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Have you wondered how one company's annual report shows its successful year while the other hasn't? Apart from the obvious reasons of quality of products, pricing, etc., SEO plays a pivotal role. Wondering why?

Despite top-notch services, consumers won't visit your store if your website isn't at the top of search results.

But what helps them rank on top of SERPs? A great SEO strategy. But startups often neglect SEO investment due to shoestring budget. Though creating an in-house team can be costly, hiring an SEO agency for startups can be a savior.
But what services do they offer? Do we need them in startups? Which SEO services are needed by startups? This guide will cover all your questions!

Which business qualifies as a startup?

Are you developing a particular product or service, believing it is going to be in demand shortly? If so, then you can consider your business as a startup.
We call a company a startup when it's in the initial phase of business and begins developing a single product or service that's unique and becomes popular shortly. Now, to open a startup, you can be the sole owner or partner with one or more individuals.

According to SBA, there are nearly 33.2 million small businesses and startups across the US. What can make you stand out of that crowd? The quality of your products or services comes on top of the list, but you also need a strong SEO strategy. This ensures you appear higher than competitors on search engines when users look up relevant keywords.

An SEO agency for startups can create customized strategies to improve your search engine presence and drive organic traffic to your website. This, in turn, increases your chance of connecting with promising prospects and enhancing your business.

On the other hand, over half of the startups dissolve within five years for several reasons. One such is surviving the extreme competition in the market. But with SEO service companies for startups, you can save your back.

How can SEO help startups?

Is your business in its initial phase, and you're worried about acquiring clients? You can try a top-tier SEO agency for startups! It helps you optimize the site for better visibility on search engines.

For example, an SEO agency for startups can use search-relevant keywords on your site to improve ranking on Google. Similarly, they can create SEO-optimized content to earn backlinks from trusted third-party websites. All these strategies aim to acquire new clients and retain existing ones in your business.

Research shows you get more than 53.3% of website traffic through organic search. It means when searchers look for products or services relevant to yours, they can find you on top of search results. Now, if your website is at the top, these prospects can convert to paying customers.

Some of the benefits of startup SEO services are mentioned below.

Increased online visibility

Most purchases today begin from online research. Therefore, you need a website whether or not you sell products and services online. But the problem is there are millions of websites available on search engines, so why will people buy from you?

SEO helps rank on top result pages to improve your online visibility. This ensures people learn about your brand in-depth and understand what you offer them.

Gain higher website traffic

For gaining higher website traffic, regularly publishing high-quality content with relevant keywords, increases your chance of getting on top of SERPs. This leads to attracting a larger audience to your website and encouraging them to become prospects.

Better credibility

Businesses must remember that consumers purchase only from a brand that they trust. But how can you gain trust with SEO? It positions you on top of search engines, which makes people believe you are a trustworthy and authentic brand.

SEO helps you to enhance your brand reputation, gain audience trust, and establish authority in the industry.

Improved user experience

People usually leave a site with a lower loading speed or one that isn't mobile-friendly. However, if you hire an SEO agency for startups, they ensure the implementation of the best strategies to improve user experience.

They optimize your site for major search engines and enhance its usability. For example, improving page loading speed, making your website mobile-friendly, optimizing navigation, etc.

Cost-effective marketing channel

There are two main ways that an SEO agency for startups can use to gain online visibility: organic marketing and paid marketing.

While you can use paid marketing strategies like PPC, organic methods like SEO are the top cost-effective marketing solutions. SEO offers long-term results at minimum costs and ensures better ROI.

Which Type Of SEO Service For Startups Is Needed?

An SEO agency for startups offers different types of services that you can use to improve your ranking. Here is a list of some of the top affordable SEO services for your company:

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO services focus mainly on optimizing your content and the website structure for improved visibility.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO Services tactics differ from on-page SEO, focusing mainly on building links to your website. Such tactics help you improve website authority and credibility, leading to higher search engine rankings.

Technical SEO

It focuses on the technicalities of your website and optimizing it for search engines. For example, improving site speed, page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, etc.

Engaging a technical SEO consultant can elevate your site's performance and rankings.

Local SEO

If your startup has a physical presence, you must focus on local SEO. This is similar to any SEO strategy except that they only target local audiences.

For example, agencies can use keywords with local search intent so that people in your neighborhood can find you. An SEO agency for startups can help you create a GMB or Google My Business profile and ensure data consistency throughout the search engine and local listings.

Content marketing

It refers to creating high-quality content and promoting it on multiple platforms to attract and engage prospects. When you share educational content with audiences, they develop trust in your brand and engage with you for longer periods.

An SEO agency for startups helps you regularly create content with fresh perspectives.

SEO analytics and reporting

No one-size-fits-all SEO strategy can help your business improve its visibility. Moreover, Google keeps changing its strategy to rank sites. Therefore, you must occasionally check your strategies to ensure they are working perfectly. An SEO agency for startups does that on your behalf and sends you reports regularly.

Example of businesses using startup SEO services

With the rising need for online visibility, startups across all industries are relying more on SEO agency for startups. Below, we have listed a few industries that rely on SEO services for startups.

SEO for SaaS Startups

SaaS giants like HubSpot and Pipedrive depend on content marketing and SEO for their compounding effects over time. Startups may initially feel disappointed with their SEO investment (it takes time to deliver results), but you will be surprised by its long-term impact on your business.

It works in unison with other marketing strategies to attract potential consumers and reduce Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). You can also follow a few SaaS SEO examples, such as Drift's content hub and internal linking, ServiceTitan's link-building flywheel, Notion's product-led content, MailChimp's glossary pages, etc.

SEO for Tech Startups

SEO startup companies are popular in the tech industry due to the challenging scenario in this sector. Firstly, your competitors in the IT niche have the technicalities to build a strong online presence. On the other hand, your tech-savvy clients expect more from your content.

You cannot use gray hat strategies to rank them higher, as tech clients can notice your gaps and jump to your competitors. Some of the top companies using SEO services include Canva, Grammarly, Stripe, etc.

E-commerce SEO

Startups setting up businesses online must have better online visibility. SEO ensures you rank better on search engines and boosts your visibility. An e-commerce SEO agency for startups offers solutions to improve your branding and search engine ranking and reach out to more people.

Three e-commerce sites presently popular for their killing SEO strategies are Etsy, Overstock, and Lulus.

Local Business SEO

Local business SEO is essential for businesses with a physical existence and targeting local clients. It includes having a Google My Business profile, optimizing keywords for local searches, consistency in local listings, etc.

Local SEO is best for restaurants, professional service providers, and the medical industry.

Additional Industries

Regardless of what industry you are operating in, SEO services are essential for all. But, industries in highly competitive sectors mainly benefit from such strategies.

Why is Gigde a preferred SEO agency for startups?

Gigde has been in the industry for a few years but has already built a good reputation among startups. We offer various services that can help you improve organic traffic generation and establish you as an authority in your niche.

Some of our services include

  1. Content development and marketing
  2. Social media marketing
  3. SEO
  4. PPC
  5. Graphic design
  6. Email marketing
  7. Digital PR (PR Management)

Startups can consider working with us as we work with professionals in this domain. Gigde ensures you are always seen in front of your audience throughout major search engine platforms.

We help you find on top of search results, be visible when people search for your products or services, and offer website optimization based on user search intent.

Additionally, we provide local SEO services to improve your brand awareness, technical SEO services to better website crawling and indexing, and link-building services to improve credibility. To know more about our services, contact us today!


SEO can be your business life saver as it makes you appear in front of a wider audience base than traditional marketing methods. Moreover, you only need to pay a small fee to the SEO agency for startups.

Otherwise, this marketing tactic is cheap and has long-term benefits. However, if you are wondering which agency to choose, try Gigde! We ensure you the best SEO services that can create a real impact on your business.

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