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Best 10 Social Media Monitoring Services for 2024

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Social media monitoring services to help track user engagement have become pretty convenient these days. Businesses today can easily track people's opinions about themselves. We can’t deny the fact that in the past few years, social media has become a massive hub for people to interact with each other.

At the same time, it has also become a medium for businesses to interact with potential customers. But, with so many conversations happening on social media, tracking your business's engagement can be quite difficult.

Hence, to quickly solve all these issues, social network monitoring services have emerged as a powerful tool in today’s data-driven world. Social media tools help you watch out whether your existing customers are satisfied with your products and services. In this way, businesses can ensure their online reputation is positive in front of their consumers.

Thus, if you are also looking for a good social media monitoring agency, you are at the right place. This blog post focuses on exploring what social monitoring companies are reliable for your business. You will also learn about the best social media monitoring services, aka the top social media monitoring tools. 

What is Social Media Monitoring and How Does it Work?

Social media monitoring, also called listening, includes tracking tools to identify and understand a brand or business's online presence. This includes monitoring and analyzing people's opinions about a company using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), etc.

What’s more? Social media platforms are essential for people to express their thoughts, opinions, etc. As a matter of fact, people also use social media platforms to express their experience of a brand and share feedback.

People praise brands with good services and even recommend them to others. On the other hand, a bad experience could cause enough backlash to harm the business's reputation on social media.

Thus, companies should be more cautious about their online image and reputation; one wrong review and all their efforts could go down the drain. So, this is exactly where social media monitoring agency come in very handy.

Here is how social media monitoring services helps business track their social media performance:

1. Real-Time Data Collection

Social monitoring services use social media monitoring tools to scan various social media platforms and collect real-time data about their clients.

2. Tracking Relevant Keywords

Reputation monitoring services also help businesses compile relevant social media conversations. They do this by filtering for keywords related to your brand, targeted audience, and even the industry you are in.

3. Data Organization

So, after collecting all the relevant data from social media platforms, they proceed to organize it in a manner so that you can view and analyze the data.

4. Data Analysis

Then, social media monitoring platforms, along with professional SMM ads services, help businesses analyze data using smart algorithms. This provides clear insights into the general perception of your brand. Additionally, analyzing data helps identify weak points in your strategy for improvement.

5. Reporting

Social media monitoring companies also create reports and visualizations so businesses can have a clear view of where they stand when it comes to social media presence. Further, they would know what kind of sentiments and images the general public associates their brands with.

6. Taking Action

Once you have a clear picture, you will know exactly what and how you can engage your audience better to leave a good impression. You will be able to actively interact with the audience and answer their queries in real time. With excellent customer support, you will be able to earn their loyalty and increase your credibility.

7. Continuous Monitoring for Better Results

But social media monitoring does not stop here; it is a continuous process. So, we will have to be ready to keep up with the latest updates and trends and adjust according to the customer's behavior. With constant effort, you will be able to grow your presence on social media.

What are Social Media Monitoring Services & Proven Tactics?

Social media online reputation management are those that help businesses keep track of what is being said about their business on social media. As a result, companies today use social media monitoring companies to maintain their brand image and reputation in front of a general audience.

At the same time, companies can even use them as feedback on their products and services to learn what strategy works for them and what does not. Since the process of social media monitoring could be quite complex, hiring reputation monitoring services might be the best choice for businesses.

As a result, a number of businesses hire social media monitoring companies to help manage their online reputation in the best way. In fact, social media monitoring has different types, such as tracking keywords, hashtags, mentions, etc.

Why Are Social Media Monitoring Services So Important?

Social media monitoring has a huge impact on how you promote your business. When done right, it can help your business create an impressive image in front of potential customers. Here are a few reasons why you need to choose the social media monitoring services:

  • With the help of social media monitoring companies, you have the chance to react in real time with your potential customers.
  • You can use it to find positive and negative feedback from consumers and use it in marketing strategy.
  • Social media monitoring services help you understand how a certain demographic feels about your business and its products. If your products and services are marketed toward young people, their opinions should matter to you the most.
  • It can also help you find out which platforms have the lowest engagement so you can shift all your focus to the platform with the highest engagement. This way, you will be able to save time and money.
  • Moreover, social media monitoring tools are also great for calculating your ROI in your various social media campaigns.
  • Social media monitoring services are able to analyze your competitors and outperform them.
  • While tracking, you will also know which influencer can help you expand your reach and generate more leads.
  • Social media monitoring services are a great tool that can help you identify potential crises so you can avoid them beforehand.

Advantages of Gigde Social Media Monitoring Services

Gigde is a full-service digital marketing agency that also specializes in helping businesses track their social media engagement across various platforms. Our social media monitoring services can help you create a long-lasting impression in front of your target audience.

With our excellent social media monitoring and listening services, you will know exactly how your audience perceives your brand and what you can do to further improve it. At the same time, you will also be able to understand your audience's needs and align your products and services to better suit them.

We closely track every facet of your marketing efforts. Further, we can also help you check every social media platform's KPIs and analytics. With the help of our advanced reporting features, we strive to help to the best of our capacity.

One of the biggest advantages of our social media motoring services is that we give priority to customer satisfaction over anything else. Therefore, with our social media monitoring services, you can rest assured that you are in good hands!

Limitations of relying on monitoring tools?

Like every other tool, social media monitoring services also have some flaws that cannot be overlooked. One such flaw is its inability to consider content. Many times social media monitoring tools need to understand that high-volume mention does not mean positive brand popularity.

Another shortcoming is that they have very limited access to certain social media platforms. This is because some of the major platforms actually limit data sharing. So, the social media monitoring tool can only show you a sample based on the incomplete data set.

Additionally, reputation monitoring services require extensive cleanup and filtering before you find the results you want. Lastly, one of the most important drawbacks of social media monitoring tools are that they are unable to interpret data into meaningful insights.

Leading Social Media Monitoring Tools For You

Here, in this section, let us look at the top social media monitoring tools:


  • Features: Post Scheduling, Streams, Analytics, Assignment, Content Library
  • Trusted by: Domino's, IKEA, World Health Organization, Roche, etc.

With Hootsuite, businesses can manage all their social media in one place. Hootsuite allows users to schedule and publish content to all their social media handles. Additionally, you can also track its effectiveness in real time.

Furthermore, Hootsuite allows users to plan their social media content in one calendar, making it easy to keep track of it. Hootsuite contains all social media monitoring tools, so you can customize the search stream to track any social media platform.

Hootsuite is easy to use, so businesses needing good social media monitoring software can consider Hootsuite as a good contender.

Sprout Social

  • Features: Profile Performance Report, Tag Report, Post Performance Report, Competitor Reports, Paid Performance Report, Team and Task Report.
  • Trusted by: CASIO, Grammarly, TUI, General Mills, SoFi, etc.

Sprout Social is a top best social media management tools for agencies that strives to help businesses manage their social media engagement. This social media monitoring tool uses AI and ML technology to help businesses make data-driven decisions for better results. Sprout Social has two separate features, one for monitoring and the other for engagement.

Businesses can use its social media monitoring services to track metrics using custom reporting options and templates. For businesses looking for social media monitoring companies to help them with engagement, publishing, analytics, listening, etc., Sprout Social might be worth a shot.

Zoho Social

  • Features: Publishing, Scheduling, Monitoring, Analytics, Collaboration, CRM Integration, Desk Integration, Zia AI Assistant, Facebook Lead Ads, etc.
  • Trusted By: Trustpilot, GetApp, Capterra, Gartner Peer Insights, etc

Zoho Social, as the leading social media monitoring agency, claims to provide the easiest way for businesses to manage their brands on social media. This social media monitoring tool allows users to schedule instagram posts.

Zoho Social allows you to track relevant conversations and analyze your performance using intuitive graphs and custom reports. Additionally, you can also customize your listening dashboard for a more comprehensive understanding. So, for businesses who wish to use reliable social media monitoring services to track their progress, Zoho Social might be on your list.


  • Features: Social Media Inbox, Social Media Publishing, Social Media Monitoring, Social Media Reporting, Social Media ROI.
  • Trusted By: Dove, Decathlon, Ogilvy, Swile, etc.

Agorapulse is another one of the top easy-to-use social media listening tools that allows businesses to track their performance. With the help of Agorapulse, companies can manage their social media to build an impressive social media profile. Moreover, it also helps them make data-driven decisions to produce better ROI.

The Inbox collects all relevant social media mentions, while the listening features help businesses engage with feedback. But that is not all; businesses can also set parameters to filter out specific phrases and platforms. So, if you are looking for one of the most easy-to-use social monitoring companies, Agorapulse could be a good option.


  • Features: Social Media Monitoring, Social Analytics, Tracking Analytics, Social Media Listening.
  • Trusted by: Ford, Nurun, YellowPages, Telefilm Canada, etc

Nexalogy is best social monitoring tools that helps businesses find the streams of relevant conservations about them. With the help of this hand social media monitoring tool, you can easily filter through torrents of information.

But that is not all, it even helps you track important SEO KPIs and metrics to create a custom report for your business. Further, you can also use it to identify and analyze key factors that directly affect your online reputation and user engagement. So for businesses looking for good social media monitoring services Nexalogy might be a good option.


  • Features: Mentions Feed, Discussion Volume Chart, Mention Analytics, Influence Score, Sentiment Analysis, etc.
  • Trusted by: Samsung, Intel, Carlsberg, Stanford University, etc.

Brand24 is one of the top social media monitoring software that uses AI-powered technology to help businesses find mentions across various channels. Whether it be social media to blogs, with Brand24’s social media monitoring tools you will be able to access them all!

With their real-time tracking system, you can get valuable insights about your brand's engagement. Further, a business can use their reputation monitoring services to evaluate their marketing efforts and outperform competitors. Hence, for brands who wish to find a good social media monitoring agency Brand24 might be worth a glance!


  • Features: Management Suite, Audience Insight, Sentiment Analysis, Influencer Management, etc.
  • Trusted by: Shiseido, Hyundai, Domino’s Pizza, Brut., Haleon, etc.

Meltwater is an amazing social media monitoring tool trusted by more than 30,000 businesses all over the world. This all-in-one social media management tool helps companies manage many social media channels to create an impactful presence on social media In addition Meltwater is sophisticated and its easy-to-use interface makes it even more attractive.

Meltwater’s social media monitoring tool is highly customizable so that businesses can track conversations in real time. Moreover, it also allows users to pinpoint developments and capitalize on them. Thus for businesses in need of reliable and easy-to-use social media monitoring services, Meltwater is a great option.


  • Features: Campaign Monitoring, Brand Monitoring, Influencer Marketing Strategies, Benchmarking, and Competitive Analysis, etc.
  • Trusted by: L’Oreal, Politico, USTA, Billboard, Mashable, etc.

Keyhole is one of the best social media tracking software that help a business grow its brand's impact with its excellent tracking tools. Aside from allowing businesses to listen in on conversations surrounding their brands, they also assist them in understanding and engaging with their audience.

Furthermore, Keyhole also provides features for businesses to keep a tab on their competitors. With the help of these amazing social media monitoring tools, you can have a birds-eye view of your brand, audience, and the industry. So, for businesses looking for reliable social monitoring companies Keyhole might be worth keeping an eye on!


  • Features: Direct Scheduling, Content Customization, Reports and Trends, Collaboration with Clients, and Audience Engagement.
  • Trusted by: Expedia, NHS24, Texas A&M University, Deaf Minds Education, etc.

Sendible is an easy social media listening tools that helps users by scheduling, monitoring, and reporting on multiple social media platforms. With the help of Sendible businesses can easily track their social media engagement and maximize their positive outcome.

Additionally, they allow businesses to grow their audience, attract them, and achieve their social media goals, with their all-in-one platform. So for businesses in need of social media monitoring tools to help build trust with their audience and create a new revenue stream Sendible is worth looking out for!


  • Features: Basic Alert, Standard Alert, Monitor, Listen, Publish.
  • Trusted by: BenQ, Riyadh Airport, Prisma Media, Microsoft, etc.

For businesses who want easy-to-use, streamlined social media listening and monitoring tools, mention might be a good option. These social media monitoring tools, in particular, are very useful for keeping track of brand mentions, real-time searches, competition analysis, etc. Moreover, it also provides features like pulse alerts to help businesses track spikes in social mentions.

With the help of this amazing social media monitoring service, you can easily listen to your audience's opinion and manage social media engagement. Additionally, brands can also use Mention to create relevant content further to increase their brand awareness of various social media platforms.


Social media monitoring services are a great means for businesses to stay ahead of their competitors. In short, these services are great for brands to understand what strategy works for them and how they can improve it. Not only this, If done the right way, these services can work wonders.

Hence, if you are looking for a reliable social media marketing agency to help you manage your social media account and track your marketing strategy, check out Gigde.


Q1. Which social media platforms can be monitored using social media monitoring tools?

Ans: You can use social media monitoring tools to manage social media platforms like:

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn, etc.

Q2. How can you use social media monitoring services?

Ans: Companies that use social media monitoring regularly search digital media channels for keywords or phrases that are directly relevant to their brands. Once you've established your company's public reputation, you can: Respond to customers in real time on social media sites. Determine how specific demographics perceive your brand.

Q3. How can you improve your social media engagement?

Ans: Following are important tips that could help you increase your social media engagement:

  1. Share Engaging Content.
  2. Create Emotional Headlines to Increase Shares and Clicks.
  3. Make use of Emojis.
  4. Include images in your posts.
  5. Increase the frequency with which you post.
  6. Make use of humour.
  7. Curate the work of others.
  8. Make use of hashtags.
  9. Make use of memes and GIFs
  10. Respond To Every Comment

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