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Adding Twitter feed widget on your website

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You may not always think about your Twitter Feed Widget strategy in terms of your website, but it's past time you did. While Twitter is an extremely effective network in and of itself, you must evaluate how many people discover your business via other channels, such as Google search. Occasionally, buyers will discover your website before discovering your Twitter profile. So, how can you link your website's content to your social media presence? Twitter Feed widget is the answer to this question.

Utilizing the Twitter widget for a website is an excellent method to close the communication gap. You don't have to leave your site to introduce people to your more social side, thanks to buttons, timelines, and tweets. Embedding Twitter Feed Widget content on your website is easy when you follow the steps mentioned in this article. So read the article to grab the interesting information.

Types of sidebar Twitter feed widget and plugins

Using a plugin or widget is one of the most straightforward ways to make your Twitter profile visible on your website. Additionally, you have a variety of choices based on your CMS. There are dozens of Twitter plugins available for WordPress sites and blogs.

Some of the best are listed here.

WP Twitter

It's an all-in-one plugin that connects your WordPress blog and Twitter account seamlessly. Twitter buttons, Twitter profiles, and search widgets are all at your disposal with this plugin. You can also create a Twitter widget iOS with this amazing CMS plugin.

Twitter Widget Android with Styling

Create a custom look and feel for your website or blog with this WordPress plugin named Twitter Widget with Styling. It makes use of the Twitter.com Embedded Timeline Widget to display the timeline of recent events.

WordPress Twitter Feed Widget

Another simple Twitter feed widget for displaying your most recent tweets isthe WordPress Twitter Feed Widget. You don't have to copy and paste any Twitter widget code into your website to use it. This is among the top Twitter widget plugins that you can consider for your website.

Easy Twitter Feed Widget

This Twitter widget plugin gives you an easy-to-use interface for organizing and viewing your tweets. The link color, border color, and background can all be customized to match your site's design. When all you want is basic functionality for your sidebar, this is a great choice for you.

Blogger and Tumblr have far smaller plugin libraries than WordPress, but it doesn't imply you have no options. Other than WordPress plugins, here are a couple of manual methods for including Twitter on your website if you're using another CMS.

Adding Twitter buttons

You can help your visitors share your material on Twitter by including social media sharing buttons on your website. It doesn't matter if the buttons are on your homepage, headers, or footers, or if they're scattered across your blog.

There are four choices available to you, including:

  1. Share a link
  2. Follow
  3. Hashtag
  4. Mention

It doesn't matter which option is selected; you'll have to copy and paste the offered code into the page's HTML code. Your design or development teams should be involved at this stage.

Embedded tweets on the website

Embedded tweets are a terrific method to promote your content, increase your audience, and strengthen your social network. There are only a few basic steps required to get these tweets up and running on your website or blog.

  • Find the tweet you wish to use as a widget and click on it.
  • To learn more, click the "More" button in the tweet.
  • Choose "Embed tweet" from the drop-down option that displays.
  • Using your blog or website's source code, copy and paste the provided code.

Tweets with photographs, videos, or Twitter Cards can all be shown using the embed code. Tweets that are part of the dialogue will also work. It's important to know that on embedded tweets, only images and videos from pic.twitter.com and YouTube will be displayed.

Embedded timelines on the website

Embedding a group of tweets is an alternative to using just one. You can easily sync any public Twitter timeline onto your website by using an embeddable timeline. Interact with your site visitors by allowing them to reply, retweet, and like messages right from your embeddable timelines, much like on Twitter.com.

Expanding tweets allows viewers to see the number of retweets and favorites, as well as Cards online. There are four different timelines available right now:

  • Show public tweets from any member of Twitter in a timeline.
  • Displays all of your or a certain user's favorite tweets.
  • Displays tweets from your personal and/or subscribed public lists.
  • Display customizable search results in real time.

Embedded video on the website

The new embedded video widget allows you to showcase Twitter-hosted video content on your website. Tweets with video can be embedded using Twitter's official mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as through Twitter Amplify partners' video hosting services.

You can think of it as the same thing as embedding a tweet on your website:

  • Go to Twitter and look for a tweet that has a video in it.
  • To learn more, click the "More" button in the tweet.
  • You'll be presented with a menu that says "Embed Video."
  • Using the provided Twitter widget HTML coding, add a page to your website

However, viewers may access the entire original tweet by clicking on the Twitter logo in the video's lower right corner, which will take them back to your post. Before using the embed code, make sure to select all the necessary boxes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1 What is a Twitter Widget?

Ans.You can integrate a timeline—a collection of Tweets—on your own website using embedded timeline widgets. There are two varieties of embedded timelines that resemble the timelines on Twitter: Display all public Tweets from any account on Twitter on your profile.

Q2 What is Twitter embed?

Ans.Twitter embeds. Your website articles can now include your favorite Twitter material thanks to embedded tweets. An embedded Tweet can stream live video from Periscope and contains images, videos, and cards that were made just for Twitter.

Q3 What are embedded Tweets?

Ans. You can post a tweet or a conversation on your website or in a blog post by using embedded tweets. This function allows you to broadcast your Twitter conversation to a wider audience. The embedded tweets also have interactive elements.

Q4 Is there a difference between sharing and embedding a Tweet?

Ans.You can take a video from another platform and embed it. Without leaving the current page, users may watch the video on your website. The URL of the video is shared when a video is linked, though. Readers are brought to the website hosting the video when they click the link.

Final words

So by now, you must be clear with how to add a Twitter Feed widget of various types of content on your website or blog. It can be concluded that knowing how popular Twitter is in the current digital scenario, it is important to add Twitter widgets to the website. You can add various types of Twitter content to your website. In other words, there's no right or wrong method to implement any of the aforementioned embedding possibilities. Just make sure you're offering your readers useful and entertaining content. 

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