14 Best Social Media Management Tools In 2021

Social sales have become a virtually unavoidable aspect of B2B sales. As the world mainly remains shut, companies turn to other digital avenues for the storm. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 sales representatives do not apply the method, yet social selling has demonstrated an increase in corporate sales of upwards of 16 per cent. The best social media tools can help you better understand social media and how to effectively use it for your business.

Around 84% of decision-makers in the organization use social media to support purchase decisions, according to the survey. This is useful because 46 per cent of B2B policymakers are aged 18 to 34 years. You need the correct tools to manage everything to implement an efficient B2B social media marketing plan. But how should the correct tool be selected? In this article, we have listed the best social media tools that you can use. So read and find out.

14 best social media tools


Sendible is among the leading social analytics tools for social media built exclusively for digital agencies. The management suite includes 20 integrated social network interfaces, blogs and sharing sites, and Slack compatibility to maintain contact with your team. This is one of the best social media tools that you can use.


Oktopost is the only tool specialized in B2B marketing in social media management. The social publishing tool of Oktopost is a complete solution for managing, monitoring and measuring your social media activity to meet your marketing goals. In showing the impact of society on the selling bag, Oktopost outlines the usefulness of social media to B2B firms.


Buffer is a social publishing tool that is very intuitive and highly simplifying. If you only have to publish across platforms and don’t have much money, then Buffer is your tool. This technology allows enterprises to seamlessly queue a range of content formats even on the go on various platforms and browsers. Many G2 users continually welcomed and adjusted the simplicity with which various pieces of the same content were published across multiple platforms. This is among the best social media tools.


MeetEdgar is a perfect solution for self-employed people, bloggers, businessmen and small companies who are trying to enhance their social media presence on a short budget. The greatest asset of Edgar, according to evaluations, is its automated content recycling function to maximize your ROI and exposure from each post by using current and prior contents. This is among the best social listening tools.


HootSuite is one of the B2C Social Media Management solutions standard-bearers. With this web-based administration solution, you may collaborate extensively together with the ability to manage and display all your social media accounts on a single dashboard. HootSuite is one of the best social media tools that you must use to enhance your social media presence. 


In marketing technology, Hubspot is perhaps one of the most famous names. A typical social media management add-on is included in their all-in-one marketing solution. With Hubspot, content, postings, analysis and reporting can be published and shared. The free alternative is beneficial for decreasing expenses, like other platforms. A consistent discussion between customers is also the full range of automation tools. Hubspot is one of the best social analytics tools.


SocialPilot is another renowned administration service with a broad range of features. It has a good value for its convenient interface and reasonable pricing, delivering all the essential post-management and monitoring features for small companies and in-depth analytics. User reviews often praise the ability of the customer to approve, the smooth UI and excellent reporting and white papers. This is among the best social media tools.

Zoho Social

Zoho Social is an easy but functional application for social media management that delivers basic and standard functionality at a reasonable price. In addition, Zoho offers a live stream of social mentions, for Alia, for certain keywords and a plethora of features. Zoho also offers great user-specific banging, together with its expanded tracking tools, for both your company and the feelings of rivals. This is among the best social media tools.


Although more renowned for its SEO suite, SEMRush provides the essentials needed for the management of social media. SEO analysis also provides alternatives for monitoring, scheduling and post-production across major social platforms in the Social Media tools. The post planning system of SEMRush and the integration of other marketing tools of the platform offer an all-in-one platform to implement your marketing strategy.


In combination with thorough analysis and reporting tools, AgoraPulse offers an easy connection with social media. The suite has a CRM database that can track and refresh a list of followers and adapt your posts to optimize each social platform. The AgoraPulse and the platform’s capacity to house more account-laden agencies and teams was a favoured feature among users. This makes this tool one of the best social media tools.


Planable offers all the niceties of a solution for social media management while stressing cooperation and teamwork. In addition, it features an advanced post-approval system that enables pre-approved posts before scheduling and publishing. The handy positioning of feedback points right on each post is a unique feature that has been praised by users who extend collaboration further.


SocialBakers is a one-stop-shop solution for social media management. In addition to the typical functions of social media administration, SocialBakers combines analytics and postal feeds in a streamlined interface. It also makes it possible to manipulate content in the planner intuitively. The impact database, the search engine and the content search capabilities offered were welcomed by users in particular. These features make this tool one of the best social media tools.


BuzzSumo is not a standard tool for managing social media. It is a wonder to find what contents, influencers, keywords and themes are trendy. It analyses millions of content parts to deliver in-depth analytics and data for companies. User evaluations regularly laud the influence tracking functions together with the study of competitors and valuable trends. This is among the top social analytics tools. 

Traject Social 

Traject Social is a relative newcomer to the management market in social media, but it is prepared to take over market leaders with its purchases of Social Import and Fanbooster. SMM agencies that work with several customers on all current social platforms for them this tool is a perfect answer.

Final thought

There are numerous options available today to handle social media. Unfortunately, it’s just exhausting to try to select one to adopt. However, in selecting the best social media tools for your business, there are many basic features to consider. These include platform integrations, analytical tools and the capacity of the community to administer.

The most important thing is to ensure that the tool that you choose suits your company to ensure that your time and marketing dollars are used properly via automation and analysis. So select the best tools for your social media campaign and grow your online presence.