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How to Build Quality Backlinks Without Spending Money

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You must know, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and backlinks sites are similar to identical twins and they are pretty powerful when it comes to website management and development. Generating backlinks from authoritative websites is one of the major activities of SEO. And, you can’t have 100% control of it.

Further, it plays a crucial role in rankings because it walks hand in hand with organic website traffic. When program website crawlers visit your websites to make a probe engine index, they particularly hunt for backlinks for a new site. They watch out if you have good rankings on SERPs or if your site lacks backlinks.

A backlink is a website link that returns to your website by clicking on it. Building a backlink is indeed tough. It requires skills, patience, and effort.

Tips to Build Backlinks To Your Website No Money

In this blog, we are going to make it easy for you by discussing how to get backlinks for a new website with no money, so without further adieu let us go through it.

1. Content contribution to a different website

In traditional language, you will not be addressed as guest posting where a fresh website writes a blog post for an additional site and earns backlinks for a new site from either the author bio or body content. Nowadays, this has changed everything after Panda and Penguin upgrades and not about what you compose on guest sites.

It’s all about how your content will help the users of that exact guest site. In short, guest posting continues to be active but provides relevance to its website and its readers. Also, nowadays, a range of content is being produced since users have various ways to consume the content.

The explanation behind such content will be easily shared on social media platforms. To ensure an effective social media strategy, refer to our comprehensive social media checklist. So, you have to research the most trending topics through tools that are available with an interesting title that suits the guest website as well. You have to approach them along with your suggested title and on getting approval, submit the most effective possible guests-graphic. With the submission of guests-graphic, offer a low blog-style write-up explaining the infographics.

2. Testimonials to make quality backlinks

It is pretty obvious that the primary thing which appears in your mind when you read the term ‘testimonial’ is some good words written by your customers for you. Yes, we are talking about the identical thing testimonials but the other way around. You could try to give testimonials on others’ websites.

For instance, if you’re using any social media marketing tool, SEO tool, or email marketing software, you could write good reviews on their portals. By getting your feedback approved, you may earn quality backlinks for a new site. Don’t just write to earn a backlink.

By doing this, you are providing that you’re a loyal customer of that product or service. The chances are high that you simply create amazing backlinks in exchange for a testimonial. But, you need to create an extent that you simply write a review that truly helps others to form a call regarding that service.

3. Quote industry influencers in your content

While promoting a blog or article, provides a shout-out to the quoted influencer on social media. If your content is well written and if they like the citation, they may place a link to your article on their website. To enhance your online presence, consider implementing effective social media optimization strategies.

In this way, you can earn quality backlinks for a new site as you will get to know their widespread network. You can use data from reliable sources in your niche from different websites. While writing such posts, be sure of your keywords too. It shouldn’t be completely out of place.

This is often because your website readers would be habituated to reading some form of content from you. If all of a sudden, they’ll find something irrelevant to them, they will unsubscribe.

4. Blog and forum commenting

This is almost like writing testimonials. You can’t sit and wait to create backlinks for a new site. You need to seek out other ways in which you can make up complete in-place SEO. A similar technique is blog commenting and forum posting.

Most of the companies run blogs and each blogger prefers to read comments on their blogs. Identify these blogs and blogging sites in your niche, and acknowledge your findings of that content. You can post your overall positive opinion of that post with different perceptions.

Coming back to forum commenting which is equally important as blog commenting. Here, you need to spot the active forums of your domain, preferably where industry influencers also visit. Start with participating in the trending posts and therefore the most active posts. Once your name and presence get established, you can start creating your posts and welcome perceptions.

In both cases, you have to make a radical authentic profile with an accurate URL to your website. Such comments have higher chances of getting approved instead of silly comments.

5. Promote your business

Until and unless you are self-promoting, chances are high that you’ll get noticed in the crowd. Rather, help your community by providing value. You need to comprehend them and allow them to fathom you. Once your online presence gets noticed ahead of them, you can then question an “ask”.

One of the advised ways is to achieve journalists and influencers from your niche through emails. Pitch your ideas to them and make sure that your content copy is scripted and to the purpose. Nobody in this world has time to take a seat and skim through long boring emails.

6. Become a contributor

Many portals permit you to post your content and in exchange, you get a backlink to your website. You have to post your content on the website having higher DA (domain authority) and higher PA (page authority) this is often because your goal isn’t only to make backlinks but to make quality backlinks.

Another major advantage you’ll get is building your brand value. On posting frequently, you may get many subscribers to your post and that’s how people will get habituated to listen to you at regular intervals. This, in turn, will boost your brand in addition to the corporate brand.


These were the best tips that we came up with. You’ll be able to fix external broken links and do social media promotions and business listing. Some benefits will come from these areas too. If you’re popular in your social media networks but you have a new website, you can attempt to get interviewed by an expert and reciprocally earn backlinks for a new site. We hope we could help you and you found what you were looking for.

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