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20 Best Digital Marketing Instagram Accounts You Must Follow

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In the social media era, it is natural for brands to have Instagram accounts, especially if you target millennials and Gen Z. However, you may need some inspiration while creating a new profile. Therefore, we have listed some of the best digital marketing Instagram accounts that you can follow for inspiration. To know them, keep reading!

From sharing product pictures to connecting with prospects and sharing client testimonials- Instagram has become the biggest marketing avenue for B2C and D2C brands. This has led to growing demand for digital marketing agencies specializing in using Instagram to market and advertise businesses.

Instagram is among the most popular social media platforms and the favorite place for Gen Z consumers.

But as a brand, how do you tap into this vast potential, and how do you trust and find the right digital marketing agency for this job?

To understand whether an agency is a right fit, go through the best digital marketing Instagram accounts. Most Instagram marketing agencies use this platform to share insight into events and work or projects.

We have compiled a list of the top advertising agency Instagram accounts. Let's get your brand Instagram-worthy ASAP.

20 Best digital marketing Instagram accounts

According to research, Instagram is the fourth most used social platform. This means you need an agency that can help you with Instagram marketing. But the question is, are they capable of improving your client base with their tactics? You can confirm their abilities by following digital marketing Instagram accounts and their reach.

We have compiled the top 20 digital marketing Instagram accounts for some inspiration.


Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/thegigde/?hl=en

Digital marketing has peaked in recent years, giving rise to numerous agencies. GigDe, born in 2019, left a significant impact in the sector by meeting the targets of both small businesses and established brands. They rank among the best digital marketing Instagram accounts, sharing informative guides to memes to attract prospects. The agency has 12.1K followers in less than five years, with hundreds of people actively following their posts.

This agency shares various marketing trends, SEO tactics, advertising campaigns, and more. The main focus is to teach consumers interestingly and keep them engaged longer.


Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/cukeragency/

Cuker Agency is a progressive full-service digital marketing agency founded in 2006 by Aaron Cuker. Their Instagram profile has nearly 1K+ followers who engage with interesting digital marketing posts from the agency.

The agency provides varied digital marketing practices, from creating winning strategies to branding, paid social media advertising, SEO, influencer marketing, and more.


Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/hubspot/

HubSpot's Instagram handle presently has over 529K followers. The account comprises thousands of engaging posts that attract followers to their CRM platform.

Additionally, they offer information about marketing, social media, and sales tactics. HubSpot comprises software, integrations, and resources for sales and marketing. Their marketing automation software can drive surprising revenue with high-quality leads. In addition to that, they help you measure and optimize your marketing investments.

Leo Burnett

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/leoburnett/

Leo Burnett agency is one of those oldest agencies and was founded in 1935 in Chicago. The agency holds the best digital marketing Instagram accounts, sharing their network, work portfolio, thoughts, work culture, etc., with 151K followers. They are one of the world's leading digital marketing agencies that offer advertising, marketing, and branding services.

Leo Burnett works with companies across the globe, from the United States to Mexico, Argentina, Canada, Costa Rica, and more. Each of their Instagram posts has a meaningful impact on potential consumers. They cover almost every crucial digital marketing point through reels, carousels, images, guides, etc.


Instagram handle:https://www.instagram.com/moburst.agency/

Did you know the potential reach of Instagram ads is about 849.3 million? These statistics can instigate you to lean towards a digital marketing agency with a mastery in social media management, media buying, influencer marketing, and more.

But if an agency doesn't have its own online presence, how can it help you? Moburst ranks among the best digital marketing Instagram accounts, with 1.5K followers globally. They share pictures from multiple events, life at Moburst, and the team with followers to drive attention toward their excellence in digital marketing.

Moburst was founded in 2013 in Israel as a mobile-first agency. It later became a full-service digital agency and spread its wings to New York, California, and London. They offer different marketing strategies, SEO, creative and content creation services, and media buying. Another critical point of hiring Moburst is its excellence in website design and development.

Major Tom

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/MajorTomAgency/

During the last few years, social media marketing has reached new heights. Companies having the best digital marketing Instagram accounts are getting more people. Why? It is because when you have an excellent online presence, only then can you help others for the same. Their Instagram account also acts as their portfolio.

Major Tom has excelled in this field, and it presently has nearly 8.7K followers on Instagram.

It is a full-service marketing agency offering services like branding, media buying, content marketing, social media, paid search, etc. Additionally, they provide a marketing benchmark tool to compare your performance to your competitors. The Instagram account shares company culture and value, awards, case studies, and other posts.


Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/craftedny/

New York-based Crafted agency has the potential to make your brand look appealing. Additionally, they create strategies that speak your story, values, and culture to the audience in a creative way. But do they hold the best digital marketing Instagram accounts? Maybe not the best, but their Instagram profile shares various engaging posts and has nearly 1.5K followers.

Moreover, Crafted discusses its case studies and successful projects on its Instagram account. As a result, more people learn about what digital marketing can do to their business and the abilities of Crafted.

Brave Bison

Instagram handle:https://www.instagram.com/bravebison/

Are you struggling to keep up with the latest marketing trends? To target more people, you need to work with an excellent social media marketer. In that case, the best digital marketing Instagram accounts can help you understand its capabilities. It is because people trust an agency that can fulfill its own requirements.

Brave Bison has a fabulous Instagram presence. They have skills and knowledge in performance marketing, media networking, designing and building platforms for companies, and more.

It ranks among the top advertising agency Instagram accounts, acquiring nearly 2.9K followers. They share pictures visualizing their team's power, work impacts, and posts related to marketing. They also share reels on different engaging topics that attract consumers to the brand. In addition, Bravo Bison puts multiple success stories and visuals of articles published on their website.

Massive Media

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/engagemassive/

Nothing can create magic as a colorful Instagram page does for people, especially the millennials and Gen Z. Massive Media has the best digital marketing Instagram accounts that prove its ability to create an impressive visual style. The agency works with creative specialists who approach every project to make exceptions.

They help with building brand identity and positioning, advertising, and branded content creation. The main focus is to create content and campaigns that tell your brand stories to audiences.

Massive Media has nearly 3.4K followers on Instagram and is famous for sharing professional tips on marketing. The agency uses a puzzle-style grid layout to showcase its past work and drive consumer interest.

Ignite Visibility

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/ignitevisibility/

Ignite Visibility ranks among the best digital marketing Instagram accounts. They offer professional tips about SEO and digital marketing and create posts that share knowledge on multiple marketing arenas. Presently, they have 8.8K followers and keep them engaged with different news and updates.

In addition to creating engaging digital marketing strategies, Ignite Visibility introduces Certainty to people. This digital marketing forecasting system helps businesses evaluate competitive data, forecast revenue, and more. This means the agency covers you from all sides and enables you to gain better ROI.

Viral Nation

Instagram handle:https://www.instagram.com/viralnation/

Joe Gagliese and Mathew Micheli established Viral Nation to create brand campaigns that improve connections. It is a popular influencer marketing agency with one of the best digital marketing Instagram accounts presently.

Viral Nation has 29.4k followers today on Instagram. They share pictures from company events, blogs, and lots more to keep audiences engaged. You can find the best ideas on digital marketing through their short videos and reels.

Ubiquitous agency

Instagram handle:https://www.instagram.com/ubiquitousofficial/

Ubiquitous Agency started in 2020 as a TikTok influencer marketing agency, and it presently has 19.3k followers on Instagram. This agency rose in popularity among brands, creators, and influencers due to its expertise and online presence. In less than a year, the agency had onboarded more than 250 brands and managed nearly 10 million in ad spend. They are famous for creating marketing strategies for TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

Ubiquitous Agency shares pictures of their team, case studies, and numerous other posts on Instagram. Besides these, they also create creative reels on digital marketing and other trends to keep people connected to them.


Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/neoreach/

The Silicon Valley-based NeoReach, launched in 2013, offers software solutions for influencer marketing. They offer services that include influencer search, influencer management, and influencer tracking. Today, NeoReach ranks among the best digital marketing Instagram accounts, with 14.5k followers.

They share posts related to campaign reports, talent, blogs, and case studies. All their posts have one goal in common: to convince consumers to use digital marketing practices and meet business targets.


Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/bynd/

Most businesses today need a good Instagram presence to acquire a younger generation of consumers. For this purpose, you need to hire an agency that has the potential to improve its own online presence. Beyond is a new-age digital marketing agency located in London, New York, and San Francisco.

Their Instagram account has a professional look with high-quality photography and has currently acquired 4.7k followers. They share information about their work, educational content, and industry trends to keep consumers engaged. In addition to that, the agency also shares pictures of their team members, including their pets and time spent at the office. This shows your work culture and the team's potential in fulfilling tasks.


Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/kotalondon/

When you target millennials and Gen Z consumers, it's time to rebel against boring content. KOTA ensures beautiful and original websites, creative branding, and digital marketing services. They aim to create an instant impact for brands and spark emotion.

When you look at their Instagram profile, you find creative posts that can catch your attention in seconds. Furthermore, as one of the best digital marketing Instagram accounts, they also share case studies and client testimonials. Presently, they have 4.5K followers on Instagram.

Bellman Agency

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/bellmanagency/

Bellman Agency is the pioneer of branding, graphic design, and creative content in Australia. However, their extensive Instagram presence boosts their popularity among brands. Presently, they have 10.1k followers on Instagram.

They share blogs, pictures about their present and past events, infographics, and life in Bellman Agency. Additionally, they share stories in the highlights section and categorize them together to form meaningful stories.

Pound & Grain

Instagram handle: https://www.instagram.com/poundandgrain/

People prefer the best digital marketing Instagram accounts for their marketing purposes. It is because an agency with an excellent online presence can create a similar success for you as well.

Pound & Grain is a creative agency with 2.8K followers on Instagram and a vast customer base across Vancouver and Toronto. They share behind-the-scenes photos of their recent work, written comments from team members, and numerous other engaging posts.


Instagram handle:https://www.instagram.com/watconsult/

WatConsult ranks among the top three digital agencies in India that have worked with numerous well-known brands. They offer creative design, content creation, social media management, SEO, branding, etc.

Presently, its Instagram account holds 8.1K followers. WatConsult has shared more than 1,000 posts on digital marketing. They share pictures from team members, award shows, and other events. In addition to that, the agency creates short videos that keep the audience engaged for longer.

Spark Foundry

Instagram handle:https://www.instagram.com/sparkfoundry/

If you are looking for an agency that can double your audience engagement, meet Spark Foundry. They create a spark by offering creative content creation services combined with data, technology, analytics, and insights. It is among the best digital marketing Instagram accounts, with presently 4.7k followers.

This agency is known to have the spirit of a startup and the soul of a powerhouse. They share pictures from multiple events. Additionally, they also share valuable content through carousels, short videos, and guides.


Instagram handle:https://www.instagram.com/caratglobal/

Carat stands among the world's first media agencies founded over 50 years ago. Presently, they have more than 100 offices globally, delivering unparalleled capability to unlock human understanding.

Carat is known for successfully connecting people and brands with powerful and engaging media experiences. This agency presently has 4.4k followers on Instagram. They mainly share inside and outside company images, team pictures, and informative content with audiences.

Final thoughts.

So, if you are struggling to create and maintain a successful Instagram presence, it's time to take inspiration from one of the best digital marketing Instagram accounts discussed above.

For further assistance, connect with us at Gigde. We understand your concerns and will assist you in creating a social media presence that drives higher engagement and boosts brand sales.

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