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11 Easy Steps To Use Guestographics To Improve SEO By Getting Credible Backlinks

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You will want to know the term guestographic and understand how to get backlinks with guestographics backlinks and enhance SEO.

SEO specialists recommend the techniques of guestographic to improve SEO. This is one of the finest techniques to obtain more backlinks, build up authority and increase traffic on your site.

As other websites refer to your website content, you will become more of an authority on the subject that you specialize in. Backlinks are also a kind of recommendation that helps to gain an important place in Google.

But it isn’t as straightforward as it seems, because there is a lot to consider when you’re looking for additional backlinks such as relevancy, quality, and the type of website that will link back to your site. This article will help you to understand what is guestographics and how you can use guestographics to improve SEO. So swipe down the article to grab this interesting information. 

What is guestographics?

The process involving developing infographics and publishing them on other high-ranking websites is Guestographics. A method of creating articles that include graphics; that way, it will look like an asset on your website. Informative graphics paired with specific information are referred to as “guestographics.” Where unique resources serve to increase ranking, informational graphics aid in promoting organic and real traffic.

Steps to follow to use guestographics to improve SEO

Below are the various steps given to use guestographics to improve SEO:

Locate and accumulate information

To work with the correct people, who can make your brand or product known better, it’s vital to first determine what niche you are from.

If you are into food products or related services, then you would probably want to link to food writers or influencers from leading websites or any websites or influencers who are known for their food content. You don’t want to work with technology influencers, as your target market is related to food-related content. 

There are now two possible ways to find information:

  • Use tools like Ahrefs or BuzzSumo for content research.
  • Determine your niche’s top sites and then search for authors you can work with.

Search and collect all the information you need – if that matters to you – from the first names of writers to their Twitter usernames. When you don’t find them on the website, it takes quite some effort to find their email addresses. You must dig it yourself.

Send the pitch email

Request advice before you make your pitch and tracking emails. Read as many articles and blogs as you can and get tips from everyone you know who is an email specialist.

Important notes:

  • Since you are seeking for more information, ask them if they want to make a future blog of theirs into a newsletter instead of a blog post because it was previously written and posted on their emails – and it was probably read by most of their readers.
  • Wait for 2-3 days when sending follow-up emails. Don’t immediately send them.

Do more research 

You have to be quick when you perform this kind of outreach. It is essential to collect all data on a spreadsheet so that you can quickly track the people, those who are and those who aren’t interested. This is one of the important steps you must follow if you want to use guestographics to improve SEO.

Design an outline for the content and set design instructions

If you received the final draft of your future blog post, write an outline of your infographic content. Keep the blog’s core items because nobody likes to read wordy content. There are infographics for accessible and easily understandable information.

Important note: don’t forget to select fonts, colours, styles for their design preferences. You can also request them to submit an example of their desired infographic style to inspire. This is the next important step when you use guestographics to improve SEO.

Designing the infographic

It is time to transfer the information to designers once the content outline has been approved – if you have an in-house graphic designer. It is not required to go and rent one if you don’t have a designer. You can construct it yourself.

Many great and easy-to-use computer tools, such as Visme, provide a valid subscription, offering beautiful templates you can customise smoothly. There are also online pages where you may find free icons if they don’t have those symbols you want to use.

Send your infographic for recheck and approval

You can send it to the writer or influencer for feedback after creating the infographic. They can either approve or request editing.

Getting the backlink

Once you get the backlink, the real work starts from here. It’s now time to email bloggers that could be interested in your content. 

Steps to follow after the infographics is designed

Various steps are given below after the infographics is designed:

Start your research again

Search for bloggers who may want to share your infographic. Look and collect data such as how you searched for authors and contributors at top locations. You may have noted before that you looked for writers and contributors to leading sites and now are searching for bloggers.

Because the website with a high domain rating is worth your time more than a low-domain-rating website. This is a crucial step while using guestographics to improve SEO.

Email the request

Make it easy, direct and provide the information you have. It is imperative to be honest and concise in your email interaction.

Give a short article to attach with the infographic

When asked, produce a unique post that is relevant and does not forget to promote your company gently and link it to your website.

Get another high-quality backlink

It may take some time to publish your post and infographic, but waiting and effort are worth it.

Final words

Do not only produce an infographic but also learn how to construct a one-stone bird, which can be viral, using infographics that SEO and social media visibility. As you can see, this SEO technique certainly demands a great deal of work, commitment and patience. 

You’ll achieve the outcomes you want if you do it correctly and intelligently. It’s not guaranteed that you will boost your SEO, even if you have a lot of backlinks. In life and SEO, quality is always more important than quantity. 

You can also refer to brian dean guestographics techniques to understand better how to use guestographics effectively. So start using guestographics to improve SEO and get high-quality backlinks to your website. 

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