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Best Conversion Rate Optimization Agency in the world 2024

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A business is all about customers without one- you will have no business to run Sometimes, you have customers visiting your store, but they leave without making a purchase. If it's a physical store, you can try convincing them of the merits of your offerings. But how do you do it online?

This blog will tell you all this and more…

Having a well-designed website that ranks higher on search results is important. Marketers use multiple strategies to drive website traffic, hoping that it will later convert into qualified leads and improve business sales.

But what if your website isn't converting your visitors into paying customers? Research says that only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates, while most others suffer.

Digital marketing and search engine optimizations are the initial phases of generating public interest; the real challenge is converting those clicks and traffic into your business profits. It is when you must start looking for a conversion rate optimization agency. They can assist you in getting more out of your existing traffic and can fulfill your long-term and sustainable growth.

Today's article will guide you on the conversion rate optimization agency and its importance to your business.

What is Conversion Rate Optimization?

Do you think putting time and effort into maximizing clicks and website traffic is enough to improve business sales? No If your visitors aren't converting into paying customers, which includes purchasing products, booking services, buying a subscription, or downloading an app, your effort goes in vain.

Conversion rate optimization is the way of testing and optimizing your website elements for improving website visitors and converting them into potential leads. Web Optimization is crucial in this process. Usually, the purchase rate is considered the measure to calculate CRO practices, but we will discuss several others on the list later.

Research says the average conversion rate of websites across all industries is nearly 3.5%, whereas best-performing websites have up to 11%.

You can calculate the conversion rate using a formula.

Conversion rate= (Number of conversions/total number of visitors) 100

For example, if your website got 400 visitors last month where you could attain 16 sales, your conversion rate is ((16/400))100) =4%.

Important Conversion Rate Optimization Services Metrics

You must've specific benchmarks to identify your CRO website performance and opportunities for better conversion funnel optimization. We have listed a few that a conversion rate optimization company mainly uses.

Bounce rate

It identifies the percentage of website visitors who left without navigating to the first web page or taking action. A high bounce rate indicates website issues, among others, like

  1. irrelevant site content
  2. image image links
  3. lack of mobile responsiveness

Exit rate

Exit rate is the percentage of website visitors leaving your site from specific pages. You can identify on which page most people leave and try recognizing the root cause of such behavior.

It mainly indicates

  1. poor website design
  2. unclear navigation
  3. slow page loading time

Click-through rate (CTR)

Companies using conversion rate optimization services must use CTR to determine their website conversion rate. It measures the number of clicks to your website, primarily through external sources.

For example, with CTR, you can calculate the number of people opening your email during an email campaign.

Cost per conversation (CPC)

CPC is an essential metric to identify the amount you pay for each website traffic conversion into paying customers. For example, suppose your conversion rate optimization agency runs a paid advertising campaign. In that case, you can calculate its CPC by dividing the total amount spent on ads by the number of conversions.

Average time on page

The average time on a page is similar to watching a movie. The better a movie is, the more you watch it and wait for the next scenes. You can use these metrics to identify how long your website visitors spend on a web page(s).

For example, an e-commerce website can expect people to spend at least 44 seconds to 1 minute and 22 seconds on their product description pages.

Pages per visit

A conversion rate optimization agency focuses on the volume of web pages a specific audience segment visits on your site. This gives them an idea of your site engagement, where you can provide valuable information that converts them into paying customers.

Macro conversion rate

You can consider conversion a macro-conversion if a user completes all of your website's major and end-goal actions. Macro conversion rates can tell how many users are converted on your website. For that, you can divide the total number of conversions by the number of site visitors.

Micro conversion rate

Now, not all your website visitors will convert immediately; some take little actions like watching a demo video or adding products to their cart. These are known as micro conversions, and they help you identify weak spots in your audiences that can develop marketing and sales funnels.

Returning visitor conversion rate

Some of your website visitors may return to your site to either view your offerings or make another purchase. When you keep track of your returning user conversion metric, you can understand who has been to your website earlier and whether they converted after returning.

It gives you an understanding of how successful your CRO website is at building and retaining audiences.

Return on Investment (ROI)

It is an essential metric that identifies your return from the campaigns you run. For example, if you are running an email campaign, you can determine its ROI by subtracting the revenue you generated from it and the amount you spent on it.

You must ensure the ROI is positive, indicating you are spending less on ads and getting more revenue returns.

Difference Between Conversion Rate Vs Click-Through Rate

You must have heard of using conversion rates and CTR or click-through rates to measure the success of your SEO marketing and digital marketing efforts. Though they may sound similar to you, there's a huge difference between them. Let us understand their difference briefly.

Factors of comparison

Conversion rate

Click-through rate

  • It refers to the volume of website visitors who and completed an action compared to the total number of visitors.
  • It refers to the number of people who clicked your ad and visited your website compared to the total of people it was visible to
How to calculate?
  • Calculate the Conversion rate by dividing the total number of website visitors who took a desired action by the total number of visitors and multiply the whole by 100

Conversion rate(%) = (Number of conversions/total number of visitors) * 100

  • Calculate CTR by dividing the whole number of clicks by the total number of impressions and multiplying the whole by 100

CTR= (Clicks/Impressions) * 100

  • Optimizing user experience, ROI measurement, A/B testing, competitive analysis
  • Performance management, ad effectiveness, ad placement, and positioning

Why Should Your Business Invest In CRO Marketing?

When you are getting visitors to your website, chances are high that these people find interest in your brand. But attracting an audience and converting them into paying customers are bridges apart.

It is where some brands fail to gain a better return on investment. If you aren't putting efforts and resources into CRO marketing, you may miss out on chances of converting potential leads.

We have listed a few reasons to invest in hiring a conversion rate optimization agency for your business.

Increase in business revenue and profits

If you are running a business, you must make it profitable and successful. In this journey, using CRO marketing can be a beneficial move. Firstly, CRO ensures higher traffic conversions into potential customers, leading to better sales.

Secondly, it improves customer experience, which helps you stay profitable in the long run.

Improve brand image

One essential factor for business success is improving brand image. You can draw valuable information on your target audience with conversion rate optimization services. This includes their interests, preferences, and needs, which further helps you provide an engaging customer experience.

When your customers get engaged with your brand mentally, they will certainly scroll through your products and services, leading to possible sales. It helps you create an everlasting impression on them, which amplifies trust and attracts others in their network.

Make data-driven decisions

By now, you must have known that CRO services don't work on guesswork; you need sufficient data and analytics to run these strategies. Your business can also gain an advantage from these insights and make data-driven decisions about your site design, website content, and overall marketing strategy.

Moreover, this iterative CRO approach helps you continuously improve and adapt to changing market trends.

Gain competitive advantage

We all know how competitive our business market is today, and to survive the changes, you need a conversion rate optimization agency. They help you create a well-optimized business website that offers a significant edge.

When potential customers search for relevant products or services and find your site more user-friendly and engaging than your competitors, they are more likely to close deals with you.

Reduce bounce rates

A high bounce rate can be a hurdle to your business's success. It means even though visitors drop to your site; they don't proceed to the next web pages or perform any task on your site.

With CRO, you can identify and address the issues effectively to reduce bounce rates and keep your visitors engaged on the site longer.

Improved customer retention and loyalty

It's no longer a secret that business success largely depends on customer loyalty. Moreover, if you can retain your existing customers, they can generate more sales at less advertising costs than acquiring newer ones.

A conversion optimization agency focuses on improving customer experience on your website, which makes their purchase journey better. When they can associate positively with your brand, their chances of returning increase.

Improved SEO performance

Search engines like Google use website optimization as an essential factor for site ranking, especially positive user experience. When hiring a conversion rate optimization agency, they introduce you to strategies to improve your site's user experience.

This means you rank at the top of search engine result pages whenever someone searches for relevant products and services, thus improving SEO performance. It then helps to drive more organic traffic to your site and amplify your CRO efforts.

Scale Your Brand With A Conversion Rate Optimization Agency

Now that you know what conversion rate optimization can do for your business, you must carefully decide on an agency. Though you can conduct CRO in-house, hiring an agency is better. Why?

It is mainly because you can see how others react to their services. Is that all?

With Gigde, you can find numerous other services with CRO, like SEO, PPC, digital PR management, content development and marketing, graphic designing, etc., which means you are secured from all ends.

We have served numerous clients, from startups to established businesses, and have a reputation for increasing organic growth by 10 times and boosting online leads by 15%.

At Gigde, we don't just make claims, but our statistics prove our efficiency. You will be surprised that we have efficiently raised 78% in website traffic, 81% in lead generation, 102% in conversion rate, and improved SERP by 10 times.

Moreover, we have gathered all-round experience from working in multiple industries during the last five years and can help you with all your CRO requirements.

Furthermore, our experts can create website-relevant content that drives more engagement to your website and ensures top-notch graphic design that creates everlasting impact. Our advertising campaigns promise to drive potential leads through email marketing, paid campaigns or PPC, SEO, and social media marketing.

The list of benefits doesn't end here. To find out what else Gigde offers, call us today!


If your business has a website, your primary goal must be to use it efficiently to attract and convert potential leads. But, attracting people is easy; converting them into paying customers requires effort. This is when you can hire the top conversion rate optimization agency. They can help you optimize your site for better traffic, lead generation, audience engagement, and improved conversion rate.

At Gigde, we offer top-notch services that can realistically change your overall business. For more details, contact us today.

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