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As part of the cleaning industry, providing quality services is a must, but unfortunately, that will not bring you a steady flow of clients. Finding clients has become very difficult as you can no longer rely on word-of-mouth referrals to bring you more clients. In this highly digital world, having a website with a great presence is paramount. Therefore, it's high time you start looking for a leading cleaning company web design company.

With the right website strategy, a cleaning company, regardless of size, can earn high profits. A website can easily help you resolve the issue of finding a constant stream of customers. It can help improve your brand awareness and ensure potential customers see your business. But for this to happen, you must first partner with a cleaning web design company.

If you want to learn more about these agencies, keep reading the section below.

What are the services provided by a cleaning company web design experts?

As the world continuously shifts to digital platforms, it is more essential than ever for you to have a good website. Your company's website must look and perform well to help your business grow. This is where a cleaning company web design agency becomes useful. With their range of services, you will create a high-functioning website with excellent experience.

Following are the services you expect a cleaning company web design specialist to help you with:

1. Custom website design and development

For your cleaning service website to attract leads, you need a compelling web design that converts users into customers. A cleaning company web design expert will be able to help you create a website from scratch.

2. Website Redesign

If you already have a website but are unsatisfied with it, you can opt for redesign services. The web design agency can help you reimagine and recreate your website by significantly changing elements like:

  • Codes
  • Structure
  • Content
  • Visuals, etc.

3. Web Hosting

Many web design companies also provide services where they host your website. Simply put, they will allocate your website a space on their server where your website can store its files.

4. Website Maintenance

Aside from website building, a cleaning company web design company can also help you with maintenance. So they will ensure that your website is up-to-date and running smoothly without any problems.

5. Website SEO

This service is beneficial if you want your website to be seen and discovered by the right people. In website SEO, the web design agency will optimize the technical seo configuration, link popularity, and content relevance. This method will help your website rank and increase its visibility.

With the help of these services, you will no longer have to worry about actively looking for clients. Instead, you can solely focus on providing exemplary service and building a good reputation. But for a cleaning company website to work properly, a few absolutely mandatory elements exist. Read the next section to find out what these elements are.

Essential features to include in website design for cleaning business

Having a great website can allow your business to get ahead of the competitors. A cleaning website is like a 24/7 storefront, always available to help customers. Therefore, for the website to complete its job properly, it will need these crucial elements:

1. Great UX optimization

So many businesses rely on a cleaning company web design company because it determines the number of customers they have. A website with a great user experience will naturally have a good ranking and reviews.

2. Responsive Design

You can significantly maximize your site's potential by making your website responsive to various digital devices. With an adaptive website, your customers can view content regardless of their device.

3. Well placed CTAs

A website design for cleaning business should inspire action in the visitors. With the help of a dedicated web design company, you strategically place CTAs through your website and encourage users to take action.

4. Navigation that Supports Customer's Journey

If your cleaning website is not easy to navigate, it directly affects the ranking of your website. Good navigation provides visitors with a smooth customer journey. So, it's crucial to make your website so that users can easily find their way through it.

5. Key Cleaning Website Pages

There are several important pages that every cleaning website must have; these include:

  • Homepage: To provide a clear overview of your business.
  • About you page: A page with information about your team, your business history, qualifications, etc.
  • Service page: A page that lists all of your cleaning services with detailed information.
  • Portfolio: A showcase of your past work with images.
  • Testimonial page: A page dedicated to customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Contact us: To provide accurate contact information like phone number, email, address, etc.
  • FAQs: Here, you should answer common business-related questions that clients may have.
  • Blog: A blog page will allow you to share cleaning tips and attract more customers.

By implementing these elements on your website, the cleaning company web design agency can help craft a website that draws and retains customers. A professionally designed website is good, but there is one important factor we are forgetting about, and that is price. Worry not because the next section will discuss just that.

How much should a cleaning company web design company charge?

The cost of a cleaning company web design company largely depends on these factors:

  • Website's complexity
  • Desired features and functionalities
  • The website background
  • Scope of customization
  • The expertise of the developer and designer, etc.

For a website with straightforward elements and occasional pages of content, you may have to spend about $500 - $2000. On the other hand, the cost of a refined website with sophisticated features like e-commerce integration, SEO, etc., you'll have to invest $5,000 to $20,000.

You also need to remember that the website needs constant maintenance and support. Therefore, you should also be prepared for these types of spending. The next section will briefly explain why you should hire Gigde as your potential partner for website design.

Secure more clients with a cleaning company web design Agency

Gigde offers excellent cleaning company website development services to extend your business presence online. With the help of our team of expert developers and designers, you can build a website that is:

As a cleaning company web design company we understand the importance of having a solid website in today's competitive market. Therefore, we have always strived to provide our clients with the best of our abilities. We value your needs above everything else and can create a website that aligns with your goals and your brand values and image.

With our experience and expertise in web development, we have helped many clients reach their goals and even go beyond. So, if you are interested in working with here is what you can expect:

Client-Centric Approach

Being a cleaning company web design expert we believe clients are the centre of everything. Therefore, everything we do will be focused on your business goals. We will patiently listen to your ideas, concerns, etc., and ensure we are on the same page throughout the campaign.

A Team of Top Web Developers and Designers

As a cleaning company web design company, we only want the best for you. Therefore, when you hire our services, you will get to work alongside the best of our talents. Our team of experts has spent many years in the industry refining their craft. Thus, they can design, plan, and execute a website strategy that brings you profit.

Timely Results

We will prove our worth to you by bringing you the results you want within the decided time frame. After measuring the website performance, you will understand how much we can do for you and to what extent. Additionally, we pride ourselves on providing timely results and solutions without missing any deadlines.

Transparent Processes

We will provide transparent reports at every stage of the web design campaign. You will get to see every detail, every minor change, with your own eyes.

Data-Driven Methodology

We use data-driven strategies to ensure your website will have a start and be able to compete on the same level as your rivals.

Range of Other Useful Marketing Strategies

Aside from being a cleaning company web design agency, we are also a full-service digital marketing agency. Therefore, you can use our various other services to promote your brand further online.

So, if you are looking for a genuine company that provides quality services at an affordable cost, then please give Gigde a chance.


A good website can make all the difference between a reliable cleaning service and an unreliable one. Therefore, if you wish to earn your precious customers' trust and loyalty, you need to have an unrivaled website. So do not wait; take the first step and contact a cleaning company web design company to get the best website strategy.

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