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7 Amazing Tips for Running the Best Facebook Ads Campaign

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One wonderful feature of the best Facebook Ads campaign is the breadth of their capabilities. You can target practically any audience in various locations on and outside Facebook, using a variety of different ad styles. This degree of customization is astounding.

A campaign is a collection of ad sets and ads designed to achieve a single goal, such as increasing the number of app installs. A Facebook ad helps in growing your audience, boosting your website traffic, and increasing your followers.

However, all of these tactics are ineffective if you're having difficulty persuading the system to work in your favor. Even seasoned marketers occasionally struggle with Facebook Ads due to the system's complexity.

This article has listed some Facebook advertising techniques that you can utilize to optimize your successful Facebook campaigns and increase their effectiveness, regardless of your present objectives. 

7 Amazing Tips for Running the Best Facebook Ads Campaign

To assist you in maximizing your ROI, we will go through some of the best Facebook ad campaign tactics that perform well for most campaigns.

1. Know Your Audience

Facebook's Broad Targeting Tools are well-known, and presenting them to some advertisers is like letting a kid get lost in a candy store. It is thrilling to target a hyper-targeted audience with such precision.

However, there is a caveat: you should not always do that. Creating hyper-niche audiences can sometimes result in an audience that is too narrow, the increasing frequency of a generic ad and restricting performance.

You must first determine who you're targeting before selecting your actual targeting criteria. Avoid becoming distracted by the abundance of alternatives once you're inside; keep in mind that you're going to target "vegetarians" and "yoga interests," and avoid layering on five additional hobbies simply because they make sense. This is one of the most important tips to keep while running the best Facebook ads campaign.

2. Set Campaign Goals

It is very important to define your campaign goals. Facebook will display your ads to people in your target audience who are likely to take the action you've selected.

One of the most important factors that you should consider when it comes to creating the best Facebook ad campaign is your objective. This will help you set goals for your campaigns and individual ads. When you go to the Ads Manager, you'll be able to select the objectives that are most important to you.

Your Facebook ads engagement objective should be focused on low-intent actions, which will likely result in a high number of people taking these steps. If you want to drive conversions and sales, then a low-intent action might lead to a poor-quality lead.


3. Create lookalike audiences using high-value customers

This is another tried-and-true Facebook advertising tactic for running effective and best  Facebook ads campaigns.

Even those that are quite small, most businesses have certain clients that are more valuable than others. Perhaps they are more involved, or perhaps (more likely) they are high-spending, devoted consumers. 

Create a bespoke audience composed of these people. Then, based on this custom audience, construct a doppelganger audience to assist you in connecting with cold audience members who are extremely similar to those high-value clients. This is an excellent opportunity to work with more of the clients you enjoy.

When constructing a lookalike crowd of high-value audiences, strive to maintain as much similarity as possible while maintaining a sizable audience size. You can obtain this information by swiping back and forth on the "audience size" meter.

4. Proper placement of ads

You may reach users on and off Facebook through various channels, including Instagram and the audience network. Additionally, you may select whether to run advertising on desktop, mobile, or both.

Different placements will have varying effects on your Facebook ad campaign structure. For example, mobile users may be less likely to purchase loose desktop users, but they are more likely to engage. Instagram placements are continuously more expensive than Facebook placements, but they also generate a higher level of interaction on average. 

Similarly, on-platform newsfeed advertisements perform better than suitable column ads on Facebook, but newsfeed ads have a greater potential for increased CTRs. 

The best Facebook ads campaign example  – Sharing a Coke became a way of saying you were thinking of someone. The simplicity of this highly successful campaign was its genius. Coke inspired customers to buy more than they normally would by using "Share a Coke" as its call to action.

These are some of the great examples of the best Facebook ads campaign idea that you may consider. While all placements are enabled by default, you can customize them when designing your advertising. 

5. Practice Retargeting

On average, retargeting efforts had higher conversion rates and cheaper CPCs. Whether you're advertising to people who have only viewed a particular page on your website or to high-value consumers who make frequent purchases, these individuals already have a relationship with your brand. 

Facebook's remarketing capabilities enable you to segment your audience into two distinct categories:

  • Individuals who have been added to a list that you've uploaded. These lists may consist of previous customers, email subscribers, or blog subscribers. This is the most effective when creating targeted, timely offers appropriate to these particular groups. 
  • Individuals that have recently interacted in some way with your business. This could be completing a task on your website or watching a specified portion of a video on your platform. Additionally, there is now the opportunity to retarget individuals who interacted with your store in person. Offline events can configure these.

Whatever types of bespoke audiences and retargeting campaigns you design, always remember to leverage all of your information about that unique audience when creating appropriate messaging. Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to run the best Facebook ads campaign.

6. Make mobile-friendly content

As mobile usage grows, you must offer content to people where they are most likely to interact with it. The truth is, whereas material designed for desktop may not necessarily convert well to mobile, content created for mobile often does. As a result, it's critical to generate mobile-first content that reaches the audience with whom you may be having difficulty connecting.

Ascertain that your material adheres to mobile-friendly standards. Increasing your use of vertical video in your advertising is an excellent example, as mobile users can simply extend the video to full screen without turning their phone. It may sound a little childish, but it is significant.

Additionally, it would help if you experimented with mobile-specific formats, such as Instant Experiences and Story Ads. Both of these are fully-responsive mobile experiences that can direct customers to a landing page of your choosing. This is one of the best methods for running the best Facebook ads campaign.

7. Set the Right Budget and Bid Strategy

Most customers are focused on making money, which means they're usually looking for leads and sales. A marketing budget of 5% to 12% of a company's revenue is typical, and newer businesses may want to spend more. Typically you can expect your Facebook ads cost per click to cost you between $0.50 and $2.00 per click.

You can choose the right bid strategy by following some steps on Facebook– Scroll down to the Campaign Budget Optimization section of the first page where you set up your ad to use bid cap. Hover over Campaign Bid Strategy to reveal the Edit button. After you click Edit, you can choose Bid Cap from the drop-down menu. Keep in mind that this option is only available for certain ad types.

The best Facebook ads bid strategy for you is determined by your budget, timeframe, campaign objectives, confidence, and performance measurement method. Different bid strategies can and should be used for different campaigns, or even different ads and ad sets within a campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q1- How to create a Facebook ad campaign?

Ans- Follow these steps to create the best Facebook ads campaign:

  • Create a Facebook Ads Manager account.
  • Begin by creating an ad in Facebook Ads Manager.
  • Select an objective.
  • Select your audience.
  • Make a budget.
  • Make your advertisement.
  • Keep track of your ad's performance metrics.
  • Report on the performance of Facebook ads.


Q2- Is Facebook Ads Campaign free?

Ans- However, even if you don't have a budget, you should try Facebook advertising. Social commerce is on the rise, with an estimated 64.8 million Facebook buyers by 2025. Fortunately, you can advertise on Facebook for free all you need is some creativity and patience.


While PPC campaigns can appear daunting, these best Facebook ads campaign techniques can help make the process a little easier and significantly more effective. Understanding Facebook campaign objectives will help you understand what you need to do to support your social media marketing goals for ads.

Each of these ideas will teach you how to use the ad system like a pro, resulting in the kind of high-reaching ROIs, reduced ad expenses, and increased conversion rates that only agencies and professional ad advisors can deliver.


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