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Top Inbound Marketing Agency: Services and Strategy

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Key Takeaways

  • Email marketing, social media, SEO, and content are the four components of inbound marketing.
  • Choosing an agency: Assess the level of expertise in email campaign management, social media interaction, SEO optimisation, and content creation.
  • Five principles: Delight, Analyse, Convert, Attract, and Close. For successful inbound strategies, assess leading agencies using these guidelines.

Hiring an inbound marketing agency can make all the difference for a brand struggling to attract customers. When done right, inbound marketing can even help you bring more customers to your website and turn them into loyal customers. All you need is an experienced inbound marketing firm to handle your strategies, and you can sit down, relax, and enjoy the benefits.

What are the four elements of inbound marketing?

As you know, a digital inbound marketing firm focuses on creating valuable quality content. This content is created to attract more people to a brand's website. Hence, they ensure the content perfectly aligns with the customer's interests and needs.

Four key elements play an essential role in a successful inbound marketing approach. They are:

1. Attract

Firstly, inbound marketing is all about attracting customers to your website. However, you might want to avoid unqualified leads. So, attracting people who are more likely to convert should be your aim. If you're in a specialized field like plastic surgery, partnering with a dedicated Plastic Surgery Marketing Agency can significantly enhance your efforts. Secondly, to successfully attract customers to your website, you can use several tools like blogging, social media, SEO, etc.

2. Convert

The most crucial part of any inbound marketing agency's strategy is lead conversions. Once you are successful in attracting the right customers, the next step is to convert them! Some of the go-to tools used by companies include calls to action, landing pages, forms, etc. Furthermore, this step also includes getting information from the customers. This information may include email addresses or contact details so they can follow up. Many landing page agencies specialize in crafting pages for lead generation, employing persuasive techniques to capture user information.

3. Close

Now that you have managed to find the right leads and convert them into your customers, all that is left is to seal the deal. Once you reach this stage, an inbound marketing firm ensures you have a viable lead. But how? Of course, with the accurate set of tools & latest marketing techniques. As a result, the agency might also use processes like email marketing, CRMs, and marketing automation.

4. Delight

Delighting your customers with exceptional service is a sure-fire way to retain them. Some of the best inbound agencies use follow-up calls/emails, surveys, etc, to keep the customers engaged and earn their loyalty. Additionally, this is also an excellent method to convert your customers into a promoter of your brand.

Now that you know all the key elements, you might want to start looking for a reliable partner. However, as was mentioned before, finding a top Digital marketing agency can be challenging. Read the next section for great tips on finding a good inbound agency for your marketing needs.

How do I choose an inbound marketing agency?

Unlike outbound marketing, inbound marketing actually produces better results and attracts more customers. Therefore, every business owner wishes to hire from the best inbound marketing agencies. Hence, you should never forget a few important tips while looking for a marketing company.

  • First, you must carefully analyze your business needs and goals. Brainstorm with your company to find out the reason why you want to hire an inbound marketing company.
  • Evaluate all the candidates thoroughly. Look beyond the best and find out which company works best for your business. So look for qualities like their delivery process, sales process, project management skills, etc.
  • Another important aspect of finding a reliable inbound marketing firm includes compatibility. Since your relationship with them is obviously going to be long-term, finding a compatible partner with similar goals and working styles is ideal.
  • A background check on your prospective partner is a must! You must ensure that the agency you hire is experienced in handling a business of your size and industry. So you can be rest assured that you are in the right hands.
  • Check for a proven track record of the inbound marketing Company. Therefore, if possible, only choose the companies with positive past results.
  • One of the most crucial parts of any relationship is communication. Hiring an agency with clear and precise communication and reporting is essential.

Now that you know the method to find a good marketing agency, the following section will give an example of what a top inbound marketing firms looks like.

How can Gigde help with your inbound marketing efforts?

Gigde is a renowned B2B inbound marketing agency trusted by businesses globally! Although we also provide other digital marketing services, our strong suit will always lie in inbound marketing! We use this methodology to help all our clients create high-quality, valuable content to attract qualified leads.

Additionally, we also help businesses align their website's content with their marketing goals. Content is the best online asset of any business, and with the help of our talented team of experts, we make it happen. We believe that the right content is like an advocate of your brand.

In fact, it can do everything for you. Everything begins with the right content, from answering queries to selling your product. So, with our B2B inbound advertising agency, your business is guaranteed to attract more quality leads, conversation, and, lastly, profit.

What are the five principles of inbound marketing?

The five principles of inbound marketing are also known as SCOPE. Let us look at them to understand:

1. Standardize

As a brand, you're basically typing to express your story through your content. Therefore, you must ensure that your story and message are consistent across all platforms.

2. Contextualize

This process includes tailoring your story and brand message to resonate with your audience's needs. Overall, you have to tailor your story to align with your audience's interest at any point in time. Therefore, you should focus on customizing your content according to

  • The pain points of your audience.
  • Various stages of the buyer's journey.
  • The channel you are using for content delivery.

3. Optimize

An important step of any good strategy is optimizing the marketing process to your brand's needs. After creating content, the inbound marketing agency tracks its performance closely. They do so to understand what works for them and how they can improve it. Optimization is an ongoing process where you keep analyzing marketing strategies and making changes to see if they produce better results than before.

4. Personalize

Customers dislike automated emails that are cold, impersonal, and, all in all, very boring. On the other hand, customers respond quite enthusiastically to personalized content. It makes them feel special and irreplaceable. You can easily earn their trust and loyalty by giving them a little more attention.

5. Empathize

Empathy is the last principle that binds all four principals together. Adding that human touch into your strategy makes it more perceptible for customers. The inbound marketing firm can help you build a system that connects you with the right people at the right time. This way, you can create and maintain long-term relationships with them.

What are the three disadvantages of inbound marketing?

There is enough proof out there to know how hiring an inbound marketing Company can benefit your business. However, that does not mean it does not have its own set of disadvantages. In fact, there are three major disadvantages of inbound marketing that you cannot overlook.

  • Firstly, it is very time-consuming. Sometimes, it can even take months before you can see measurable results.
  • Secondly, executing a successful strategy requires a certain level of expertise. So, hiring an inbound marketing agency becomes inevitable for many businesses.
  • Lastly, they are highly competitive. With the increase in inbound marketing's popularity, strategies have become more competitive than ever before.

So, from this, we can establish the fact that inbound marketing, like everything else, also has its own set of pros and cons. However, the pros in this situation outweigh the cons, yet both are very important.

Top 6 Inbound Marketing Agencies

Apart from Gigde, we have listed six other inbound marketing agencies to help you:

1. KlientBoost

KilentBoost is an inbound marketing firm that helps businesses double their revenue with their quality marketing services. Additionally, they also provide their clients with new marketing strategies and tactics to improve their performance. Moreover, they also specialize in B2B SaaS marketing and lead generation and have a long list of satisfied clients. So if your business goals align with their services, you might want to consider them!

Services: SEO, Email Marketing, CRO, etc.

2. Salted Stone

Salted Stone is a growth agency that has fueled the development of its clients with its end-end digital solutions. With so many years of experience, Salted Stone has created an operation that guarantees growth and refinement. Furthermore, they have an award-winning team of creatives, strategist developers, etc, all dedicated to helping you! Moreover, their years of experience and amazing track record make them a good choice for finding a good Digital marketing agency.

Services: Digital strategy, SEO, Web Design, etc

3. Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is one of the top digital marketing in the world that you might have already heard about. As the name suggests, Ignite Visibility helps clients boost their online presence using excellent services. From digital strategy to Social Media, Ignite Visibility has been assisting clients to resolve their marketing issues for a long time. In addition, they have their digital marketing forecasting software called "Certainty", which can help you evaluate various online parameters to boost your growth!

Services: SEO, CRO, PPC, etc

4. WebFX

WebFX is an inbound marketing agency that helps businesses with data-driven revenue marketing for online success. WebFX is a well-known name in the digital marketing agency. In fact, they have won several awards and received recognition for their powerful marketing strategies. They have an all-rounder team of experts who can help you with anything digital marketing-related. Moreover, their excellent customer service and result-driven attitude make them a top Content marketing company in the USA.

Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, etc

5. SmartBug Media

SmartBug believes that you can conquer your marketing strategy with the right strategy, technology, creativity, and talent. SmartBug reassures its customers with their quality services and helps them make the most of the customer's journey. Their talented team of experts is very good at adding value to every stage of a customer's journey to help your business grow. From content creation to email marketing with SmartBug Media, you will see a visible increase in your lead generation!

Services: E-commerce Marketing, Inbound Marketing, SEO, etc

6. New Breed

New Breed is an expert inbound marketing firm that can help you attract quality leads. But that is not where their job ends; in addition, they also help businesses nurture the leads and turn them into loyal customers. With New Breeds team of inbound experts, you can be assured of one thing: success! They have worked with hundreds of companies and gathered enough experience to help businesses detect and fill the gaps in their marketing strategies.

Services: Branding, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy, etc.


An inbound marketing agency is the driving force behind many successful brands. They help businesses attract, engage, and retain customers with their excellent strategy. Therefore, hiring an inbound marketing strategy is the best decision you make for your business in today's digital world.

If you are also looking for the trustworthy best inbound marketing agencies, we recommend Gigde. Engage with our team of marketing enthusiasts today for more information on inbound marketing.

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