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The Top 10 Travel Advertising Agency: Complete Guide

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Summary: With so many people relying on the Internet daily, advertisement has become one of the most effective methods of reaching people online. This particular change has come to the travel industry's attention, causing them to adopt effective ad strategies. However, digital advertising is not easy. Thus, hiring a travel advertising agency becomes the ideal option for them. Read more to get insight into which travel marketing agency would be your best choice!


Have you noticed an ad for a beautiful seaside resort and made an on-the-spur booking? Well, that's the handiwork of a travel advertising agency.

Traveling is one of the favorite pastimes for millions of people around the world. Venturing into a new territory and exploring a different culture gives you a sense of exhilaration like no other. People love to travel, and the number of travelers keeps increasing every year!

Thus, many tourism-related companies are looking for ways to monetize the power of travel. So, it is no surprise to see businesses looking for a good travel advertising agency to help them tap into this lucrative business.

What is a Travel Advertising Agency

Before diving into the list of top travel-related advertising agencies, you should get a good idea about what exactly is a travel advertising agency. Following is a simple explanation of what travel advertising is and how it can help you:

"A travel advertising agency offers businesses expert advertising skills and services. Yet, the main difference lies in these agencies focusing solely on creating the best travel ads for the travel industry. Yet, the main difference lies in these agencies focusing solely on creating the best travel ads for the travel industry."

The travel industry is highly competitive. One wrong move and you are already out of the race. Your users might have already shifted to your competitor's website, leaving you nothing.

So, suppose you are one of those businesses interested in expanding your travel business online but don't know how to go about it. In that case, partnering with a travel advertising agency might be your best choice!

A good travel advertising agency can help you using creative travel ads! With this, you can see a positive change in your business. It can help you reach your targeted audiences and motivate them to act. However, with so many options, it is not easy for businesses to find a reliable travel advertising agency independently.

Thus, this blog focuses on looking at some travel advertising agency with plenty of experience creating travel agency ads. It aims to help businesses find the most suitable travel advertising agency to help their business.

The following image is a basic example of the many travel agency advertisement examples out there on the internet:

Overall, the main job of a travel advertising agency is to provide ads for travel agencies and help them promote their travel-related services online.

Thus, many travel agencies prefer to work with a dedicated travel advertising agency with years of experience. Therefore, the next section discusses some of the most popular travel advertising agencies you can choose from!

10 Travel Advertising Agency That You Must Know!

Choosing a good travel advertising agency for your travel and tourism company can be challenging. So, to save you from going through thousands of advertising agencies, here is a list of the top travel advertising agency.

1. Top Influencer Marketing Agency

If you are looking for an agency that specializes in working with travel marketing, then Top Influencer Marketing Agency is a good option. This travel advertising marketing agency has been around since 2012. With more than ten years of experience, they have helped over 1000 brands. Besides, they have also worked with known brands like Uber, Netflix, HTC, etc.

As one of the best travel advertising agency, they specialize in services like:

  • Influencer sponsored posts
  • Gifting packages
  • Influencer events
  • Influencer trips, etc.

2. Slingshot

Slingshot is one of the top travel marketing agencies that prides itself in constantly adapting to changes to stay on top of its game. This leading travel advertising agency can provide your travel company with some of the best travel ads.

With the help of their dedicated teams of experts, they always aim to help their clients reach their maximum potential. Also, they have become the go-to for companies that cannot keep up with the constantly changing and highly competitive travel industry.

Overall, travel companies that wish to best their competitors should consider giving Slingshot a shot! Following are some of the best services offered by this reputable travel advertising agency:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Social Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email and Content Production
  • Social Media, etc

3. DCI

This is among the top players among the thousands of travel advertising agencies! DCI has created a name for itself with its proven track record and expert skill. They also promise to help their clients increase their number of visitors using their effective services. They use several tactics to increase their clients' brand awareness. Further, they also rely on influencer marketing to promote destinations.

Besides, this travel advertising agency also specializes in providing clients with customized strategies that yield good results. Following are some of the best services offered by DCI travel marketing agency:

  • Consumer marketing
  • Tourism Research
  • Destination marketing and Strategies
  • PR, etc

4. Amra & Elma Travel Marketing Agency

It is a travel marketing agency that has made its name among the top travel advertising agencies. With their dedicated team of experts, they help their clients to maximize their online reach, etc. In addition, they have many years of experience with excellent clientele, including TAJ hotels, Emirate Airlines, etc. Moreover, this leading travel advertising agency also promises to help businesses grow online significantly.

Following are some of the best travel-related services offered by Amrs and Elma travel advertising agency:

  • Travel Influencer marketing
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • Content production
  • Search engine optimization
  • Branding, etc

5. Travel Media PR

This travel advertising agency, in particular, promises its clients a global reach. Therefore, for businesses that wish to have wide brand awareness, Travel Media PR might be a good option to consider! Furthermore, this travel marketing agency aims to provide its clients with an all-around approach. Therefore, by relying on this agency, businesses can easily increase their reach, boost brand awareness, drive more sales, etc.

Following are some of the most useful services offered by Travel Media PR:

6. Innovative Travel Marketing

For businesses searching for a travel advertising agency to help them maximize their online reach, Innovative Travel Marketing. This company assists travel-related companies to procure the best possible results.

They offer various services and strategies to create the best travel ads for their clients. Moreover, if we combine their field expertise and track record, it can easily be among the top travel marketing agencies on the internet!

Following are some of the useful services offered by Innovative Travel marketing:

  • Travel services
  • Sales promotion
  • Media planning and buying, etc

7. Union

Union is the choice for travel-related companies wishing to promote their destination online successfully. They pride themselves on satisfying their client's unique needs and demands with various services. Additionally, they also tailor-make marketing and advertising strategies for their clients. With their dedicated team of experts and their effective marketing services, they aim to boost their client's visibility.

Following are some of the top services offered by Union Travel Marketing Agency:

8. National Today

It is easily one of the best online travel advertising agencies. National Today aims claim to help its clients with visible online growth. At the same time, they can even assist their clients in adapting to the ever-changing tour industry. They have worked with several travel companies while assisting them with their expert knowledge and skills.

So, National Today might be a good option for businesses looking for some good advice and strategies related to the travel industry.

Following are some of the best services offered by National Today:

  • Destination marketing
  • Tourism marketing
  • Tourism PR
  • Seasonal travel marketing
  • Integrated travel marketing

9. Gigde

If you are looking for a top travel advertising agency that can create custom ad campaigns and turn your business into a rising star in the travel and tourism industry, you must consider Gigde. We have been in the business for the last 6 years and can provide a host of services that can propel you ahead regarding user engagement, brand visibility, and lead generation.

Some of the services offered by our travel advertising agency are:

10. Accord

This multiple award-winning travel advertising agency has been in the industry for nearly three decades. Accord helps clients achieve the right results through their expert strategy, which enables them to select the right channel and approach to meet their business goals.
Accord provides the following services to clients:

1. Goal-oriented strategies
2. Performance Marketing
3. Data-driven advertising to boost traffic, leads, and sales
4. Creative visuals to captivate audiences


A good travel advertising agency can help you increase your traffic and establish your name in the travel industry. With the rise of digital marketing and people's increasing dependence on the internet, digital marketing and advertising have become a must! Therefore, it is expected to see travel businesses looking for a reliable travel advertising agency to lean on.

With expert advice and proven strategies, travel marketing agencies can help you stay ahead of your competitors while bringing more traffic. Therefore, while looking for a good travel advertising agency, you must look for the best possible option. Finally, since your choice will directly affect your company's future, you have to be very careful!


Q1. What are the advantages of relying on a travel advertising agency?

Following are some of the biggest advantages of relying on travel advertising agencies:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Boost sales
  • Better ROI
  • Wider audience reach
  • Better traffic, etc.

Q2. How can you advertise yourself as a travel agent?

Following are some proven strategies you can follow to advertise yourself as a travel agent:

  • Rely on Email Newsletter
  • Improve your website user experience
  • Optimize your website with SEO
  • Advertise your business locally
  • Utilize social media to engage more people, etc

Q3. How do I get travel clients?

Attracting travel clients is not easy; to successfully get new travel clients, you need to have good strategies. Following are some of the best ways to attract clients:

  • Post regularly
  • Share your experience, images, etc. to interest the clients
  • Consider hiring a professional to help you manage your social media
  • Try to collaborate with influencers, etc

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