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Metaverse is the new buzzword in the town, and brands are constantly trying to be a part of it. But most are unaware of what to do and how to deliver a customer-centric marketing experience in the Metaverse. This guide will cover the basics of metaverse advertising and will introduce you to a few agencies by the end. 

Are your brand offerings mainly targeted to Gen Z and millennials? If so, using Metaverse marketing tactics today can help you upscale your business. But the question is, what is this Metaverse, and do we need a metaverse advertising agency to handle it? Presently, this term has become a new buzzword in the market, especially after Facebook rebranded to Meta in 2021.

Experts say Metaverse allows brands to create their own parallel virtual world where every user has their digital avatars shopping, trading, and socializing with others. However, you must hire a metaverse advertising agency to better understand the entire process. This article will guide you through the process of hiring a Metaverse advertising agency and introduce you to the top marketing agencies in Miami.

What is a Metaverse advertising agency?

Before we know about a metaverse advertising agency, let us understand how it is becoming increasingly essential for businesses. Let's first look at the numbers.

The metaverse market size is anticipated to show an annual growth rate of 36.71% at CAGR 2023-2030. It resulted in a projected Metaverse market size of US$490.4bn by 2030. With the rising acceptance of this Web 3.0 feature, more brands are accepting that the future rises in the virtual reality space. This is spurring the demand for a Metaverse advertising agency.

Additionally, the number of brands investing in it is rapidly growing. By 2026, nearly one-fourth percent of them will be selling on Metaverse. Furthermore, consumers are increasingly interested in such platforms, including purchasing digital products and shopping from virtual stores.

With these statistics, you can understand how essential it is for brands to adopt such advertising techniques. Here's where you need the help of a metaverse advertising agency to adopt future marketing trends today. At this point, they can help you create 3D experiences for your consumers by integrating virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR) and other immersive digital experiences.

Brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, Gucci, and others already use Metaverse platforms to connect with consumers. A metaverse advertising agency is not only an expert with digital tactics but also with Metaverse marketing; they create exceptional results.

Much akin to their success in enabling brand connections within the Metaverse for renowned companies, these agencies exhibit comparable prowess in navigating the realm of real estate social media marketing companies. They adeptly harness social media platforms to create engaging campaigns, elevating property visibility and fostering meaningful interactions between buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals.

Examples of Metaverse advertising

Before hiring the best Metaverse marketing agencies, let's look at how brands utilize Metaverse.

  1. Shopify uses AR to create 3D models of their products so that consumers can try them in the real world before purchasing.
  2. Nike introduced Nikeland on the Roblox Metaverse platform as an immersive sports space where you can unlock new gear for your avatar.
  3. Instagram's digital collectibles are introduced presently to help businesses merchandise NFT collections.
  4. Gucci created the Gucci Garden on Roblox, where visitors can enter and absorb elements of their exhibitions.
  5. Balenciaga launched their NFT wearables on Fortnite such that you can buy them for your characters.

How does a Metaverse advertising agency differ from a traditional agency?

For instance, who do you need, a director or a constructor, if you are making a movie? Obviously, you need a director. Similarly, you must hire a metaverse advertising agency for better brand communications and experience in the virtual world.

But the question is, how is a metaverse advertising agency different from traditional advertising agencies? Both have expertise in reaching your target audience and improving your business revenue. But, while traditional advertising approaches focus on reaching as many people as possible, Metaverse approaches focus on specific groups.

They don't spend time targeting broad demographics but a smaller one to understand who wants to interact with your brand and show interest in your offerings and why.

If you are willing to create your own metaverse space, you must purchase a virtual land parcel from online marketplaces. You need to pay a small upfront fee to gain the license to use that space, and then you can customize it as per your preference. However, check all the terms of service before building your Metaverse. Some Programmatic agencies specialize in navigating these virtual real estate transactions and can offer valuable insights into the process.

What are the top services of a metaverse advertising agency?

Metaverse is not equivalent to a theme park or a game prepared for children. At the same time, it is not something you can download from the Play Store and stay playing at your convenience.

Metaverse are mainly virtual universes that connect the virtual world with reality. Now that you understand the underlying complexity of the process hiring the best Metaverse advertising agency is a no-brainer. However, before hiring them, you must understand what services a metaverse advertising agency offers.

I. Virtual advertising

A metaverse advertising agency can use virtual ads to reach your audience in the Metaverse. For example, they can promote your offerings on billboards, posters on buses, and other signage in the virtual world. You can also ask Metaverse advertising companies to help you launch brand-themed experience placements. For example, Gucci's Gucci Garden on Roblox, allows consumers to try digital products. Additionally, such an agency can host events like concerts for brand promotion.

II. Utilizing Augmented Reality

While buying a pair of sunglasses, wouldn't you want to try them before purchasing? Augmented reality makes this possible by allowing users to try them virtually before purchase. A metaverse advertising agency can assist you in implementing AR to create an exceptional shopping experience.

For example, Shopify uses AR technology to allow customers to try all products virtually and then purchase them.

III. Brand collaborations

As an experienced metaverse advertising agency, these professionals can experiment and collaborate with your brand with the companies existing in the Metaverse. Partnering with others via email marketing or social media helps you generate an immersive experience. Furthermore, it allows you to connect with micro-influencers who significantly impact Gen Z and millennials on virtual platforms. This will expand your consumer base and increase your business revenue.

IV. Enhance your social media.

A top metaverse advertising agency will help you create immersive social media experiences on your behalf. That further allows consumers to connect in the virtual worlds and share their experiences.

What are the benefits of hiring a metaverse advertising agency?

Are you wondering if the Metaverse has a future? It is the future of digital advertising today, and most of the forward-thinking brands have already started to make use of it. As these advertising tactics bring numerous advantages, you must hire a metaverse advertising agency to enjoy them. We have listed below a few benefits of metaverse advertising for companies.

1. Immersive brand experiences

A metaverse advertising agency offers immersive brand experiences beyond a 2D TV or mobile screen. This allows you to communicate with customers better and learn about them through data collection, gamification, and surveys. This further helps you build stronger brand awareness and loyalty.

2. Gain access to better and bigger communities.

Metaverses can connect much larger and more active communities than the physical world. Thus, you can connect with audiences who otherwise, with traditional methods, weren't reachable. Furthermore, you can develop a strong brand identity and stay out of the competition.

3. Effective and affordable advertising opportunities

Advertising in AR and VR is surprisingly inexpensive. Most of the time, allocating more money for metaverse advertising is unnecessary than traditional online advertising. Different digital marketing strategies have a lot of creative freedom, which leaves opportunities for campaigns and budgets of all kinds.

Additionally, the same applications and advertising spaces can be utilized for different campaigns, enabling individualized and regional advertising without requiring a lump sum of money or resources.

4. Generate a new revenue stream.

It allows you to generate new revenue streams along with your traditional channels through selling virtual property, providing design or development services, etc.

Which is the best Metaverse advertising agency?

We understand choosing a top metaverse advertising agency among numerous options available in the market is daunting. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 agencies offering metaverse advertising services to startups and established brands. However, when it comes to boosting your online presence, whether you're a startup or a well-known business, taking the help of a reliable SEO agency for startups can be pivotal in achieving your digital marketing goals.


While looking for a metaverse ad agency, experience, and expertise are the two major factors you must acknowledge. Coinbound has them both! This metaverse advertising agency, established in 2018, offers services across Metaverse, NFT, and cryptocurrency marketing.

Additionally, they have experience in creating comprehensive communication strategies that help you reach a significant target audience base.

Meta Marketing Agency

Whenever there's a new trend in the market, entrepreneurs go crazy to use them to target modern consumers. One such buzzword in the advertising sector is Metaverse, and Meta Marketing Agency can be your driver. This metaverse agency ensures excellent brand promotion in Web3 and virtual worlds.

Their full suite of metaverse marketing can level up your business and help you explore new opportunities. The agency experts offer Go-To-Metaverse strategies, metaverse design, and marketing.

Additionally, such a metaverse advertising agency can create and sell your tradable virtual wearables as NFTs, host immersive virtual events, and build high-tech virtual office spaces.


If you aren't prepared for future advertising tactics, it's high time to hire a metaverse advertising agency today. One such agency is NinjaPromo, which can help you future-proof with its expert metaverse advertising strategies. These people create a whole new virtual landscape to engage with your target consumer and generate brand awareness through immersive digital strategies.

In addition, this metaverse advertising agency can position your brand as a marketing disruptor in the Metaverse.

Takeaway Reality

Are your consumers confused about your products being suitable for them? That's because they cannot try these products before purchasing, but you can make this possible with metaverse agencies. One such metaverse advertising agency is Takeaway Reality, an expert in offering AR and VR services.

They combine these services with metaverse marketing to target your audience virtually and convert them into paying customers. Takeaway Reality offers metaverse development and digital marketing consultant, XR development, and marketing games.

Publicis Poke

A metaverse advertising agency like Publicis Poke is essential for brands preparing themselves for the future. The agency unifies creative, brand, and Metaverse marketing strategies to improve brand awareness among Gen Z and millennials.

Additionally, they can develop your branding and communications in the Metaverse. It further helps visitors to perceive your brand and determine whether your products are worth investing in or not.


If your target is to hire a top-notch metaverse advertising agency, it's Rumfoords. They are experts in helping brands create their value in the virtual world with web3, Metaverse, and AI forces. Moreover, this Metaverse creative agency offers consultancy services to brands across crypto, NFTs, blockchain, and the Metaverse. Therefore, you can contact them for expert guidance and promote your products in virtual worlds.


When looking for the top metaverse marketing agency, you can try Metavision, which primarily works with entertainment brands. This agency's experts aim at improving your brand's appearance in Virtual worlds.

Being an award-winning metaverse advertising studio and agency, they can build creative strategy and in-game, immersive experiences for your entertainment company. Furthermore, they have mastery in the digital arts segment that can help you create top NFTs for your brand. However, they mainly focus on crypto artist management, collectible item production, metaverse design, and crypto consultancy.

Virtual Brand Group

According to research, the metaverse market may reach $1.528 billion in 2029 because of increasing interest in this sector, mostly during the pandemic. With these statistics, you can understand how important it becomes for brands to adopt the latest technology to meet young consumers in the future.

At such times, you can contact Virtual Brand Group, a metaverse advertising agency helping brands grow awareness and gain consumers in virtual worlds. They are masters in creating exciting consumer experiences with web3, allowing them to simultaneously socialize, shop, and make friends in the virtual and physical worlds.

Subnation Media

A metaverse advertising agency like Subnation is built at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. They have mastery in creating original IP, immersive experiences, and branded content, which can help you build a distinctive brand voice. Additionally, they can assist you in establishing meaningful engagements among multiple other brands within the metaverse community.


If you are looking for metaservices, then hire a metaverse advertising agency like Bemersive. They are experts in offering spatial computing and immersive strategy and production solutions to established brands, e.g., L'Oreal, Twitter, and Viva Technology.

Additionally, they have mastered creating and producing next-generation platforms and content using in-house tech solutions, including AI, VR, AR, web3, NFTs, blockchains, and cloud solutions.

Final thoughts!

In conclusion, we can say metaverse opportunities for advertising can benefit brands in numerous ways. However, choosing the right metaverse marketing agency is important to avail of all its advantages and improve your brand's overall revenue.

At Gigde, we are not currently offering metaverse advertising services, but our team of experts is preparing for the same. However, we currently offer the best digital advertising services to help you stand out. For more information, you can always book a demo session with us.


Q.1 What are the benefits of metaverse advertising?

Ans: Hiring a metaverse advertising agency can gain multiple benefits, like increasing brand visibility, enhancing brand engagement, and gaining deeper data insights. Altogether, they help in fuelling your sales funnel and nurturing customers.

Q2. How will Metaverse impact digital marketing?

Ans: A metaverse advertising agency will create immersive brand experiences that showcase your offerings differently from standard digital marketing tactics. Metaverse advertising can be more interactive and engaging, allowing your consumers to try your offerings in a more hands-on way before purchasing them.

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