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Best Email Marketing Agency in the USA: Tips And Strategy

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Have you recently made a purchase, and the site asked you to subscribe to their email newsletter? If you have done that, you will receive an email every time there's an update from the company. That's email marketing, where brands connect with consumers and send updates on product launches, discounts, special offers, etc. You can also do the same for your company by partnering with an email marketing agency.

Why email marketing? Because research says, the approximate 4.2 billion active email users in 2022 will most likely rise to 4.7 billion in 2026. It means if you use email marketing services, your chance of reaching billions of users simultaneously becomes easier.

But the question is, why do we need an agency when we can send out emails ourselves? Today's guide will explain why you should hire an email marketing agency in 2024 and beyond.

What Does an Email Marketing Agency Do?

Email marketing is vital if you want to build better and stronger relationships with your customers and drive business sales. It is a direct marketing approach where you can share new product launches, sales updates, and other details with customers on your contact list.

As Newsletter Signups choose to sign up for your newsletters, it is easier to convert them into paying consumers than other marketing channels. However, this requires proper planning and implementation that an email marketing agency can provide.

Such an agency has a group of marketing experts who can assist you in building and managing effective email marketing strategies. They usually deal with email list management and segmentation, creative design and copywriting, and email campaign strategy development and implementation. What makes them hire you is explicitly the research required and regular performance checking.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

You might wonder why email marketing is needed when you have so many other marketing approaches. Each effective marketing strategy indeed impacts your business, but email marketing ranks among the top few. Why?

We have listed a few reasons why we say email marketing is important.

Build customer loyalty

Building customer loyalty is as essential as acquiring new ones. It is because when your customers stay loyal to your brand, they trust you with every purchase and recommend you to others.

An email marketing service agency helps you communicate regularly with clients that generate brand loyalty and increase sales.

Expand business reach

According to research, most marketers say the average email open rate of users is around 46%-50%. It means you have a much greater chance of being seen than your social media update, which gets lost while scrolling news feeds.

Plus, you can reach thousands of people on your contact list within seconds, which they can read at their convenience.

Connect multiple audiences

One big advantage of utilizing email marketing is its hyper-personalized communication facility. While other marketing channels allow you to deliver a single brand message to a large audience base, email marketing offers consumers unique discounts and codes or personalized messages.

This makes them feel valued and sense a personal touch, leading to better business outcomes.

Targeted marketing

For every business, lead nurturing is a must email marketing gives you that scope and is often known as email lead marketing. Your potential consumers are at different stages of the purchase cycle; one may be at the consideration stage, a few others at the research and compare stage, and some at the ready-to-purchase stage.

Therefore, you need to carefully target each of them so that they convert into paying consumers. An email marketing agency can identify where your consumers are at the sales funnel and help you send relevant messages to them.

Save time, effort, and money

Email marketing is cheaper than any other marketing approach, like paid advertising and social media marketing. You can reach a huge audience base at a lower price per message.

Additionally, it is less labor-intensive than traditional marketing, and if you cannot learn the ropes of marketing, hire an email marketing agency to assist you.

Increase brand awareness

Social media isn't the only platform to improve brand awareness; email marketing can make huge changes. Possessing prospects' email addresses means they showed interest in your business.

You can send them regular updates and stay on their mind during purchase decisions.

Easy to measure

Unlike other marketing channels, email marketing is easy to track. You can look into the campaigns' delivery rates, bounce rates, clickthrough rates, unsubscribe rates, and open rates. It gives you a better understanding of how your campaigns are working and where to make changes.

How much do Email Marketing Firms Charge?

Firstly, you must understand that an email marketing agency won't provide a one-size-fits-all solution to all businesses. Therefore, their prices won't be the same as they charge a similar business. It depends on multiple factors like the email list size, service types, and complexity of your campaigns. Businesses, on average, can expect to pay around $500-$2000 per month for basic services.

Now, if you have a larger email list, the company will charge you for an increased volume of emails, which can be anywhere between $200 and $500 per email. Similarly, if you combine tools with marketing services, prices can go around $2000-$6000.

However, if your budget doesn't accommodate these charges, you can contact us for affordable packages. We ensure we provide the best ROI for all our email marketing services.

Services Offered By An Email Marketing Service Agency

An email marketing agency offers a range of services to businesses, but that may vary according to your needs and goals. We have listed some basic services you can get from almost all agencies.

Email Marketing Performance Audit And Strategy

An email marketing agency can determine the factors influencing your marketing success and understand the issues that disrupt your existing strategy. This may include campaign and template review, technical review, and data and program review.

Upon completing the audit process, they can make strategies to drive sales through your email marketing campaigns.

Design And Develop Email Templates

You must have a unique template design that defines your brand the best. In that case, an email marketing agency can understand your goals and values to help you design and develop top-class templates.

However, if you target local businesses, you can search for email marketing services near me. They understand the local market needs and help you design templates that can leave an impact on local consumers.

Email Marketing Management

You cannot send emails unless people subscribe to your newsletters. An agency can help you build an email list organically using the best strategies and help you rip its advantages in the long run. Additionally, they help segment your mailing list so that you can send targeted emails to your consumers according to their positions in your sales funnel.

They can personalize your marketing emails, conduct A/B bee sting of your email marketing content, optimize deliverability, clean up your email list regularly, etc.

Tracking Performance

Like all of the marketing channels, it is crucial to track your email marketing campaign performance regularly. This can be a challenge for businesses that already have a lot of tasks on their plate.

Therefore, hiring an email marketing agency can help you keep track of your performance and point out issues in your existing strategies to rectify for better impact.

Reach Customers With The Right Email Marketing Agency

Every business has a unique business need and marketing goal, and we at Gigde understand them. Having bigger dreams is okay, and we are here to fulfill them.

With over 5 years of experience in email marketing, we have confidence in our experts to create strategies that change your business. But what are we offering? Let's see them.

Eye-catching Email Layouts

Gigde experts are not just marketers but efficient designers who can create email layouts for your needs and brand demands. From liquid templates, placeholders, and image personalization to Cadence playbooks and HTML coding, we are for top-class services within your financial budget and holistic market segments.

In-bulk Email Services

With our in-bulk services, you can maximize your customer volume and free yourself from being leveled as unread or archived. We ensure to reach your brand-specific emails to different audience classes with a personalized touch.

Cold Emailing

We send emails with accurate subject lines, ensure timely follow-ups, and create highly personalized email bodies to reach out to prospects. This makes them feel valued and converts them into paying customers.

Track Performance

GigDe is not just efficient in creating and implementing email marketing campaigns but also helps in tracking performance. We constantly look into different measuring metrics, including clickthrough rates. It gives us a view of how our strategies are performing and enables us to make necessary changes.

This is not the end of the list. To know how you can avail of our services and how much we charge you, call us today.


The need for an email marketing agency isn't going to reduce in the next few years. Even though so many marketing options are open today, email marketing is the most effective due to its high open rate. Moreover, it is a cost-effective strategy that helps you connect with thousands of people with a few clicks.

However, you can expect the best results when you are connecting with some of the top marketing companies. But if your budget restricts you from using email marketing services, contact us today! We ensure you meet your needs at an affordable price, have a higher ROI, and maintain quality.

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