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Team up with the best website design agency in Dubai and create the dream website that represents your brand's style and message. Here, you will learn the qualities you should look for in a website design agency and why you need them for your website in the first place. So, continue reading to learn all about website design.

Regarding a website, the looks and style matter as much as the copy and coding. Hiring a top design agency will give your website a unique look and make it five times more effective than doing it yourself. So why not go for a professional website design agency in Dubai?

In the last two decades, Dubai has emerged as a hub for a wide range of businesses. Especially in a time when situations are conducive, it becomes more critical to support the digital front of your business with the best website design that stands out in the digital arena.

If you want to know more about website design and how to redefine your website, read it till the end.

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How is web design different from web development?

Web design and web development usually go hand in hand; however, getting them mixed up is common. These are two different arenas that cater to two different purposes for your website.

Here are some basic differences between web design and web development:

Prime objective

A primary object of web design is to look good to visitors and keep them engaged with the visual element. The web design also makes the website a user-friendly experience so that the visitor feels safe and energized by all the elements.

On the other hand, the prime objective of web design is to make the website work. It takes care of the effective functioning of the website so that the visual element of the website is functioning.

Tasks involved

The web design of any website includes dealing with the visual aspects of the site while seeing how to make it look captivating. Achieving a captivating look involves graphic design, maintaining color schemes, and designing images. It also includes a UI that deals with elements like buttons, navigation, menu placement, and a search bar.

Meanwhile, web development includes coding, such as dealing with HTML, CSS, database management, and server configuration.

The tools used

The web developers, usually called programmers, use their technical skills to help write codes. Programmers use tools like Python, Java, HTML, or CSS for writing codes.

Regarding their counterparts, web designers rely heavily on their creative skills to design a website. The tools they use to design are Adobe Photoshop, Canvas, Illustrator, or Sketch.

Though they perform different tasks, they work to make the user experience smooth and effortless to achieve your brand's goal.

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In the next segment, we will learn why you need to work with a website design agency in Dubai.

Features of a Gigde - Top Website Design Agency in Dubai

Dubai has become a symbol of affluence worldwide that attracts high-quality work and top-class business. Regardless, Dubai also offers some of the best website design agencies in the world. The best website design agency in Dubai will enhance your digital presence and amplify your brand's message.

So, here are a few reasons why you should opt for an agency in Dubai for your website design needs:

Best talent

As we discussed earlier, Dubai, being a booming economy, attracts the world's best business and service providers. This means some of the best talents in the world also come from Dubai. From digital marketing services to the best web design agency in Dubai, all your digital needs are handled under one agency.


Another prime reason to design websites with an agency in Dubai is that they are highly cost-effective. Most of the agencies in Dubai offer web design services that are pocket-friendly. They can offer them at an affordable price due to their efficient design expertise, reducing the required time.

Along with this, they also operate at a large level, which reduces their operational cost. All this makes a web design agency in Dubai the first choice for many brands.

Great management

Not only do website design agencies in Dubai provide the best talent, but they also make the design process seamless. And it all happens because of their effective management. They effectively plan and coordinate different aspects of your project.

Apart from this, the management in these companies is quite good with communication, so you are constantly informed of how your website is archiving its best version.


The digital landscape is ever-changing, but teaming up with a website design agency in Dubai will give you flexible design options. They can accommodate modifications, additions, or even alterations to the website design according to your needs.

Apart from this, they provide a wide range of creative choices to represent your brand through the best graphics and color schemes.

After Service

The after-service is the quality that is mostly overseen when choosing a web design agency. Even well-designed websites can face technical issues after publishing.

However, working with a website design agency in Dubai can relieve you of the after-publishing stress as they provide services that include troubleshooting and highly sophisticated technical support.

Hence, these are the important reasons you should consider website design from an agency in Dubai. In the next segment, we will learn what qualities you should look for while teaming up with a website design company.

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Choosing the Right Website Design Agency in Dubai

Different website design companies specialize in different aspects of designing websites. Still, there are a few essential qualities that you should be looking for when giving the responsibility of your website design to a company in Dubai.

Knowledge of web design trends

A crucial factor that separates the top website design agency in Dubai is its expertise in various design aspects. An agency with a well-rounded design knowledge, particularly within your industry, can cater to your design needs and help you achieve your website-related goals.

Track record

Allowing an agency to design your website is always a risk. But this risk can be minimized if you look at their past work. You can see what kind of client they helped build their website, what their clients said about them, and if the designed websites are going well with your brand's style.

Transparency and good communication

The website agency in Dubai should have great communication skills. This means that, as a client, you don't have to struggle with giving your input during the design process. A good communication system also makes the entire process more transparent.

Non-ambiguous pricing

The last thing you need from your website design agency is a clear pricing system. It is common practice among web design agencies to hide some additional charges while signing the contract. This may hurt you later, so always look for an agency whose pricing system is clear and hides nothing.

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In the next segment, we will learn the cost of designing a website in Dubai.

What is the website design price in Dubai?

Website design is an intricate and time-consuming process. The price of designing an engaging and creative website depends on factors like the number of pages, features, and functionalities.

So here is a chart that shows what you should expect when hiring a website design agency in Dubai.

  1. Basic website- up to 50 pages- $500 to $1000
  2. Small business website - up to 100 pages - $1000 to $2500
  3. E-commerce website - up to 250 pages - $2500 to $6000
  4. Custom website - up to 250 pages - $200 to $7500

One of the important factors that most website owners miss is the turnaround time. How long does it take to design your website? An agency with a large number of employees ensures your website is ready to publish in a short period.

Improve the user experience with a website design agency in Dubai

In the vast digital landscape, where thousands of players occupy every inch of it, it becomes a daunting task to stand out with your website. However, hiring the best website design company makes this task an achievable goal.

Whether you want a small or e-commerce website, you can significantly improve user engagement and experience by hiring the right website design agency in Dubai.

While looking for the best website designers in Dubai, consider teaming up with Gigde as your website design agency. We are a team of dedicated, passionate individuals striving to provide the best version of the website that helps our clients achieve their goals.


A website is essential for any business, whether you want to expand your reach or sell your products or services. Having a well-engineered and attractive website can mark your presence in the digital arena.

If you are looking for a website design agency in Dubai that makes your website stand out and helps you achieve your desired result, connect with Gigde.

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