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Ways to Schedule Tweets on Twitter | Tips and Benefits

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It can be a very hectic task to tweet regularly, especially when you have many social media accounts to handle. For creators and businesses, there is a lot to think about other more important things like your business, its growth, sales, and other such factors. Considering this, it becomes very important to get away to ease out your social media engagement so that you can ease out a little. 

This can be done when you schedule tweets. Twitter scheduling tweets can be a great savior for many people who lose track of when they had to post where. But is this possible at all? With the latest changes in the application, you can now schedule tweets through the web application itself. There is no longer a need for any third-party apps to support you. But a question might linger in your mind about “how to schedule tweets?”. This can be one of the most common things that come to your head. You don’t need to worry about that since we’re going to cover all the steps on how to schedule tweets. Just implement this method and you can sit back while your tweets are posting themselves. 

How To Schedule Tweets On Twitter?

Twitter has now made it easy to schedule tweets so it’s essentially like Twitter scheduling tweets for you. For this, you can use their tweet composer tool. This tool is built specially to allow you to ease scheduling tweets therefore you get the exact purpose resolved. But how can we access this tool? For this, you just have to go to ads.twitter.com and you’ll be able to access this tool without any problem. One of the most effective ways to use Twitter to find clients is by actively engaging in industry-related conversations. Now, the main point is about scheduling. How can we use this tweet composer tool to get Twitter scheduling tweets for you? Well, it is easy. Just follow the steps given below:

1. Open the tweet composer tool

First, you will have to open the tool and look at its interface. Once here, you must click the new tweet button which is present at the top right corner of the tweets manager. This can be found easily within the creatives tab. 

2. Create and curate the post that you want

From here, the pathway is rather simple. You now have to craft your tweet with anything that you like. You can use any image, location where the tweet is from, any hot takes or cards. Make the tweet the way you want to display it to your audience. This is the final product that is going to be published. You can do this when the tweet box opens up after clicking on the new tweet button. You can also add in relevant hashtags or tag relevant accounts. Anything that you want to display on your profile.

3. Is the post promoted only?

After that, you’ve finalized your tweet which is going to be published, you have to face a question. Do you want your tweet to be promoted only? Promoted-only tweets are those types of tweets that will tell your followers or your users that you’re tweeting because of sponsorship or a promotion from a brand. Therefore, this is usually done by people to ensure that their users know that they are just promoting the product for money to be fair to them. So, if you want to have a promoted-only post, you can select the promoted-only checkbox. If you select this checkbox, you tweet with then go only to the promoted tweet campaign. It will then not be seen organically in the feed of your followers. However, it will appear on your Twitter profile.

4. Choose a schedule

Now that all is set for your post, there comes the part where you have to choose a schedule for the same. For this, you have to click on the drop-down menu next to the tweet button and then click on schedule. If you click on the tweet button immediately, then your tweet will be tweeted and not scheduled. So ensure to click on the drop-down menu only. After this, you can just click on the date and time that you want to tweet your tweet. This must be based on your audience engagement and other such hacks. Ensure that Twitter will not provide any guidelines about when you should post and that will be your decision only.

5. You can also save it as a draft

If you didn’t craft your post just as you should like it to be and there are some changes that you want to make before posting it, you can just click on save as draft rather than posting or selecting the schedule. With this, the tweet will be saved as a draft until you come back and make the appropriate changes and set it to be the way you like. This method is very compatible with those times when you’re in a hurry and you have a sweet idea but want to finish it off later. Or maybe those times when you are working on a tweet and have to go somewhere or get a call in the middle. Just save it as a draft and you’ll be good to go. To streamline your social media presence, you can merge Twitter accounts into a single, consolidated profile.

6. Voila

After all the endeavor, you’ll be able to see your tweet without having to tweet it. It is that simple to schedule tweets.

Final words

Twitter scheduling tweets is as simple as it comes. With a few clicks here and there, you will be able to queue up your posts with a scheduling time of up to a year! So you can sit back and relax while your Twitter profile is maintained easily. Scheduling tweets is an easy task. You can use the tool that Twitter provides or you can also use a third-party app for this. Third-party apps curated for scheduling tweets can also serve other purposes which might seem suitable to some, depending upon their utilization and need from the application. So after finding out how to schedule tweets, you should get started with what your needs are and figure out the perfect application for that.

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