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Tips To Must-Try Call to Action for Your TikTok Ads

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TikTok, which once was an entertainment platform, is now an effective tool for brand advertisements. As per the latest estimate, TikTok has nearly 150 million monthly users in the US alone. This massive popularity of TikTok and its introduction of tools like in-app shopping, live streaming, and branded hashtag challenges have made it the best place for advertisements.

TikTok ad's call to action plays a significant role in brand advertising and reaching a large community. From today's guide, let's glance at a few examples and understand how TikTok advertising impacts your business.

What does TikTok ad's call to action mean?

Have you ever scrolled through TikTok videos to find influencers saying "Follow/like for part 2"? That's TikTok ads call to action. It is a prompt that tells your audience what to do next and improves brand engagement.

CTAs have the potential to

According to research, this platform has an ad reach of nearly 885 million audiences. This number is huge, and you cannot miss the chance to use TikTok for brand promotions. When you put an impactful CTA to your video and image ads, it instructs the audience on what they can do next.

For example, you can ask them to sign up for your newsletter, watch part 2 of a video, or make a purchase. If you leave your audience hanging without providing a proper CTA, they may leave your channel without completing the next steps.

Why use TikTok ads call to action?

TikTok ad's call to action helps your audience interact more with your content. This, in turn, boosts their interest in your products and services, leading to increased sales. However, you must first instruct the audience on their next steps.

Businesses these days indeed love using reels for marketing and advertising. But before making the reel, you must have an objective behind it.

For example, add a relevant CTA to your ads, like "Visit our website for exclusive discount," if you want to direct people to your website to purchase specific products.

Here are a few more reasons behind using TikTok ads call to action for companies and individuals.

Guide viewers on what to do next

With proper CTAs, you can guide viewers on what to do next by simplifying the process and encouraging prompt action. If you aren't using them in your ads, you're leaving the viewers unsure about the necessary steps to take after watching the video.

Drive website traffic

TikTok ads call to action in your videos encourage viewers to visit your website, subscribe to your newsletter, or follow you on social media. This, in turn, increases your website traffic and boosts your online presence, leading to better brand awareness and improved sales.

Increase brand awareness

Tiktok ads with interesting CTA encourage people to like, comment, and share your posts, thus increasing brand awareness. Additionally, viewers can leave their thoughts in your comment box, giving you insights into what needs to be improved in business.

Generate leads

When viewers find your post interesting, they can sign up for a free product trial, download a PDF, schedule a demo session, etc. It helps you build a list of prospects and convert them into paying customers. Additionally, different CTAs can convey different actions, making it much easier to engage older customers while attracting new ones.

Boost sales

The primary objective of advertisements is to boost sales. TikTok ads call to action does the same thing by encouraging your viewers to click on purchase links and buy your products.

TikTok CTA examples

It is good to create Call To Action Advertising yourself because you can better understand your prime motive for using such ads. For example, if you are promoting a book, you can say, "Get my free book here".

Similarly, if you have an old video relevant to your present one, you can share its link anywhere between your video ads. This helps in boosting your views and increasing brand awareness. Likewise, to boost audience engagement with your post, add a TikTok ads call to action as "What do you think? Let me know in the comment section".

We have listed a few TikTok CTA examples as reference

  • Share this video and follow us for more (niche) content
  • Like and follow for part 2
  • If this was helpful, follow for more
  • Save this post for later
  • What's your favorite (niche) tip? Share it in the comments below
  • What (niche) question do you have for me?
  • Leave a comment below if you want me to make similar content
  • Click here for more
  • Subscribe for updates
  • Get started today
  • Sign up now
  • Save big by signing up
  • Don't wait, shop now
  • Join our challenge
  • Swipe right for a surprise
  • See more on our website
  • Tag a friend who needs this
  • Request your favorite demo
  • Ask a question

Tips to create your TikTok ads call to action

You can create exciting CTAs for your TikTok ads to attract potential consumers and engage them longer. We have listed a few ways to create your TikTok ads call to action.

Crafting a compelling call to action

While creating a compelling CTA, you must use clear and concise language rather than leaving room for ambiguity. You can use different action-oriented words, e.g., "Shop now," "Download," etc. These CTAs encourage audiences to take desired actions.

Additionally, you must create a sense of urgency or scarcity through your CTAs that boost audience engagement. For example, "Limited time offer", "Don't miss out," etc., can encourage your audiences to take immediate action.

Some brands highlight their value proposition within CTAs to influence audiences' clicks and explore more. It may include your product benefits, discounts, or freebies that create user interest and drive engagement. For instance, if you say "Get 50% off" on any product from your website, most people will click the link.

Finally, to improve the effectiveness of your CTAs, use influencer or user-generated content. You can also encourage your audiences to participate in TikTok challenges or contests. This helps you generate excitement and prompt your prospects to engage with the CTA.

Optimizing CTA placement and timing

Creating a compelling CTA is not enough to attract audience attention; it needs a proper placement. After delivering a persuasive message to your prospects, you can place them at the end of your video.

It means first, your audience gets attracted to your offerings, and then your CTA instructs them on what to do. It increases your chances of higher lead conversion rates and improved business outcomes. Similarly, putting CTA in the video description or comment section offers audiences easy access to take proper actions.

As we know, TikTok is popular for its short videos, and people scroll through posts faster. Therefore, your content must be eye-catching, and CTAs should be concise and attention-grabbing.

For instance, you can bold text or use vibrant colors and eye-catching animations to make your CTA stand out and capture the audience's attention.

Finally, you must optimize the effectiveness of your CTAs through A/B testing and analyzing the results. If you want to create compelling CTAs, look into different CTAs, their placement options, and variations of ad content. These give you valuable insights into audience preferences and help you design strategies for maximum impact.

Utilizing interactive features of TikTok

You can implement interesting shoppable ads to attract prospects' attention and make them purchase directly from the app. For example, you can use a "Shop now" CTA with your ad to guide viewers to your product pages and allow them to make a purchase seamlessly.

In addition to that, you can use interactive hashtag challenges to encourage user participation and engagement. Creating such branded hashtag challenges and integrating a compelling CTA within your TikTok ads can generate a buzz among audiences, leading to improved brand awareness. It prompts users to join your challenges, create unique videos, and share them with their followers.

Furthermore, you can use polls and surveys to understand audience preferences. For example, you can incorporate CTA like "Vote now" on your posts. It provides valuable insights into your target audience's preferences and tailor your offerings accordingly.

Measuring success

Finally, using key performance indicators, you must measure the effectiveness of TikTok ads call to action. This includes click-through rates, engagement metrics, conversion rates, and ROI.

When you monitor these metrics carefully, you can gain valuable data to evaluate the impact of your CTAs. On the other hand, TikTok's ad platform offers you analytics and reporting tools to measure ad campaign performances.

When closely monitoring these results, you can identify the underperforming CTAs and make the required adjustments. Brands generally use iterative testing and optimization to improve the CTAs and gain desired results continuously.


Choosing the best TikTok ads call to action can substantially impact your business. But, brands might often struggle to get creative with the CTAs and TikTok ads.

You can meet us at Gigde for assistance in creating top-quality content and social media marketing. We can incorporate high-quality CTAs in your social media content and make an extraordinary impact on your viewers, leading to improved business outcomes.

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