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Best Social Media Practices For Freelancers

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Social networking is a hard nut to crack. Time, care, and effort are also needed. And let us not forget, this is all the work you do for your customers. Don’t you want a special social media checklist for freelancers? A checklist that can be completed every day with actionable and repeated steps? A checklist that will help you create a list and help you get more customers?

This is precisely why we have made this social media checklist because we think it allows freelancers to take out any hair without a sense of where to start. Here, we have built a social media checklist that is easy to follow and can be used by freelancers who want more customers via social media.

Best Social Media Practices for Freelancers

Below are the best practices for freelancers:

1. Research about your target clients

You must have a specific demographic target, whether you represent a specialized niche or a more generalist community of clients. Without it, you’re going to market without intent – and targetless marketing is a waste of time and resources. This is an additional move but a significant one that you must include in your social media checklist. If you know exactly who you are trying to meet, your choices will be more knowledgeable and eventually more successful in this process.

2. Research where you can find your target audience

The first step is to hop on main channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. That’s all right, but to save time and money, it is suggested to spend time exposing where to hang your target audience for more analysis and brainstorming. It is simple to infer from these examples:

  • LinkedIn is used most frequently by such specialists,
  • as well as organizations that operate as think-tanks and Facebook and LinkedIn and
  • They could even hang out on Twitter.

Can you match your niche in this way again: Is your “follower” a designer? Instagram might be a strong starting point. Are they a capitalistic venture? Then maybe you want to search locations such as Angellist or Y Combinator. Will you want to represent creative agencies? Many are on Dribble or Behance – on these sites, you can make a shot. You will quickly determine which social media should be used and which kinds of content will be accessible to your target audience by providing a comparison to the kind you are targeting. This is one of the best social media practices for freelancers.

3. Have a good amount of quality content to share

The big advantage of taking social media seriously is that it helps you to equalize as an authority. Having a good quality of content helps you reach the audience, and you can make contact with them. Therefore this step must be surely included in your social media checklist.

4. Creating your content

Build content that is closely related to your service. For example, writing an article or creating a video on the web design process are essential steps forward if you provide web design services. Similarly, advertisers will profit from posts demonstrating their skills. This is a good rule of thumb: think of social media as an interactive portfolio. Just bring the job to the fore, of which you are proud. Make it filled with meaning, regardless of whether you are writing an article or filming a video. Suffice it to make your potential readers or viewers not only follow but also lead.

5. Curating related content from others

There is much benefit to learning from the material of others, but it’s easy to tread. As you would like to help your followers with the best knowledge, you would like to educate them yourself. So do not only incorporate content from other freelancers, blogs, or websites into your Social Media messages. In this case, the 80/20 rule is good. Make sure that the greater part of that equation fills your material. Our preference for content is Buffer, which has a feature to curate content. The idea is to have the most valuable posts cherry-picked and in your queue ready. It is now time to make sure that these posts are the most appropriate for you once you’ve picked all the posts you share.

6. Collecting all content in one place

So now you have both your own and others’ stuff. It’s time to carry them in one position so that when it’s time to publish, you’re not still scrambling. This is the next important step in the social media checklist for freelancers. The best way is to keep them all in a Google Sheet. You can look at more versatile workspaces like Trello and Notion if you want anything more complex. But also consider Buffer (freemium) and Edgar (paid). They are tools for social media marketing that are baked in native after-schedulers.

7. Committing to a proper posting schedule

This is dependent on demographics that differ for everyone. There are (paid) third-party tools that use A.I. to decide when the content should be posted. You can even determine by yourself when to publish the content.

Social Media Practices
Social Media Practices

8. Being social

The point of this move is to warm up and cultivate leads that already exist in your network. Sounds straightforward, okay? Yeah, that’s it. Staying on top can grow a bit daunting, but this is not what we have for you below if you have a properly laid social media checklist.

9. Make connections

This social media checklist should give you a way to take your social game as a freelancer! The aim is, of course, to create, gain authority, to book more (or more) customers for your professional brand. But don’t forget the process is enjoyable! Some unbelievable talented people will meet you, so make the connection worthwhile. Build your social relationships by being very helpful to them. And don’t waste time when you connect! Provide your services to the disciples who may need them. It will support people with whom you have relationships already formed.

Final words

So this is all that must be included in a social media checklist for freelancers. You can follow this checklist to grow your freelancing career on social media platforms and have a good image for yourself to attract more clients. 

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