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10 Most Used SEO Auditing Tools In 2024 To Rank Sites

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Do you have a website but don't know how to expand it? Or did you have a great website that has lately started to slack? Then worry no more cuz we are here with the perfect solution to give your website the attention it needs. If you want your website to be on the top of the Google search pages and want your website to have more site traffic. Then the best answer to this is a website audit. In this article, we will tell you what a website audit is and we have our list of top 10 SEO auditing tools to make website auditing a child’s play for you.

Why SEO auditing tools & auditing is important?

Website audits are fundamental for measuring the rank of a website and enhancing its efficiency. Auditing websites significantly improve their positions on Google search pages, thereby increasing site traffic and audience reach. Leveraging SEO Audit services offers a great way to amplify your business’s online presence by addressing loopholes and enhancing site effectiveness.

Conducting a website audit is pivotal for online growth as it provides insights into your website's performance and areas for improvement. Understanding your website thoroughly empowers you to enhance its performance effectively. Website auditing not only increases website profitability but also facilitates excellent market research.

Consider the following points when choosing an SEO Auditing Tools 

1. Meta tags and metadata
2. Internal links
3. External links
4. Headings
5. Structured data and markup

Top 10 SEO auditing tools to try in 2024

Below are the top SEO auditing tools:


This is one of the great SEO auditing tools that help companies analyze their websites. This is one of the very helpful SEO auditing tools for B2B companies, Digital marketing agencies, and website owners. This gives us a detailed report on On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and defective web pages. This also shows the ranking and visibility of the site on the search pages and also figures out broken links.

This comes in a free and paid version, making it the best of the free SEO auditing tools in the market. It can be downloaded from the Google Play app. The audit reports can be downloaded in PDF format making them very easy to use and easy to understand for SEO professionals.

Raven tools

It has a free and paid version as well. Adding it to the bandwagon of the best free SEO auditing tools on the internet.

This is one of the awesome open-source tools that solve almost all your worries regarding SEO. It deals with visibility issues, meta issues, content issues, image issues, semantic issues, etc. This helps you with fixing all your issues with your website. It helps you track your progress and how your website is performing.

It has a plethora of features, like:

  • Customization on how you would like to audit your website,
  • Getting a detailed marketing report of the website,
  • You can schedule your audits
  • It can be used on desktop as well as mobile.

This is definitely the best 2024 SEO auditing tool of all.


This is another top SEO auditing tool for competitive research. It is used to track keywords, find out competitors’ marketing strategies, backlink support, and PPC keyword support.

This open-source SEO auditing tool also has some amazing features, like:

  • Finding out competitor’s market strategy
  • Uncovering competitor's ad copies
  • Connecting with top publishers and advertisers
  • Creating effective ad campaigns
  • Finding out the best keywords for SEO and PPC
  • Analyzes backlinks and broken links
  • Tracks your website’s rank and visibility in search pages
  • Helps in analyzing export reports in Excel sheets
  • Helps in comparing performance with competitors.


It is yet another, one of the top SEO auditing tools in the market. And also a great open-source SEO auditing tool. It helps with domain authority page authority and linking building. This also has many features like:

  • Keyword tracker
  • Businesses tracker
  • Open site exploration
  • Excellent SEO tools


These amazing open-source SEO auditing tools come with free and paid versions, making their entry into the free SEO auditing tools. It helps to find out all problems related to your website. It is also useful in managing links, monitoring SEMs, keyword optimization, and tracking competitor activity.


This is a great tool to spy on your competitors just like the name says. It gives you all the insights and information about your competitor’s website. So you can use it for your benefit.

SEO Site Checkup

This is one of the top and free SEO auditing tools no doubt. It has a lot of features like SEO monitoring, SEO issue solving, SEO reporting, and competitor analysis.

HubSpot Website Grader

This is also one of the best open-source SEO auditing tools out there in the market. This is a great tool with numerous features like customized UX design for your website, your website’s performance report, and optimization of your website for mobile use. Marketers use these free SEO auditing tools to generate leads and increase traffic.

Google Analytics

This one has to be one of the best 2024 SEO auditing tools and also in free SEO auditing tools as well. This is a great tool with awesome features like removing spam traffic, gathering authentic engagement, comparing organic and inorganic traffic, and developing detailed site reports.

Google Search Console

One of the best open-source SEO auditing tools in the market, formerly known as Google Webmaster, it has several features that are bound to put your website on the top of the Google search pages. Some of its features are error tracking, keyword tracking, optimizing your website, and debugging.


In conclusion, we can say that these SEO auditing tools are bound to increase your website’s rank in Google search pages and its profitability. We know that running a business is a very difficult task in itself and that too in today’s times where there is cutthroat competition. So this is our list of top 10 SEO auditing tools so we can help you a little bit. So you can use these SEO auditing tools and enjoy the fruits of your hard work without any worries.

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