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In this blog, we will discuss custom WordPress development services and how they can help you. In addition, we also focus on exploring various types of services they offer, how much they cost, and why you should rely on them. Find out the top development agency to help boost your website's performance. Read more for insights.

Say you have a brilliant idea and want to implement it on your WordPress website. But, there is one small problem: you don't have the skill to do so. In such a situation, hiring a custom WordPress development agency might be useful. From small tweaks to rebuilding a website from scratch, they can do everything for you. This way, you get your job done without spending tons on hiring a professional developer.

With high competition, having a distinct online presence is necessary for business. If you want to defeat your competitors, you need to stand out. Custom WordPress development services can help you with that. They can customize your site to attract more users and help you create growth opportunities.

To learn more about these services, keep reading the next section.

What are Custom WordPress Development Services?

Before delving into the realm of custom WordPress website design and development, you should first understand what exactly custom WordPress development is.

In simple words, the process of custom WordPress Development includes crafting bespoke and unique websites, themes, and plugins tailored to the website owner's needs.

Most of the time, website owners lack the skills and expertise to customize their WordPress website independently. Therefore, they would choose to outsource the services from experts. They find an agency that excels at customizing WordPress websites and take their help to fulfill their goals. These agencies are what you may typically call enterprise WordPress development services providers.

These services are great at what they do; whether you want to create a new website or rebuild the old one, they are your one-stop for all WordPress website solutions. But that is not all. There is more to them than what meets the eye. Their expertise extends beyond design and development, encompassing effective website optimization strategies to ensure your site performs at its best.

Here are a few important services they provide that would completely change your website for the better:

Web Development

They provide you with custom website services to help you establish a strong online presence. With scalable and secure solutions, custom WordPress development services can help you quickly skyrocket your business's sales.

Custom Theme Development

These services can help design attention-grabbing, fast-loading themes to make your website stand out from competitors, particularly when focusing on eCommerce WordPress Themes that cater specifically to online businesses.

Plugin Development

They can custom-make plugins, extensions, and modules to address your business needs. This way, you can unlock the full potential of your Wordpress-powered website.

CMS Development

Gain complete control of your website with the help of custom website services. You can make the most of your website by developing a user-friendly WordPress content management system with rich functions.

WooCommerce Development

Custom WordPress development services can help you develop a growth-oriented WooCommerce Store. This is especially crucial for e-commerce businesses


These services can also help you migrate your website from any platform to WordPress without losing data, search ranking, and business performance. 

API integration

If you want to extend the capabilities of your website, then these services can assist you with API integration. 

Support and Maintenance

In addition, these service providers can also offer ongoing support so you no longer have to worry about maintaining and updating your WordPress site. They can take care of everything from development to security and updates for you.

A question that might occur while considering these services is how much they cost. To give a proper answer, the next section will discuss the cost of custom WordPress development services.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Custom WordPress Website

Custom development services give you a better option to implement new ideas without relying on the off-the-shell options. But are these services really worth it? Well, you will only know the answer after learning about the cost of services. 

So, how much can the custom WordPress development services actually cost you?

A custom WordPress website development can cost anywhere from $5000 to $30,000. But remember, this is just an estimate of the real price, which will depend on various factors. For example, enterprise WordPress development services will cost more than small-scale projects. Other factors like the complexity of the website, the development team's skills, the geographical location, etc, will also matter in determining the overall cost.

Moreover, while looking for good companies, you should also keep an eye out for the ones that provide WordPress SEO services because SEO is a crucial element for website development. 

Amidst the above discussions, you might have wondered why people give so much importance to custom WordPress websites. Can they not make do with standard CMS? While the question is something you should consider, remember the choice depends on your business needs and goals. 

To know more about them, keep reading the next section.

What is the Difference Between Custom WordPress Development Services and CMS?

Both custom development services and content management systems have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. While some businesses may need custom websites, others may just do fine with standard CMS. 

Following is a simple comparison of the two so you can figure out which is better for your business:

WordPress CMS

Custom WordPress Development Services

ThemesThe CMS provides you with many themes you can choose from.Custom services could provide bespoke WordPress themes that accurately represent your brand.
SecurityWordPress, an open-source platform with multiple themes and plugins, is very vulnerable to malicious attacks.The biggest advantage of custom WordPress development servicesis that the websites they build are more secure.
SEOWordPress was built with the intent of blogs, which means its SEO is pretty good.With custom services, many may believe they will do better in terms of SEO. But it's pretty difficult to compete with WordPress CMS.
Development TimeUsing standard CMS can be very time-saving.Custom websites will naturally take longer since you build everything from scratch.
Bug FixingWith WordPress CMS, finding the source of your problem could be very difficult.However, such is not the case for SEO-friendly custom WordPress sites. Their developers can easily find the issue and address it.
PerformanceIn the case of WordPress CMS, since they install a lot of codes, it can actually affect the performance and capability of your website.When you build a website from scratch, its codes will be clean, meaning better site performance.
CostThe cost of standard CMS may be good initially, but over time, it would require more features, which could become expensive. Custom WordPress development services may seem costly at first; however, they are more durable; thus, they prove to be more profitable in the long run.

All in all, we can say despite their differences, both can be pretty useful. But, in terms of performance, security, and other aspects, custom WordPress development services do seem like a good option. So, by now, you might already consider finding a good custom developer. Therefore, to partner with the best service provider, look closely at the section below. 

Why is custom WordPress development better for your business?

For businesses to take the lead, they need to be unique to attract potential customers' attention. But attracting attention is not enough; you should also be able to hold that attention. Hiring top-notch custom WordPress website developers can turn your website into the ultimate lead generator. This is why we recommend Gigde.

As a WordPress development company, we can help you take your business online. But that is not all we can help turn your website into an invincible beast no one can compete against. With our excellent WordPress website development services, we can provide you with solutions to send your business growth into overdrive.

From small to enterprise WordPress development services, we can provide you with everything. In addition, we will also offer you an all-in-one solution to create, manage, and even market your WordPress website. If you want to know more about how we can help them, read the following.

The benefit of Gigde's custom WordPress development services

  • Firstly, we can help you create a unique website that captures your brand's essence.
  • Secondly, our WordPress SEO services will ensure your website is seen and heard everywhere.
  • Next, we can help you install the best and most effective custom plugins to improve your website's capabilities.
  • You will get to work alongside some of the top designers and developers in the industry.
  • We do not leave you alone even after the work is done; our dedicated team will also provide ongoing support to ensure your website is always in top form.
  • Moreover, our excellent digital marketing services are just what you need to turn your business into a household name. 

This is just the trailer. We have so much more in store for you. Therefore, when looking for a top custom WordPress development agency, do not forget to give Gigde a chance. 


Using custom development, you mold your website to your liking. You will have the flexibility and control to tailor your website to your needs. Custom WordPress development services are your ultimate partner for capturing more leads online and boosting your sales. Therefore, you should choose Gigde for the website development strategies without taking any chances.

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