies need to invest in advertising campaigns that can help them increase visibility and awareness. When hiring a travel advertising agency, you are exposed to their experience and expertise in improving your ad tactics and generating better results

You can promote tourist attractions, indoor and outdoor activities, accommodations, eateries, and other offerings to your potential travelers. A travel marketing agency can help you create memorable and engaging advertisements to attract the audience's attention and generate their interest in hiring you.

Targeting specific tourists

You might be a mountain lover, and getting ads for a desert location may not attract you much. This urges the need for targeted tourist advertisements where you get to see ads that align with your interests and travel motivations.

A travel advertising agency can assist you in researching your audiences and creating campaigns that resonate with them, increasing the likelihood of lead conversions and bookings.

Building brand image and reputation

Agencies use advanced SEM tools and technologies to gain deeper insights into your prospects, including their trip preferences, interests, etc. This helps you create custom campaigns sharing every titbit of your agency that improves your brand image.

Moreover, when you can reach the right people with the right message, you can create an everlasting reputation. A strong brand image and reputation in the market can encourage more travelers to choose you over your competitors, increasing customer loyalty.

Delivering your USPs

Every agency has unique selling propositions that must be communicated to people to differentiate themselves from the crowd. When you're hiring a travel advertising agency, they can highlight your USPs and showcase your distinct features, benefits, and experiences.

This helps your prospects better understand why you are different from any other agency, what they can get from you, and whether you can fulfill their needs.

Educate potential travelers

Hiring a travel advertising agency has numerous benefits, including creating travel content that can educate your audiences and attract them to your agency.

Travel blogs or articles provide valuable information about tourist attractions, local culture and customs, lifestyle, restaurants and cafes, and other essential information for travelers to plan their trip. This educates travelers to make informed decisions and can attract them to your business for future bookings.

Stay competitive

As the tourism industry is a fast-paced and dynamic one, to survive the competition, you must make use of advertising. Hiring an agency helps you stay updated with the latest trends and adapt advertising strategies that maintain relevance and influence potential travelers.

Measuring campaign success and optimizing strategies 

One of the most essential needs for an agency is to gain valuable data insights that they offer regularly using different tools and technologies. This helps you measure the success of your tourism promotion efforts by analyzing the key performance indicators and optimizing strategies for better results.

Moreover, using these analytics, you can make data-driven decisions that ensure you continue to promote your offerings efficiently and attract potential travelers.

Cost-effective solutions

Implementing advertising strategies can be expensive for your business, especially if you are on a tight budget. However, you cannot skip this process; hiring an agency is the only cost-effective solution for your business. You only pay for their services without worrying about employee benefits, perks, training costs, etc.


Advertising your travel agency can be time-consuming and drain your resources in the long run. Outsourcing such needs to an agency means you don't need to spend hours recruiting top talents and training them for the best performances or learning new tools and technologies.

Moreover, planning new advertising strategies, creating content, analyzing performance, optimizing strategy, etc., require time and effort. When an agency takes over all these worries, you can invest your free time in your core business activities.

How To Choose The Best Travel Ads Agency?

When choosing the best travel ads agency, you must be careful in making the right choice. This can be difficult, especially when you have numerous options out there. You mustn't settle for the first reference you get or the name that appears on your search engine.

First, you must list at least three top agencies and then compare them. Read their experience and expertise to understand if they can manage your agency's needs. Then, set up a face-to-face meeting to interview the agency and ask for their services and prices, communication mediums, availability, and past client references.

You can read multiple reviews and testimonials from previous clients or contact them directly to ask about their experience with the agency.

Boost Your Sales With A Travel Advertising Agency 

Now that you are looking for an agency to help you with advertising needs, Gigde can help you with the process. But the question is how hiring an advertising agency is connected with boosting your sales.

When hiring us, we ask you about your requirements and marketing goals. Then, we create an advertising strategy that covers you from every end. Gigde offers content creation and marketing, email marketing, social media management, digital PR, graphic designing, etc.

Applying all these strategies to your business increases your chances of converting leads. At Gigde, we made a record of boosting 15% in online leads, which improved business revenue across multiple industries, including travel agencies.

Therefore, if you are new in the industry, you can speak to our experts and customize advertising packages to drive your business growth and success within your budgets.


Hiring a good travel advertising agency can help you reach millions of potential travelers globally and motivate them to convert them into paying customers. It means you will have more bookings and increased business revenue.

With digitization, businesses need to improve their online presence to get in front of their prospects. An advertising agency understands all your present needs and implements strategies that make you rank higher on search results and gain more clicks to your site.

On the other hand, they can also optimize your site for an improved user experience, attracting travelers to your offerings and exciting quotations. If you are looking for an all-around agency that focuses on your website, content, and marketing needs, contact us today.

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