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Tips to create the best Email Marketing Funnel.

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Why should you be concerned about building the best email marketing funnel? What purpose does this funnel serve?

As a Digital Marketer, your email marketing goal will always be to grow your list and convert your subscribers into customers. This is where email marketing comes in. 73% of marketers attributed Email Marketing services to increasing their conversion efforts.

Building the Best Email Marketing Funnel is very necessary for the success of any email campaign. In this article, we will learn about how to create the Best Email Marketing Funnel. So read and find out.

You, as a digital marketer, direct your steps in influencing your clients, but you have little control over your leadership behavior. Your power will extend to the recruiting of internal staff, social media ads, and the Google Display Network, or putting money into the R&D department.

In every phase of the buyer’s journey, email marketing has also proven to be the best reliable tactic, so it is important to learn how to do email marketing. This is where a funnel is used in email marketing.

What is the Best Email Marketing Funnel?

You need to know what it is and why it is successful before you create an email marketing funnel. A Best Email Marketing Funnel shows how a subscriber transfers informative and advertising emails from the lead to a customer. For successful email funnels, advertisers must foresee that the subscriber has to submit an email to initiate intervention at the right moment. The four-phase consumer life cycle is seen by the email campaign funnel:





The final objective is to keep the funnel going and convert to loyal consumers at the top.

Things required to create the Best Email Marketing Funnel

Classic marketing techniques no longer deceive subscribers, and sales promotional campaigns are disabled. A Best Email Marketing Funnel is different because it helps advertisers to have messages at the right time and to customize emails for each subscriber. Personalization alone will increase the email opening rate by 26 percent.

A Best Email Marketing Funnel approaches the lead as a customer so that you can determine where they are on the path of the consumer and connect efficiently. Although the development of an email marketing funnel has many advantages, consider the following:

You will still create new guidelines while keeping your email list with your email marketing funnel.

Your email funnel will proceed with the best technologies to market for you on an automobile, like a professional clock salesman (with less invasion and hard sales pitches).

If you give consumers reliably a favorable brand experience, they can become your super fans to advocate for your brands.

Types of Email Marketing

There are various types of Email Marketing Services. Each serves a different purpose. We have listed some of them below for you to find out which one is best for you -

The Welcome Email - You send this email when you gain a new subscriber. This helps in building an instant connection with the person and letting them know that your website is very active.

The promotional campaign - It is just like distributing pamphlets in a particular area for promoting something. You send emails to potential clients and customers to build awareness about your brand.

Seasonal Campaign - Can’t decide when to send your emails? This one's for you then. A festival or a holiday like Diwali presents an opportunity to send emails several days before the festival and several days later after the event.

Post-Purchase - Post-purchase emails are one of the best practices as it gives surety to the customers after they have made the purchase. It is a great way of building brand value.

Newsletter - Newsletters are used to build regular communication between the parties. It is a way to get into your subscriber’s subconscious and convert them into potential customers.

How to Create the Best Email Marketing Funnel?

While there are countless ways you can use an email marketing funnel for your subscribers, you must start by taking the four main steps to engage and maintain your leadership.

1. Generate leads using the top funnel

Many advertisers would say, “Money is on the list!” This is not the only step in the Best Email Marketing Funnel list, it’s the start of a solid marketing campaign. What is the reason behind it? You own your email list and are more responsible for contacting them, unlike your social media followers.

You can obtain email addresses in two efficient ways: opt-in forms and specialized landing pages. Email opt-ins are embedded in your entire website, and blog and it only requests email addresses and user names.

Opting type is great to maintain subscribers with newsletters. Dedicated landing pages rely on one lead magnet—like an email or free trial—which shows the customer sufficient information about your retail period. You provide customer value, making the landing pages more effective. This is the initial and one of the most important steps while creating a Best Email Marketing Funnel.

2. Nurture your lead to become your subscribers in the middle of an email funnel

You must continue to engage with your leads until you have discovered a lead-generation tactic that targets users. This is the second step that you need to follow when you create a Best Email Marketing Funnel.

Segmented lists may be created to provide each subscriber with the appropriate value proposition, feature, analysis, etc. Though this sounds complex, the users will automatically divide up on the lead magnet or type they have signed up for, website or email activity, or demographic details from the right automation tool.

Leading emails require tailored, useful, and custom communications that make you trustworthy. Each email represents a new opportunity to establish a friendship and to help you personalize your email depending on your work. There are some nurturing emails that you can use in this stage are:

Customized communication based on customer wishes

Case studies and user-generated content

Webinars or blogs

3. Convert leads into your customers at the bottom of the funnel

You have prepared the leads for your large conversion if your subscribers are engaged with you in the last two steps. This is the third step of how to create the Best Email Marketing Funnel cycle. You have established a connection with a value that your subscriber has triggered an emotional reaction. At the bottom of the funnel, in phase three, a more proactive transfer technique would be used to send customized nurturing campaigns. Final emails for conversion involve:

Retargeting: You may introduce retargeting techniques, which offer advertisements based on the actual goods they are interested in, like e-commerce abandoned carts.

Time-sensitive offers: You’re giving them the incentive to convert by supplying your warm leads with deadlines in urgent emails. These emails can contain vouchers, birthday deals, or even messages to subscribers who have long visited your site.

Onboarding: If you have used a lead magnet test cycle, you can turn these users into fully paid clients once the free trial is over.

4. Retain customers by repeating the email funnel

Your work isn’t over even after a subscriber becomes a customer. This is the last and the most important step when creating a Best Email Marketing Funnel. Customer retention and longer-term loyalty are essential to maximizing the profitability of your marketing income for your life. Loyalty encourages repeated transactions and referrals, which ensures that when they are converted, you have to work on their next purchase.

Keep your customers involved with your products or services to be in your customer’s forefront, whether through a weekly progress report or technology update.

Match upselling and cross-selling items based on the buying history of your customer to encourage greater deals.

Provide loyalty reference campaigns that promote customer sharing and word-of-mouth publicity. The deals include points to a free item or money for the next order.

Final words

The trick to generating more leads and creating more clients is having a proper email marketing funnel. The main function of having an email funnel is to generate more ROI and also save time.

You can convert your prospects to repeat customers like an oiled machine with the Best Email Marketing Funnel designed for conversions. The automation program not only lets you generate an email list, but it also gives importance to your guides, all of them by pressing a button.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is an Email Marketing Funnel?

Ans. An email marketing funnel is a step-by-step procedure you follow which inspires your content strategy. It also dictates you address specific points at the right time.

Q2. What are the different types of Email Marketing?

Ans. Following are some different types of Email Marketing -

The Welcome Email

The promotional campaign

Seasonal Campaign

Post Purchase


Q3. What are the three stages of a funnel?

Ans. Following are the three stages of a funnel -

Top of the funnel - Building Brand Awareness

Middle of the funnel - Consideration

Bottom of the Funnel - Conversion

Q4. What is a B2B marketing funnel?

Ans. It is a step-by-step process to attract target leads to a website. The main motive is to build brand awareness and convert potential clients to qualified leads.

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