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5 Unique Ways To Use Twitter To Find Clients And Grow Your Business

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There is no greater social media platform for digital marketing than Twitter. Are you an online business that is struggling to find clients? And, did you know that you could use Twitter to find clients? If you are confused, let us show you how. As a digital marketing tool, no one can rival the reach of Twitter to find clients for a freelance business. Not only does Twitter help you by increasing your visibility reach significantly, but it also opens up a window of opportunity to engage with potential clients.

Twitter uses the importunity of personal interactions to do more than build lasting relationships. It ensures a bond of loyalty. And, it is a no-brainer that social media is a wonderful apparatus for digital marketing, including finding clients for a business. However, before you can build lasting bonds of loyal relationships with your clients, you need to find potential clients. Not sure how to do that? Find clients on Twitter. In today’s article, we’ve covered how to use Twitter to find clients. But, first, let us ask ourselves: Why Twitter? 

Why should you use Twitter to Find Clients?

It’s 2022. That means there is no dearth of social media platforms. Then why use Twitter to find clients? Here’s why: Presently, Twitter has more than 330 million users that makes the platform an elite place to connect with other freelancers and find a dedicated client base. In the last 5 years, Twitter has moved on from being a social media app where you connect with your friends and family to being a digital marketing platform that allows you to actively promote your business. 

Twitter is the best networking tool that helps you market your business and find new clients. It increases the visibility factor of your account. In non-professional terms, that means, your online business now has the chance of getting noticed by those who would be potentially interested in hiring your services.  On top of that, Twitter allows engaging with other people in the same interest circle. These are the reasons why you should promote your business on Twitter and find clients on Twitter.  If you are not sure how to go about it, follow these tips and tricks on how to use Twitter to find clients.

How to Use Twitter to Find Clients? 

Follow these tips to use Twitter to find clients for your business:

1. Optimize your profile

If you want to get noticed and eventually find clients on Twitter, you need to optimize your business profile and make sure it is updated. An up-to-date profile will help you in connecting with others.

To optimize your profile, your Twitter page should include:

  • Your Name: Your name or the brand of your business is the first thing that potential clients will notice.
  • A professional photo: You should always include a professional photo of yourself in your profile. This helps the clients to put a face to your name.
  • A cover photo: A cover photo is a must as it is an insight into your brand. Your cover photo should be of something that truly matters to you, like a collage of words and mantras you swear by or a picture of your studio office.
  • Links to your website: Twitter gives you the freedom to provide external links. This is a golden opportunity you should take advantage of. Link your business website or portfolio to your Twitter so clients can easily redirect to your personal website.
  • A concise Bio: Your Twitter account must have a bio or a summary of who you are and what you stand for. Accounts without a bio are unappealing and people tend to ignore such pages. Keep your bio short and crisp. It shouldn’t sound like a sales pitch, instead, it should sound like a precise summary of what your business is and the values it stands for.

2. Get listed on Twitter

Twitter directories are like online directories that can aid in increasing brand visibility. Twitter directories make it easy to find influential people to connect with and find interested clients. Thus, if you want to find clients on Twitter, get listed. 

The top Twitter directories that you can use to get listed are Wefollow, Twellow, and TweetFind. 

Twitter to Find Clients
Twitter to Find Clients

3. Maximize the use of hashtags, Twitter search, and Keywords

Twitter’s search feature is like a gold mine to find clients on Twitter and take advantage of opportunities as they arise. Go to Twitter search and search for keywords related to your service and business. Keep in mind SEO and use terms that your clients are likely to use. 

For example, if you are a hairdresser or in the beauty industry, you can search for “hairstylist needed” or “latest beauty trends” to find potential jobs. Similarly, use hashtags like #HairstylistRequired or #FreelanceHairStylist to find interested clients. And, once you identify potential client bases, you can send them a polite message letting them know you are available for booking. 

4. Advertise

As we said, Twitter is unrivalled when it comes to digital marketing and especially if you want to use Twitter to find clients. As a marketing tool, Twitter has amazing features that you cannot overlook. Not only is it the perfect medium to network and engage with other companies, but it is also great for promoting what you can offer. You can catch the attention of new prospective customers by using promoted tweets. Promoted tweets display your tweets prominently so you can get noticed easily, and this gives you a heads-up compared to your competitors.

You can also target a specific area with your Tweets. For example, you can create a special post just for your U.S. followers without bothering your followers in London. Twitter also allows you to host viral conversations. Twitter users are always on the lookout for buzz and trending topics. With the use of promoted tweets, it becomes easier for you to host viral conversations and attract new prospective clients. 

5. Attracting high-quality followers

Getting a huge follower base can be easily achievable for anyone but only if you know what you are doing. The challenge is to find followers who are interested in your business and thus, ultimately use Twitter to find clients. You can get an organic following easily if you follow influencers in your industry and engage in their posts consistently. This will ensure that your name appears regularly in relevant discussions and turn, improve your visibility. Staying active in relevant circles like the type of service you provide is a great method to gain followers and use Twitter to find clients.

These were our best tips to use Twitter to find clients. Remember to actually go on Twitter and be active on the platform before you do anything else. 

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