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PPC Costing: How Much Does PPC Management Cost in 2024?

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Are you finding it tough to bring in enough visitors to your website to turn a profit? If so, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) might be the solution for a quick boost in traffic.

Did you know that around 35-40% of people who search online tend to click on a pay-per-click ad rather than an organic search result? It's true! Quality PPC ads have a better chance of bringing in business than relying solely on organic search.

However, it's important to show your ad to the right audience to make the most of your investment. This involves keyword research, creating engaging ad content, and using a strategy that attracts clicks from people genuinely interested in your offer. This approach helps get more leads, sign-ups, and sales, ensuring your money isn't wasted.

While you can try managing PPC ads by yourself, there's a risk of spending a lot without seeing many sales if it's not done right. That's why many businesses turn to PPC agencies—they have the expertise to handle these ads effectively while cutting short PPC management fees.

So, if you're curious about what PPC entails, PPC management costs, and the entire process of PPC management, this blog is here to help.

What is PPC Management?

PPC management involves overseeing and controlling a company's PPC campaigns and budget. In other words, it's all about ensuring your ads on platforms like Google, Bing, or social media work well.

Imagine it as the person making sure your money is well spent on ads that bring in customers. Besides, without PPC management, you might waste money on ads that don't work or miss out on targeting the right leads.

Now, when we talk about PPC management costs, it's like paying someone to take care of these ads for you. In other words, it's an investment to ensure your ads perform at their best, bringing in more revenue and helping your business grow.

A PPC management company professionally and strategically decides where your brand's ads appear. They can be on Google and Bing search results or even pop up as images on other websites or social media feeds. Besides, it's about placing these ads in the right spots where they can grab a potential customer's attention and turn them into a customer.

What do PPC Management Services Include?

Understanding what PPC Management Services include is essential whether you're handling it in-house, collaborating with an agency, or hiring a freelancer.

These services involve a series of important activities necessary for the success of pay-per-click advertising while keeping PPC management costs in mind:

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is like diving into the world of words and phrases your potential customers type into search engines for products/services pertinent to your company.

However, the aim isn't just to find the most popular ones but also the most relevant ones for your business. This requires understanding your industry, location, and what your audience looks explicitly for.

Channel Selection

Google Ads might be the big player, but Google AdWords management costs can be higher. However, there's a whole range of platforms where PPC can shine, including the expertise of a dedicated Google Ads agency. Your PPC team can suggest other channels like Bing, affiliate networks, or social media platforms based on your business's needs and target audience.

Competitive Analysis

It's not just about your game; it's about keeping an eye on your competitors' moves too. By studying their PPC strategies, you can both compete for the best keywords and spot opportunities they might be missing.

Campaign Build Out

Imagine creating a blueprint for your advertising efforts. Besides, starting from scratch to build a campaign means building a strong structure that aligns with your goals. Eventually, it ensures your products or services are showcased effectively through PPC Ads.

Campaign Optimization & Monitoring

Once your ads are live, the work doesn't stop. You must constantly monitor the campaigns to ensure they deliver a good return on investment (ROI). Moreover, this optimization process is part of adjusting strategies, reducing ad spending on underperforming keywords, and boosting the ones driving better outcomes.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is like conducting science experiments but with ads. It involves adjusting different elements—ad copy and landing pages—to see which combination works best.

Even though you aim for perfectly optimized campaigns, the digital landscape constantly changes. More importantly, search engine algorithms change, making ongoing updates and adjustments necessary to maintain the campaign's effectiveness.

All these steps and services might seem like a lot, but they're the gears that keep the PPC engine running smoothly. When executed effectively by cutting short PPC management costs, they determine your PPC campaigns' success and cost-effectiveness.

How Much Does PPC Management Costs?

When it comes to PPC management fees, many agencies offer a 'starter' package for businesses looking to get started with PPC advertising.

These entry-level packages typically range from $160 to $500 per month, depending on the PPC agency pricing. Now, let's break down what you might expect within these PPC management fees price brackets:

You'll likely find smaller PPC service providers in the $160 to $200 range. These could be freelancers or consultants with limited experience. While there's a chance to discover highly skilled individuals in this range for potential long-term partnerships, it might take a bit of searching.

Moving up to around $350, you'll probably come across PPC consultants and agencies offering their entry-level packages. At this price point, you're likely to engage with more established professionals with more experience and a broader portfolio of clients.

Overall, these different PPC management costs offer different levels of expertise and experience. While lower-priced options might require more effort in finding the right match, higher-priced packages often come with more established expertise and a track record of success.

How much does PPC Management Pricing Cost By Business Size?

PPC management costs can vary a lot, and one of the key factors influencing it is the company's size. However, bigger companies tend to have bigger budgets for marketing, including PPC advertising.

Usually, companies set aside about 7% to 10% of their overall revenue for marketing purposes. So, when a company has more revenue, it's likely to have a larger marketing budget, which includes spending on PPC ads.

Now, let's break down the typical ppc management fees based on different business sizes:

  • Startups: They might invest anywhere between $300 to $1,000 per month in PPC management
  • Small businesses: Their PPC management fees could range from $1,000 to over $10,000 monthly
  • Medium-sized businesses: They tend to allocate budgets in the range of $10,000 to over $500,000 every month
  • Enterprises: These larger corporations might spend anywhere between $500,000 to an impressive $100,000,000 or more monthly

Remember, these figures are average estimates, and the actual PPC management costs can vary. PPC management pricing depends on what a business specifically needs, its goals, and how much it spends on ads.

Moreover, it's essential to realize that PPC advertising isn't a quick fix; it's a long-term investment. Therefore, companies aiming for solid returns from their PPC campaigns must be ready to give a significant portion of their marketing budget to PPC management pricing.

Which Factors Influence Pay-Per-Click Management Fees?

Several factors play a major role in shaping the expenses when figuring out the PPC management costs. Let's break pay-per-click management fees down further.

Industry and Competition

Imagine your industry and competition as major players in a strategic game. Industries with stiff competition often require higher bids and larger budgets, which bump up the costs for PPC.

It's like participating in an auction where the highest bid wins. However, even in competitive spaces, a well-crafted PPC campaign and strategic analysis of competitors can help you grow amidst the chaos.

Ad Network Selection

Picking the right advertising platform is like selecting the battlefield for your ads. Each platform, whether it's Google Ads or Microsoft Ads, has its level of competition and average cost-per-click rates.

Google AdWords management cost may be a bit on the high side. Therefore, it's important to understand these dynamics and choose the platform where your target audience will most likely be found. Besides, this strategic selection can significantly impact your ad's performance and visibility.

Company Size and Budget

The size of your company and its allocated budget also play a crucial role. Larger companies usually spend more on PPC campaigns, similar to bigger ships needing more fuel. However, it's not just about having a big budget it's about using it wisely.

While bigger budgets offer more flexibility, they also require careful management. In other words, it's similar to possessing a powerful weapon that needs precise targeting to be effective.

Understanding these factors that affect PPC management costs and how they interconnect is essential in planning a successful PPC strategy that maximizes your returns.

PPC Pricing Models

PPC services have various pricing models, offering flexibility to suit different preferences and needs. So, let's break down these models, considering how they work:

Flat Rate Pricing

It's simple—like setting a fixed price for specific PPC services. About half of the agencies prefer this model. Besides, this PPC agency pricing decides on a monthly flat rate for their services, sometimes with an initial setup fee.

For instance, if a client plans to spend $1,000 monthly, the PPC management fee might include a setup cost plus a fixed monthly charge, like $500 + $150.

Hourly Billing Pricing

This model operates on hourly rates for the time spent managing campaigns. Although only 11% of agencies opt for this, it offers transparency and accountability. However, PPC is dynamic, and results might take time. Therefore, it makes it tricky to estimate costs accurately.

Percentage of the Ad Spend

This model aligns with charging a flat monthly management fee and a percentage of your ad spend. Agencies typically charge 10-20% of the total ad spend and an additional setup fee. For instance, charging 15% of a $5,000 ad spend, plus a $999 setup fee, would total $1749.

Performance-based Pricing

Agencies get paid based on results achieved, like charging per lead generated. This model focuses on delivering measurable outcomes, which motivates agencies to perform well. On the other hand, some even handle the ad spend, which increases the fee per lead accordingly.

Milestone-based Pricing

This approach involves setting milestones like increased click-through rates or decreased cost per conversion. Besides, in this model, payments are tied to achieving these goals. Eventually, it motivates both parties to work towards specific targets. Although less common, it can be mutually beneficial.

Hybrid Pricing Model

Combining multiple pricing models offers flexibility when offering diverse services. For example, a PPC agency pricing might be a percentage of ad spend for PPC while billing hourly for additional services like designing and optimizing landing pages.

Each pricing model has its perks and challenges. For instance, flat-rate pricing simplifies billing but may limit flexibility, while performance-based models heavily tie income to results. In the end, it's about finding the best fit that ensures the best results while cutting short on PPC management costs.

Start Your PPC Journey At An Affordable Pricing Plan

Looking to start your PPC journey without going overboard with PPC management costs? GigDe offers affordable pricing plans to help businesses make a meaningful impact and grow their online presence.

With over 5 years of experience, GigDe's PPC campaigns have shown consistent success. We dedicate extensive time to keyword research, ensuring we find the most relevant and cost-effective keywords tailored to your brand's needs. This strategy maximizes ROI and delivers exceptional results.

How can Gigde's PPC services benefit your brand?

1. Brand Awareness

We understand your brand's voice and create messages that connect with your audience, aiding in better brand awareness.

2. Drive Sales

Our campaigns are geared towards boosting sales and revenue. We're committed to meeting your business requirements and ensuring commercial growth.

3. Budget Management

Overshooting budgets can harm profitability. Therefore, our expertise ensures optimal use of your ad budget. Ultimately amplifying ROI and keeping your company profitable.

4. Effective Resource Utilization

For small businesses with limited resources, we excel at making the most out of your budget. While leveraging our experience, we make sure your business stands out.

At GigDe, we're committed to delivering on our promises. Besides, we've been helping businesses achieve sustainable growth and profitable returns through our successful PPC campaigns while keeping PPC management costs in mind.


Understanding and managing the PPC management costs is a bit like wandering through a busy marketplace. At first, it might seem overwhelming, but armed with the right knowledge and strategies, you can navigate it just like an experienced trader.

To make PPC work for you, it's important to understand how much you need to invest, find the right PPC management company, choose a suitable pricing model, and set a well-optimized monthly budget for ad spend. Lastly, with a clear understanding of these elements, you can guide your paid media strategy toward measurable success.

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