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Affordable Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses[2024]

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Ready to level up your social media game? This is the ideal moment to take action.

In today's world, where there's a ton of competition and a myriad of content and social networks, having a clear-cut strategy is like having a roadmap. It helps you focus on what matters and say "no" to things that won't help you achieve your goals.

That's why we've created a complete guide to help you start an affordable social media marketing journey. Whether you're new to the social media scene or just want to ensure you're on the right track for 2024, this guide is your go-to resource.

On the other hand, having a solid strategy isn't just about keeping up it's about standing out amidst the crowd. And guess what? This guide will help you understand which strategy will suit your business needs.

Why Should You Work with an Affordable Social Media Marketing Agency?

Do you ever wonder why some businesses excel in reaching their audience on social media while others struggle?

It all boils down to understanding where your audience spends their time. Social media is where 84% of internet users spend their time, making it an essential platform for businesses, regardless of size. Social media is growing rapidly, with nearly 9.2% more people using it since 2019.

So, if you want your business to grow, you can't afford to overlook the immense potential of social media.

Now, social media might seem simple, but it's quite complicated when it comes to marketing. These platforms aim to be user-friendly for everyone, but partnering with an affordable social media marketing agency is a smart move to truly succeed and make the most of the massive audience.

Here's why:

Campaign Structure

An affordable social media marketing agency is pro at setting up your ad campaigns in a way that suits your business perfectly. They understand how the platforms, especially Facebook, handle budgets based on campaign setup.

They also know precisely how to structure campaigns, separating brand promotion from specific products or services. Besides, this ensures you get the most out of your investment, avoiding the common mistakes many business owners make when setting up their ads.


Even if your account is well-structured, an affordable social media marketing agency optimizes your campaigns. Meanwhile, social media platforms always introduce new ways for advertisers to reach their audience.

Therefore, agencies who always remain on top of these changes continuously modify and improve your ads for better performance, enhancing your web optimization.


For social media marketers, testing is the name of the game. They're always experimenting, whether it's small adjustments like adding captions to videos or big projects like testing different ad creatives.

However, doing these tests properly and tracking the results can be a lot of work, but an affordable social media marketing agency takes that load off your shoulders. Additionally, they apply the lessons learned from other clients' tests to your campaigns, giving you a head start.


What is the most significant advantage of partnering with affordable social media marketing agencies? Efficiency. Every business wants to make more money, right?

Social media advertising is a powerful tool for boosting sales, but success isn't guaranteed. However, creating high-quality ads, paying attention to every detail, and thorough testing don't automatically equal success.

Besides, it's about finding the right balance between these elements within your budget and priorities. Meanwhile, social media experts know the ins and outs of these platforms and can help you navigate them wisely.

Ultimately, cheap social media marketing agencies are your secret weapon in making the most of social media without breaking your budget.

10 Techniques Used By Cheap Social Media Marketing Agency

Cheap social media marketing agencies utilize various strategies to promote businesses without breaking the budget. So, let's take a look at the top 10 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies used by an affordable or cheap social media marketing agency:

Setting a Clear Goal

In social media marketing, setting clear goals is where it all begins. These goals should be SMART—

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

An cheap social media marketing agency understands the importance of having crystal-clear objectives. By establishing SMART goals, the agency lays the foundation for a strategic roadmap tailored to move businesses forward in the digital landscape.

Use of Chatbots

With these goals in place, the affordable social media marketing agency delves into the world of chatbot Marketing. These automated tools are a game-changer, offering a quick and efficient means to connect with customers.

Besides, what's remarkable is that they don't require any coding knowledge! They seamlessly merge into major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While swiftly addressing customer queries and taking orders directly through messenger platforms.

Personalized Customer Experience

The affordable social media marketing agency recognizes the value of personalization. However, using chatbots and messengers isn't merely about streamlining tasks—it's about creating a more intimate customer experience.

On the other hand, by redirecting ads to messenger platforms, the agency taps into a goldmine for fostering customer loyalty. Eventually, it boosts sales and breaks down the barriers between brands and consumers.

Content Marketing Strategy

Now, let's talk about content—the heart and soul of any social media strategy. Content marketing is the backbone of successful campaigns. However, it's not just about working on posts; it's about delivering quality, timely, and informative content that speaks directly to the intended audience.

The cheap social media marketing agency understands the significance of maintaining a consistent posting schedule with relevant hashtags for effective communication.

Building a Community

Social media isn't a one-way street. It's about building a community. Besides, the agency doesn't just aimlessly broadcast; it engages in meaningful interactions.

Therefore, by conducting interactive sessions, seeking feedback, and sharing noteworthy news, the agency creates a vibrant space where the audience feels connected and valued. On the other hand, encouraging actions like likes, comments, and shares further amplifies this engagement.

Monitor Competitor Strategies

To stay ahead, the affordable social media marketing agency keeps a close eye on competitors. Besides, understanding what the competition is up to provides invaluable insights. More importantly, conducting competitor analyses reveals their strengths and weaknesses, guiding the agency in creating its strategies.

Staying Active on Social Media

An affordable social media marketing agency maintains a lively presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin, showcasing their team and activities. This helps potential clients find them and builds trust by displaying their capabilities and connecting with the audience.

Cross Channel Campaign

In today's interconnected digital landscape, cross-channel campaigns play a major role. An cheap social media marketing agency understands the power of storytelling and emotional connection. Meanwhile, creating compelling narratives across various channels allows businesses to stand out, convey their purpose, and engage their audience effectively.

Utilizing Brand Promoters

An affordable social media marketing agency also taps into a powerful resource: brand promoters. These are the loyal customers who adore the brand. Therefore, instead of solely focusing on acquiring new customers, the agency nurtures existing ones, turning them into enthusiastic brand advocates.

Live Sharing Experience

Furthermore, the affordable social media marketing agency harnesses the potential of live interactions. Going live on social media platforms presents an opportunity to showcase products, share personal experiences, and create authentic customer connections.

This strategy humanizes the brand, conveying that it's more than just a profit-making entity—it's a relatable, engaging entity that values its customers.

What is a Good Price for Social Media Marketing Services?

When managing social media for businesses, the expenses can vary a lot based on what each business needs and aims to achieve. These costs can fluctuate due to different factors like the services required, the number of social media platforms handled, the level of expertise needed, and the size of the audience a business wants to reach.

Let's break down these affordable social media management costs into different parts:

Content Creation

Creating good content is key to a successful social media presence. Prices for making content—like writing, designing graphics, taking photos or videos—can range from $500 to $10,000 per month. The cost depends on how often you post and how complicated the content is.

Social Advertising

Using ads on social media helps you reach more people. Usually, starting budgets for this type of advertising begin around $5,000 per month. The cost might increase based on how complicated the ads are, how many people you want to target, and the strategies used for bidding.

Platform Management

Taking care of social media profiles—posting, talking with followers, and checking how things are going—can cost between $500 to $5,000 per month for each platform. The cost might be higher if a business is bigger or using multiple platforms.

Influencer Collaborations

Working with influencers can make a brand reach more people. The cost here depends on the influencer's popularity and what they focus on. It can go from a few hundred dollars to several thousand for a collaboration.

Analytics and Reporting

Checking how well things are going on social media is important. Tools or services for analyzing and monitoring performance can cost between $50 and $500 per month, depending on how deep the analysis goes.

Reach More Audience Using Affordable Social Media Management

Do you want to connect better with your audience, make a strong brand, and create awesome content? That's where GigDe steps in!

We're an cheap social media marketing company that helps businesses of all sizes—small, startups, or big companies—to shine on social media.

Working with us has its perks

Did you know that over half of people check social reviews before buying things?

Our affordable social media marketing services can be a game-changer for your business. When you team up with us, we aim to meet your and your followers' expectations, making your brand a hit on social media.

With our help, you can increase likes, interactions, and followers on your social media profiles. This leads to better brand recognition, more leads, and more people buying from you.

Social media is also a great way to bring people to your website and share what your brand is all about. Besides, having the right social media plan can set you apart from other businesses similar to yours.

Here's what we do


Firstly, we get to know what your brand stands for. We check out where you are on social media and look at your competitors and your brand's strengths and weaknesses.


Once we understand your brand, we create a plan that fits. We want your brand to look the same everywhere on social media.


After planning, we start posting and promoting content. We're good at making all kinds of posts—from regular ones to cool reels and short videos. Our team makes words come to life through awesome images and videos.


We're open to hearing what you think. We use what we learn from how people react and what the numbers show us to improve things. Working together with our clients makes everyone happier and brings better results.


We keep an eye on everything we do. We also check how each platform is doing and what's working best. Our detailed reports help us serve you better and keep you in the loop about your ads.

Lastly, we've got a team with loads of experience in helping businesses talk to people and grow, whether they sell to other businesses or customers. Our goal is to help you be your best on social media and make your business shine.


Affordable social media marketing isn't just about cost but smart investment. It's the tool that levels the playing field, allowing businesses of all sizes to shine without breaking the bank. Besides, creating strategies that resonate, engaging with audiences, and optimizing every penny spent are the gateway to reaching and impacting your audience effectively.

Ready to dive into budget-friendly success? Let Gigde be your guide to making waves in the digital world.

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