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Website Design for Service Business from Web Experts

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Did you know with every passing minute, 175 new websites are created? This amounts to the creation of a whopping 252,000 new websites every day. And if that wasn't shocking enough, do you know how many websites currently exist on the internet? Over 1.7 billion. The website exists for a purpose for businesses, and this purpose is to improve their brand awareness and revenue.

Therefore, if you haven't started already, this is the right time for website design for service business. Being a part of the service industry, you may have been putting all your focus on providing the best quality services to your clients. However, it would be best if you never forgot that word-of-mouth does not take you too far in the highly competitive digital world. You need to have a strong online presence to attract clients.

To learn more about service websites, look at the section below.

What is a service website?

Being part of the services industry, you might already know how to reach potential clients through the help of the website. Booking services online through a website is far more convenient and efficient for customers than directly calling or stopping by in person. This is why you need to put a lot of attention to perfecting the website design for your business.

A services website is nothing but a website specifically designed to highlight and promote services offered by your business. The primary aim of building such a website is to inform potential clients about the presence of your business and educate them about your services.

Website design for service business is all about ensuring it aligns with the nature of your services. Additionally, you should also be able to digitally communicate the value of your services to your potential customers. Look at the next section to learn why website design is so important for the service industry.

Why are Website design services so important?

You already know about the staggering number of websites on the internet; to compete with even a fraction of them, you would need to put your heart and soul into creating your website.

Following are some of the top reasons why website design for service business is so important.

It sets the first impression of your business

When a user visits your website, within a few minutes, they will form an opinion about your business. Therefore, by focusing on website design, you can ensure their opinion is positive.

It impacts your SEO

Believe it or not, your website's design will directly or indirectly impact your SEO. And SEO is one thing you don't ever want to mess up. Therefore, while looking for a "website design company near me," you need to make sure you go with the one with a solid grasp of SEO.

Your competitors are doing too

Unless you have already admitted your defeat at your competitor's hands, you should never turn away from website design for service business because it helps you to analyze your competitors

Good website design increases the trust factor

Put yourself in the position of the users and think about whether you would ever trust a poorly designed website. No, right, so how can you expect them to trust you if your website leaves a bad impression? So, with the help of a good web design service, you change how users view your website and your brand.

If you are part of the services industry and are interested in knowing how to start with website design for the service business, then the next section might help you.

How can you create a website design for a service business?

As a services provider, you must understand the importance of a good website design. Many companies often opt for affordable website management service packages to improve their website.

But if you wish to take things into your own hands, then here is a step-by-step guide on website design for service business.

  • The first step would be to launch your website. Select a web builder of your choice that fits your criteria and needs.
  • Choose a layout for your services website. You may have to choose between the classic website and the one-pager.
  • Brand your website, and ensure all the elements that make your brand memorable are on your website. Here are a few tips to properly brand your website:
    • Get a domain name.
    • Craft a custom logo and put it in the most prominent place on your website.
    • Choose your colors
  • Add pages like Homepage, Booking Page, About Page, Contact Page, Blog, Testimonials, FAQs, etc.
  • Add a scheduling system to enable customers to book and pay for your services online.
  • When crafting a website design for a service business, you should not overlook SEO. SEO is a factor that determines your ranking and how much traffic you receive, so make sure you do not mess that up.
  • Remember to make your website mobile-friendly so billions of mobile users can see your business website.
  • Do not forget to get a second opinion once everything is ready.
  • Your job is not done after publishing your website; from now on, you must focus on promoting your website to the best of your capabilities. You can even consider partnering with digital marketing services for more exposure.
  • Track, monitor, and optimize; this is the mantra to your website's success.

If you find website design for service business too cumbersome, we have another option for you. All you have to do is look for a low-cost website design company with quality services, and they will do the job for you.

But how will you determine if they are low-cost or not? To know more, keep reading the next section.

What is the cost of website design for a service providing business?

There are three ways you can build a website for your services business:

  1. Through online website builders
  2. WordPress
  3. Website design agency

If you go with a website builder, you must pay around $10 a month. On the other hand, if you go with the second option, the cost may vary between $11 to $50 per month.

Meanwhile, hiring a professional agency may cost you anywhere from $2000 to $75 thousand. A simple custom website from an agency will cost you around $1500.

So, which method should you go with? In certain cases, the price could be a good determining factor for the most profitable option. However, website design for service business is different. Here, the quality matters the most; a good website, although expensive, will go a long way. Therefore, our suggestion is to go with the third option. The price may seem too much initially, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Moreover, you don't need to hire the most expensive company to design your website. Instead, type "website design company near me" and go with the company with the most affordable website design packages and quality services. If you want to know more, check out the section below.

How can a low-cost website design company help you?

Gigde is the right choice for your business. We provide quality services, customized solutions, and top-class results. No matter which area you need help with, our dedicated experts will always be ready to help you with their industry expertise.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we take pride in our ability to provide our clients with only the best. We have our fair share of experience when it comes to website design for service business.

Here is what you can expect while working with Gigde:

  • A sophisticated website with all the right functionality
  • A flexible team of experts that can craft a website that aligns with your brand vision and identity.
  • The combined experience of our experts is enough to make your dream website come true.
  • Transparency in terms of work and pricing
  • No compromise when it comes to the quality of services
  • A team of SEOs, content writers, editors, marketers, etc that will help boost your website performance.
  • We also provide other digital marketing services like social media, email, content marketing, etc. To check your website health.

With our website design for services business, you'll notice a significant increase in your sales. Therefore, the next time you are on the lookout for a top website design company, do not forget to give Gigde a chance.


The website design for service business is slightly different than other websites. These website monitoring services are created to help you attract more bookings by promoting your services. When done right, these websites could be the driving force that helps your business rise above your competitors. Therefore, with the right website, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Your website is the face and identity of your business, so ensure it always has the perfect layout and design, that enthralls your prospective leads into loyal customers.

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