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How to Write an Effective Call To Action Advertising

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Call to action advertising is a very crucial technique in marketing. Brands use this technique to create an environment that helps in provoking the consumers to follow the desired action set as a goal by the brand.

In this blog, we will discuss various aspects covering CTAs and why they are important in digital marketing. These points include: what is a call to action marketing?, the importance of CTAs, strategies to write a CTA, social media CTA examples, best Call to Action for Facebook Ads

Hence without wasting another second, let’s dive deep into today’s blog.

The change happening in the world of advertising is very contagious. It started with the way of living and traveled to the marketing world as well. From handing out flyers to calling out for action, strategies changed as well. In today’s time, call to action advertising is a very important technique to manipulate the leads as it sets a provoking environment for consumers to follow the desired action.

This blog will be dedicated to understanding the strength of the “call to action” and the impact of these CTAs on the audience to solve a problem and drive positive progress or enhancement in interaction. Through this blog, we will explore several topics such as :

  1. What is a call to action marketing
  2. Importance of CTAs
  3. Strategies to write a CTA
  4. Social media CTA examples
  5. Best Call to Action for Facebook Ads

We have a list to focus on! Hence, it's our time to take action. So let’s get started!

What is Call to Action Advertising?

CTA advertising is the type of marketing technique that encourages the audience to take a specific step like clicking on a link, buying any product of a brand, and more like these. It is a forced environment that creates a sense of urgency around the users or viewers. It often comes by setting a limited time range as well, in order to appeal to the individual or viewer to take action at the earliest. The psychology of call to action can significantly enhance conversion rates and drive user engagement on websites.

To understand it more clearly let’s take some popular call to action ad examples: “limited-time offer” advertisements. It is displayed when a company wants to promote a service or product with some limited offer at the present time. Through this advertisement, the brand tries to encourage the user to purchase the commodity and take advantage of the offer, before it ends.

Why is Call to Action Marketing Important?

Call to action marketing is essential when it comes to encouraging the viewer or consumer to take immediate action over the presented service or product by the brand. For example, clicking on a link, making a purchase, or signing up for an application or a newsletter.

This is very effective in driving quick results, generating leads, creating brand awareness, and building a community of customers.

How to Write Effective Call to Action Words for Advertising?

A call to action is a very essential element when it comes to communication in marketing. It is a form of indirect speech that somehow tells the user what to do next. Call to action can help in increasing engagement rates and can help in generating leads and conversion if they are composed well. Listed below are the strategies that help in writing an effective advertisement call.

1. Structure of the CTA should be concise and clear

The structure of CTA plays a significant role in getting maximum engagement from the users. Try to keep the call to action very clear, to the point, and concise. Avoid using any complex or crafty word or phrase that can create confusion among the readers or viewers. Instead, keep it simple and action-orientated.

2. Make it unique

According to formation strategies of call to action advertising, it is advised that the CTA should be unique and fresh. If a CTA is repeated that will not appeal to the users but a new and unique CTA can. It is advised that a unique CTA can enhance the chance to fetch the attention of not only existing users but new clients as well.

3. Add value to the CTA by offerings

Adding value to the call to action is a very effective technique that should be used while composing an effective CTA. Offering something valuable in order to get the desired action always works. People like gifts or discount offers, and it compels them to go and take the action that is desired by the brand. Hence add some value while pitching the call to action.

4. Compose it with powerful action words

Using powerful action words for call to action advertising is an effective way to convey the message to the users. These words can evoke and can keep the reader focused on the action the brand wants them to follow or take. Some examples of action words are “ Buy it now”, “Don’t miss out on the opportunity”, “Sign up immediately” and more.

What is Social Media Call to Action Examples?

On social media platforms call to action can be found very easily. There are various brands and organizations that are trying to promote their services or seeking any sort of donations. There are several CTAs examples that can be studied to understand the situation better. These are:

1. Sign up immediately

“Sign up immediately” CTA is used when the brand is asking their audience to sign up with their account in their application or website’s newspaper or media platforms. Brands also incentivize the CTA with some reward in return, for instance, a discount or special offer. It helps in making this CTA more effective for the viewers.

2. Share with your friends

In the call to action advertising, this CTA helps in encouraging the viewers or users to share the post or content of the brand with their network. It simply helps in boosting the reach while inviting new users to the social media platform.

3. Follow for more

The call to action for follow is used to encourage the clients or new users to follow the brand’s profile or page. This helps in creating a bigger audience base for the brand. A brand can also use this CTA to direct their users towards a specific hashtag or profile, they are promoting or collaborating with.

4. Comment below

According to the call to action advertising, the comment below CTA helps the brand in interacting with their user regarding the content or the brand. This CTA is helpful in enhancing engagement rates and creating high conversion rates.

5. Download now

Using this call to action, a brand can provoke its users to download the applications, ebooks, or other digital products they are promoting or collaborating with. Providing offers, discounts, and bonus on downloading and signing up for the application, make the call to action pleasing and effective.

6. Donate to help

In call to action marketing, CTA to donate is also used. These CTAs help any organization, website or brand to raise a voice to donate to a particular cause or organization. This is a great and impactful way to gather support for a charitable or social cause.

What is the Best Call to Action for Facebook Ads?

After social media advertising CTA, social media optimization strategies can greatly enhance a company's online presence and engagement so, it's time to learn more about CTA advertisements on Facebook. Facebook is still one of the most used applications for CTA and promotion. Call to action on Facebook varies and also it depends on the goal of the brand or organization as well. Hence, in this section of the blog we will focus on the most popular call to action used on Facebook:

1. Learn More

This call to action is used in the places where the brand or website places some sort of information and wants its audience to move to the attached link for more information. This helps the users to learn more about the brand’s product and helps the brand with traffic drive. It's effective to use when the brand wants to highlight a new feature or product.

2. Sign Up

Not only on Facebook but even on website action name Google ads, we can find this CTA. The advantages of Facebook marketing include highly targeted advertising and extensive reach. It is one of the most popular calls to action used by brands on different occasions, like while creating an account, signing in for a new application or page, and so on. Brands use this call to action to encourage their audience to join their platform or community by creating an account.

3. Shop/ Book now

This call to action is perfect for ecommerce businesses offering services. The CTA “shop now” provokes the user to browse quickly and make a purchase of the product that is being promoted by the brand. While “book now” encourages the audience to reserve the service appointment or later purchases.

4. Contact Us

In call to action advertising, this CTA asks the audience to contact, denoting that the team or brand is ready to provide their service or guidance if the user is looking forward to it. This call to action is used when the brand wants to encourage the users to connect with them through email, call, or visit the store.


Call to action advertising is not only very impactful but is a very necessary move to get engagement from the consumer while driving website conversion rates and organic traffic as well. A newcomer brand can use these effective CTA on effective places like social media to get recognition as soon as possible.

Companies like Gigde Global are also in the market to help beginners in setting their foot in the industry of market. So, make your move faster to secure success sooner.

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