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Want To Merge Two Twitter Accounts? Here's The Practical & Manual Methods.

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Can you Merge Twitter Accounts?

The job of how to merge Twitter accounts is not easy and can’t happen overnight because it isn’t allowing any data migration from one page to a different one and doesn’t offer a choice to conjoin two pages into one.

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged by this answer, as there are options that you simply can use to hitch two or more of your profiles into one. You must check out our blog on improving SERP ranking for your website.

Even if you can’t combine several profiles into one, you’ll still quite know by hand. There are several ways of how things can process. It is rather necessary to combine several profiles on twitter, if you use it to bring clients for your business.

You will be able to either slowly move your posting from one account to a different one, otherwise, you can encourage your followers from the previous account to follow you on the recent account. In Both of these scenarios you will be able to merge twitter accounts and are possible if you put enough effort into them.

Can I Merge Twitter Accounts then Deactivate My Old Account?

What you ought to do is start slowly encouraging your audience to read your other page. You will leave links to your new tweets on your new page, you’ll be able to also ask them what they’re thinking of your new profile and foster their willingness to start following your second page. Then, when most of your audience migrates to your new page, you’ll be able to set a deadline for a way. Soon you may deactivate your old page to motivate the remainder of your audience to maneuver still. It works great if you are taking it slow, don’t post about your crossing too, and post the freshest and also the most interesting content on your new page.

Combine Twitter accounts

Unfortunately, today Twitter perceives each profile separately, and as long as you’re following the community’s guideline, you’ll be able to run as many pages as you would like with no troubles. But there’s a technique to automatically combine several pages into one, to hitch several audiences of yours into one number of followers and there’s also no thanks to creating a typical pool of favorites and comments for your tweets.

However, merging Twitter accounts is reasonably possible if you are doing everything by hand and slowly moving your audience from one page to a different one. You’ll be able to pair by telling your followers that you simply have another page which you’d appreciate if they’d follow you there in addition.

How to Merge Two Accounts: A Practical Method?

Here is the step by step process to merge Twitter accounts practically.

Step 1

Pick which account you would like to be your primary. For instance, let’s say you have got multiple followers and a great username on your accounts. The motive is to gain more followers by combining the two accounts which bring to the conclusion of how to merge 2 Twitter accounts.

Step 2

Change the name of @prettyname to something else. It is often as simple as adding variety, making it @prettyname2.

Step 3

Move to your primary account, @morefollowing, and change its name to @prettyname. This can allow it to adopt the name recognition of the old account temporarily.

Step 4

On @prettyname2, tweet that they must follow the new hotness, @prettyname. A similar name will allow you to catch their attention and find them to migrate over.

Step 5

Once your followers have moved over, change @prettyname to the name you would like it to be. @morefollowing was the initial name, but if you’re rebranding altogether, you may pick a more unified name. This method, without the ultimate name change, allows you to essentially swap the names of your two accounts, giving the higher name to the higher account, while transferring any followers over.

How to Merge Two Twitter Accounts?

Currently, this social media website doesn’t allow it, but you’ll successfully manage several profiles from one PC or mobile phone, using TweetDeck or other similar apps. If you wish to mix tweets from two Twitter accounts by now you’ll be able to have intercourse only by hand, rewriting them to a different profile of yours. This can be a problem during a system, but today joining several pages into one is impossible and a user needs to do everything by hand if they have to.

So, even the solution to the question “Can you merge 2 Twitter accounts into one?” There will be an advantage in that you will be provided service on transferring your followings from one account to another and this will let you follow people you’ve been following using your old page and hope that they’ll want to follow you back.

It hardly depends on how loyal your audience is: even if you can’t merge 2 Twitter accounts using some reasonable Twitter feature, you’ll always work along with your audience and encourage them to maneuver to a different new page of yours. It’s quite sad that you’d have to leave all the tweets you had already created, but you’ll be able to achieve them and appear through them whenever you are feeling sentimental.

How to Merge Two Accounts? A Manual Method

So here is the manual method to merge two Twitter Account

Step 1

Pick the account which you would want to be your primary. Pick the account which is more active and has more followers and you think you would be able to make it more engaging. You can always change your username later.

Step 2

Post a tweet on an account that is less engaging. Tweet something like “This account goes to be deactivated soon; to stay up so far with us, follow @engagingaccount.” Pin this tweet.

Step 3

Post a tweet on the account you’re specializing in. Welcome users from the old account.

“Welcome migrants from @previousaccount!”. This step will ensure your followers from the previous account are following up with the correct and current of your profile and no mishaps happened with your accounts.

Step 4

Schedule some retweets or repeats of the pinned message on the abandoned account. This may maximize the probabilities that your followers see the message and migrate. You must check out our blog on how to schedule tweets on Twitter.

Step 5

There’s no step five. Leave the previous account “as it is” if you would like, to stay the pinned tweet as a message to any who are available later. If you don’t think you’ll catch any further migrants, be at liberty to deactivate it.


Twitter has more than 350 million users worldwide. If you are a business owner, you should already know how it can really boost up your business. Whether it is adding a twitter widget on your website or building our brand on twitter, it can do wonders for your website.

Managing more than one twitter account can be challenging, but it is not impossible. All you need to do is understand and identify the need of your brand and plan in advance.

Twitter, however does not let you manage two accounts directly, above mentioned methods will help you access multiple accounts simultaneously. Focus on building a more consistent profile online.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1. How many Twitter accounts can you have with one email?

Ans- You can merge Twitter accounts. You can create a new account by clicking here. 

Please keep in mind that each account must have its own email address. At any given time, an email address can only be associated with one Twitter account. Although if you have multiple accounts, you can always Merge Twitter Accounts.

Q2. What is the 5000 rule on Twitter?

Ans- Every Twitter account has the ability to follow up to 5,000 people. Once you've reached that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before following more accounts. This number is unique to each account and is calculated automatically based on your unique follower-to-follower ratio.

Q3. Can you merge two accounts on Twitter?

Ans. Twitter currently does not allow merging multiple accounts into one i.e. migrating tweets, following, or followers from one account to another.

Q4 What happens to inactive Twitter Accounts?

Ans. Twitter states that it is important to log into your twitter account at least every 6 months. Accounts which stay inactive for more than that might be permanently removed.

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