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List of Free Keyword Tracking Tools to Rank Higher in 2024

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Welcome to the world of search engine optimization, where keywords are king! You must perfect the craft of keyword optimization if you want your website to soar high in search engine results. Also, knowing which keywords have the potential to draw in your target audience is vital in the digital age.  

Above all, you can find such precious gems without spending a thing thanks to the free keyword tool. So, no more speculating or trying things out. The free keyword tracking tools for landing high rankings are the perfect option. 

Furthermore, with this simple tool, you can look up an endless number of relevant keywords that are suited to your niche, industry, or product. By carefully implementing these keywords into your content and landing pages, you may improve the visibility of your website and attract more organic visitors.  

Therefore, stay one step ahead of the competition and develop your internet presence with the aid of these free keyword tracking tools for landing high rankings. Also, utilize the strength of keywords to raise your website in the search engine results pages!

The next section will mention some of the determining factors that you should consider while opting for any keyword tool. We have drafted a well-articulated blog for you to look out for and opt for the best tool possible for your website. Have a look. 

How to Find The Best Free Keyword Tools for Landing High Ranking

Using these free keyword tracking tools to land high rankings is very simple: you just search for a specific keyword, and the tool informs you about it. However, there are many different ways to use keyword data, including multipurpose tools and those designed expressly for some of the most common keyword research applications.

Furthermore, consider the following factors when testing to determine which apps make it to your initial list: 

  • A good keyword tool gives accurate and relevant data with current suggestions, search volumes, and trends while filtering out irrelevant keywords for your specific goals. 
  • For the benefit of your international clientele, the keyword tool covers a variety of languages and specific regions. 
  • Search engine visibility on websites is increased via keyword optimization. Use tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and Moz for simple keyword ideas. Without having any SEO experience, they assess site authority, structure, speed, and technical data to improve search ranks. 
  • Surely, a free one-stop-shop keyword tool should be self-sufficient without needing additional tools or plugins to function. It should be independently operational.

Top Free Keyword Tools for Landing High Ranking 

Here is a compiled list of the top free keyword tracking tools to land high rankings that you can use to improve your website's position and draw in more leads and customers. As you can see, some keyword tools are paid, but they all offer free trials and are worth trying out. With these keyword tools, you can gear up your game of web ranking, keyword analysis and content marketing in easy steps. 

Here are some top keyword tools for you:

1. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Source - searchengineland.com

Utilize Google Ads Keyword Planner to begin your keyword research. It was created by Google and aided in SEO campaigns. Create and preserve keyword lists for Google Ads campaigns and website optimization.

Cost: Free when combined with a Google Ads account (also free) 

2. Keywordtool.io


Source - keywordstool.io

Keywordtool.io provides filters for location and language and offers 750+ phrases from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and the Apple App Store. It is user-friendly and generates keywords using Google auto-complete and UberSuggest. By using its natural resources and seed keywords, expand your site's content.  

Cost: Free

3. WordStream


Source - wordstream.com

For both SEO and PPC keyword research, WordStream provides its keyword tool. This is one of the best free keyword research tools to assist you in focusing on particular niches and give you ideas based on the market and related searches that you might not have considered. 

Cost: free trial 

4. Twinword 


Source - twinword.com

Twinword is a free keyword tool that offers a reliable free version (10 searches per day) and thorough filtering for useful search terms. It has excellent 'user intent' filtering options for coming up with blog topic ideas. 

Cost: Free with optional payments

5. Google Trends 

Google Trends

Source - ahrefs.com

Use Google's free tool to compare keyword variations, track term popularity, and examine searches in certain cities. It is useful for user interest understanding and rating. It helps to accumulate more elaborate keyword research that can help you drive traffic with much assurance.

Cost: Free

6. Soovle


Source - gotchseo.com

Soovle is the solution if you need to conduct systematic keyword research across a variety of media. Apart from this, you can explore the most popular search terms on several search engines using this free tool. This dynamic tool is an all-in-one go-to place for all your keyword queries. 

Cost: Free

7. Ninja Check: Side-by-Side SEO Comparison

Ninja Check

Source - ninjareports.com

With the help of Internet Marketing Ninjas' tool, compare the SEO of five URLs. Compare the URLs of the pages you want to compare, such as your service page and those of competitors. A well-articulating research will boost the overall performance of your website altogether. 

Cost: Free

8. Ubersuggest 


Source - neilpatel.com

With characteristics like volume, CPC, and competitiveness, Ubersuggest will take a keyword and provide you with a list of related keyword suggestions. Along with that, You can select to look for keywords related to websites, news, or even YouTube.

Cost: Free

9. Keywords Everywhere 

Keywords Everywhere

Source - addme.tools

To access keyword data while browsing, utilize an extension or add-on for Chrome or Firefox. It also features built-in capabilities that can display the SERP ranks for any page or domain and identify keywords from a seed term.

Cost: Free

10. Bing Keyword Tool 

Bing Keyword Tool

Source - karooya.com

For SEO success, focus on Bing. It offers the potential for excellent rankings, free keyword tools, and Webmaster tools. To use the features, you must register first. The registration will help the tool deliver many personalized and fruitful results. For better outcomes, this tool is a must-try.

Cost: Free

11. Answer the Public

Answer the Public

Source - wordagents.com

This keyword tool allows you to enter a keyword or phrase, after which it generates several suggestions and ideas in the form of questions. Google's auto-complete feature is mined to make it work. This is also an extremely useful tool for coming up with blog post topic ideas.  

If you're seeking guidance on steps to create blog posts, this tool can be especially helpful in sparking ideas and structuring your content.

Cost - Free

12. YouTube Keyword Tool

YouTube Keyword Tool

Source - keywordtooldominator.com

Once upon a time, YouTube.com offered a free keyword tool, but in 2014, they combined it with Google Ads. Don't give up, though. You may find and choose the ideal keywords, phrases, and themes for increasing your video audience with the help of the excellent free alternative keyword tool for YouTube users and marketers known as the Youtube Keyword Research Tool.

Cost - Free

13. Longtail Pro

Longtail Pro

Source - chrome.google.com

You can uncover keywords for your specialty with the use of this tool for keyword research. If you purchase the platinum version, the analytical feature is available, which can extensively contribute to your website growth. All in all, you can consider investing in this tool.

Cost - 7 days free trial 

14. Spyflu


Source - spyflu.com

SpyFu has the tools you require to assess the tactics of your rivals. This software for SEO optimization has modules that analyze a website's domain histories, and technology to assist you in understanding your competitors' platforms. In short, we can say that this tool is a must-try, given that it lets you run a free trial. 

Cost - Free trial 

15. Wordtracker


Source - wordtracker.com

For small businesses looking to analyze keywords and create an SEO plan, Wordtracker is a fantastic option. When searching for long-tail keywords to incorporate into your strategy for the web, YouTube, or Amazon, Wordtracker is a fantastic resource. It can help you rank with the help of its services. 

Cost - Free trial 

16. Moz Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer

Source - Moz.com

This program allows you to enter a keyword phrase and receive keyword suggestions, a screenshot of the search engine results page that appears when you enter that keyword, information about other instances of the keyword, and more.

Cost - 30 days free trial 

17. RavenTools


Source - raventools.com

Raven's comprehensive, in-depth SEO and domain research tools are among the best on the market and are much more than just a keyword tool. The site auditor will alert you to any and all on-site issues that could negatively impact your rankings and will also make a number of recommendations for how to enhance your SEO efforts and outcomes. Additionally, it creates SEO reports so you can stay informed whenever you want.

Cost - Free trial

18. SEMrush


Source - agencyanalytics.com 

SEMrush can assist you in finding the organic and paid search terms used by your competitors. The SEMrush keyword research tool enables you to choose long-tail keywords for more success, gather and multiply your keyword and keyphrase selections, target international and multilingual markets, and determine the finest keywords for PPC campaigns.

Cost - Free trial 

19. Jaaxy


Source - nichepursuits.com

A powerful platform for both keyword research and analysis in SEO, Jaaxy. The tool has a wide range of functions, such as targeting certain industries or niches, competitive research, and keyword analysis and tracking.

Cost - Free trial of 30 Searches 

20. Ahrefs


Source - Ahrefs.com

Ahrefs provides powerful free SEO tools for tasks like link building, website audits, and simple keyword research. They are helpful for basic SEO activities even though they are less comprehensive than the expensive version. When necessary, upgrade to unlock enhanced features.

Cost - Free with paid options 


In other words, the art of keyword optimization must be mastered if you want to score well in search engine results, in other words. Fortunately, you can identify the ideal keywords for your niche, sector, or product using a number of excellent free keyword tools.  

Some of the best free keyword tracking tools for landing high rankings that can greatly increase your website's exposure and draw more organic traffic include Google Ads Keyword Planner, Keywordtool.io, WordStream, Twinword, Google Trends, Soovle, Ninja Check, Ubersuggest, Keywords Everywhere, and Bing Keyword Tool.

Not sure and need guidance? Consider working with Gigde to advance your keyword optimization efforts and improve the functionality of your website. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q1. What are free keyword tools for landing high rankings?

Ans. Free keyword tracking tools for landing high rankings are Online service tools that will assist you in finding relevant keywords for your website. You may raise the search engine positioning of your website and increase organic traffic by including these keywords in your content.

Q2. Are all of the free keyword tools for landing high rankings effective? 

Ans. Each of the free keyword tools provided has advantages and capabilities. A tool's efficacy may change depending on your unique demands and preferences. Feel free to experiment with several tools to determine which one is the best free keyword tool for landing high rankings for you. 

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