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Nursing Homes Digital Marketing Agency - Local SEO and More

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Ever wondered why the assisted living industry keeps growing? Well, it's not just a chance. Life expectancy has increased in the last 50 years, and the baby boomers are now well past their prime. Thus, there is a growing demand for nursing facilities for senior citizens.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells us there are over 15,600 nursing homes and 1.4 million patients. And those numbers are only going up.

Now, the thing is, traditional marketing tricks, like relying on referrals, aren't cutting it anymore. Therefore, nursing homes are stepping into the digital game. Why? Because millions are now searching online for nursing homes every month. To stay in the game, you must be everywhere online – search engines, local directories, emails, social media marketing – wherever your future residents are.

Curious about how a nursing homes digital marketing agency works? Before we spill the beans, let's first understand what senior living is all about.

What is Senior Living?

Senior living is about providing a protective residence and care for older adults. The US Department of Health and Human Services says there's a 70% chance that adults 65 and older will need long-term care. That's where senior living communities step in, offering supervision, socialization, and on-site care.

But the thing is, senior living communities are facing their own challenges. The aftermath of the pandemic, a lack of government support, and a staffing crisis are making it tough for them.

Despite these challenges, we're seeing more senior living communities providing essential care and support for elderly people who need assistance with daily activities.

But it's not enough to stick with old-school marketing to grow a senior living community. Our older adults are turning into digital seniors. They're hitting the digital channels, doing some serious research before deciding where to set up their new space.

So, when we talk about digital marketing for senior living communities, it's not just about having a website – though that's important, too. It's about using effective digital markeitng strategies to boost sales for independent living communities.

Key Things To Remember For Digital Marketing for Senior Living

In the world of senior living, digital marketing is like a friendly guide to help facilities reach out to potential residents and their families. But it's important to avoid boring, stereotypical ads that don't really speak to seniors.

So, let's explore key factors to remember for digital marketing for senior living:

Sharing Real Stories with Modern Technology

Senior living places shouldn't stick to old-fashioned ads that don't show the real side of life there. Instead, they can use modern tech, like flipbooks with pictures of residents doing everyday things.

These digital flipbooks, shared on social media, become like picture stories that give a true peek into the great care seniors receive. Besides, it's not just an ad. In fact, it's a real story that catches attention and feels genuine.

Talking about Individuals, Not Just Numbers

Sometimes, ads for senior living are too general, like they're talking about everyone and no one at the same time. Therefore, focusing on the person, not just their age group, is much better. In fact, research shows that ads that feel personal work better.

So, instead of showing a generic senior reading a book, ads should feature real people doing exciting things, like going on trips, doing community projects, or continuing with hobbies. This makes the ad stand out and shows seniors that the facility cares about their unique interests.

Making Ads Fun: Laughter is Ageless

Just because someone is older doesn't mean they don't enjoy a good laugh. Senior living ads don't have to be serious, talking only about health concerns.

Adding humor to the marketing makes them more relatable and enjoyable. In fact, it breaks the mold of typical aging stereotypes and shows that seniors have a lively spirit. A funny ad can be a breath of fresh air, making potential residents feel more connected.

Keeping It Respectful: Honoring Seniors

While senior living places need to show they know what they're doing, they must also do it respectfully. If ads come off as too bossy or talking down to seniors, it won't work. Seniors want to be treated with respect and honesty, just like anyone else.

So, senior living ads must sound friendly and show that the facility values seniors' experiences and viewpoints.

In the world of digital marketing for senior living, the key is to keep things real, and these tips become the heart of successful senior living digital marketing. Remember, the goal isn't just to grab attention but to make seniors feel understood, listened to, and appreciated.

Strategies Used By Nursing Homes Digital Marketing Agency

In the world of digital marketing, a nursing homes digital marketing agency is like a helpful guide, showing nursing homes how to shine online. So, let's break down their top strategies to make nursing homes stand out and connect with the right people.

Website Upgrade: Make Your Digital Home Inviting

Imagine your website as the front door to your nursing home online. This means making finding what they are looking for easy, especially when people use voice search. Ultimately, the goal is to have a user-friendly website encouraging visitors to explore services and set up appointments.

Google Business Profile: Show Up Where People Look

Your Google Business Profile is like a signpost on the internet. Therefore, a nursing home's digital marketing agency ensures that it's updated and looks good. This helps your nursing home show up in local map searches, making it more likely for people to notice and inquire about your services.

Patient Reviews: Let Happy Stories Speak

In the online world, positive reviews are like trust cards for businesses. A nursing home's digital marketing agency understands the power of happy stories from patients.

They guide nursing homes to actively seek reviews, making it easy for patients to share their experiences online. Positive reviews improve the nursing home's reputation and attract new residents.

Local Search Optimization: Tailoring Content for Locals

SEO services for nursing homes are not just about having a nice website. In fact, it's about making sure people find it. A nursing homes digital marketing agency helps nursing homes use the right words on their website that help them show up in local searches.

This means using keywords related to nursing home services and local terms like your 'nursing home in New York' or 'Nursing home near me'.

Facebook Ads: Talking to the Right Crowd

Even with so many social media options, Facebook is still a popular place to chat among elders, because it is a platform that mainly covers the elderly audience. That's the reason why they use Facebook ads to talk directly to the people who might be interested in their services.

Google Ads Campaigns: Smart Advertising for Visibility

Getting noticed on Google can be challenging among billions of businesses competing to rank higher on search engines. A nursing homes digital marketing agency knows the complexity behind getting better visibility.

That's why they provide SEO services for nursing homes and run Google Ads wisely. They run a paid ad to appear at the top when people search for nursing home services.

Retargeting: Staying Visible in the Digital World

Ever notice how ads seem to follow you around online? That's retargeting in action. A nursing homes digital marketing agency has experienced how retargeting has proven beneficial for many businesses. Therefore, they use this strategy to ensure potential residents keep seeing the nursing home's name as they browse the internet.

Social Media Presence: Sharing the Good Content

Social media marketing for nursing homes is like a big stage where nursing homes can showcase their best features. A nursing home's digital marketing agency understands the importance of social media. They help choose the right platforms, keeping in mind where the elderly or their caregivers are.

Then, they create content highlighting your nursing home's positive aspects. In other words, social media marketing strategies for nursing homes is like telling a good story to make sure people pick your nursing home, among others.

In summary, these strategies from a nursing homes digital marketing agency are like a roadmap for nursing homes to shine online. A blend of technology and human touch makes nursing homes stand out and succeed in the competitive online arena.

Reach More Audiences With Digital Marketing for Senior Living

In the world of senior living, digital marketing is the key to reaching more eyes and hearts. In fact, it's been proven that digital ads, like PPC and social media ads, can work wonders in bringing traffic to your website, boosting brand awareness, and driving sales.

But the thing is, it's all about doing it right. That's where a nursing home's digital marketing agency comes in.

How can GigDe help?

GigDe is your go-to nursing home digital marketing agency. We're not just your average marketing guide but your partners in the online journey. Our approach is all about data and results while keeping you in the loop with detailed reports so you know exactly where your money is going and how it's boosting your revenue.

Ever thought about the power of words? Our team of writing experts at GigDe creates content that's not just memorable but downright unforgettable. From social media snippets to ads and long-form content, we ensure your brand's message sticks.

But we don't stop there. GigDe believes in a multi-channel approach – not putting all your eggs in one basket. We help you explore different digital marketing strategies, like social media marketing for nursing homes, to hit your goals. Every time someone interacts with your brand, no matter where, we make sure it sparks action.

So, if you're thinking about how to reach more seniors through digital marketing, think GigDe. We're not just a Nursing homes digital marketing agency; we're your biggest ally in conquering the online market for senior living.


In the world of marketing, going digital is a game-changer. Just think about it – Facebook alone has an impressive two billion active users globally, and Google handles over five billion searches daily. These platforms open up a world of opportunities for nursing homes through ads. A nursing homes digital marketing agency helps reach more people and is lighter on the pocket compared to traditional methods. With its wider range of ideas, especially tailored for nursing homes, going digital is a smart move.

Ready to make the leap? Connect with GigDe today.

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