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Social media is the driving force behind some of the biggest brands worldwide. The city of Portland serves as a headquarters for many big, small, and startup companies in the USA. With high competition, you need to seize any opportunity possible to make your business stand out. Portland social media agency presents one such amazing opportunity that can help you showcase the uniqueness of your brand.

According to one statistic, about 4.95 billion social media users worldwide exist. Even more amazing is that around 77% of businesses use social media to reach customers. This is a clear indication of how useful and popular social media marketing is among businesses across the world. So why should you stay behind?

Therefore, if you have not started social media marketing yet, this is your sign to start looking for a reliable Portland social media marketing agency. For more information, keep reading the section below.

Why should you work with Portland Social Media Services?

By most measures, the economy of Portland sits in a very advantageous position. In the last few decades, Portland has expanded the production of goods and services at one of the highest rates in the USA. Moreover, this bustling city has a comparable high concentration of tradeable industries. This makes Portland the perfect location for businesses to thrive and grow.

But that is not all. Some major components of Portland's economy include technology, the scrap steel industry, etc. Seeing the city's economic landscape, it is not surprising that the competition here is very high. So, being part of such an economy, what would you do to carve out a unique place for your business?

We suggest starting with social media marketing, an effective strategy to boost your business's growth. Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider partnering with a Portland social media agency:

Their expertise is unmatched

Social media marketing is not as easy as it sounds. In fact, it's far more complex and requires the help of experts to show good results. So when you hire a Portland social media management provider, their skill and expertise are assured.

You save a lot of time

If you think you can manage both your business and social media marketing simultaneously, you are sorely mistaken. Social media management can be complex and may take up your time. So, unless you want to neglect the core functions of your business, hiring a Portland social media firm is the right thing to do.

They can help you achieve your goals

Social media marketing goals can sometimes be very difficult to achieve, especially when juggling between your business and the campaign. This is why hiring professionals become very important. With the help of a Portland social media company, both your business and social media campaign will do well.

It is a cost-effective solution

Firstly, social media marketing is highly effective and cost-saving compared to traditional marketing methods. Secondly, hiring a digital media agency near you would save you even more money. Therefore, hiring, no matter what point of view you look at from a Portland social media agency, is overall very beneficial.

All of these points are solid proof that your business would be better off working with professional help. But one question remains: Why hire Portland social media services and not a freelancer? Keep reading the section below if you are interested to know.

In-House experts vs Agency: Which is better?

When you think of social media from a business perspective, it goes beyond just posting and sharing stuff on your account. Social media marketing is far more strategic and requires professional help to show desired results.

However, this section is not about the complexity of social media marketing. The question here is which option is better: an in-house social media expert/freelancer or a Portland social media marketing agency. Therefore, here is a simple comparison of the two to help you make the right decision for your brand.

ParametersIn-house Portland social media expertsPortland social media agency
ExpertiseNo matter how hard they try, a social media freelancer cannot match a team of experts.A social media agency has a team of experts with lots of experience in handling social media campaigns.
MoneyIf you plan to hire an in-house expert then it's obvious you will have to spend more on resources, learning curve, and salary.For a social media agency, you don't have to pay for resources, tools, learning curve, etc, so they would naturally cost you less.
FlexibilityWith an in-house expert, you will have good control and more flexibility.On the other hand, a good social media agency can also be very flexible but there is a scope for miscommunication.
Better ResourcesPortland social media experts may not have access to sophisticated tools, software, etc., because they can be expensive.Portland social media management would naturally have access to the latest social media tools and software.
ResultsThe effort and results of an individual can never be comparable to that of a whole team.Of course, their results will be better. After all, from a team of social media experts to resources they have it all.

Overall, working with a Portland social media marketing agency seems much better than housing your expert. So, if you are interested in knowing how these agencies work, then take a look at the next section to find out about their services.

What are the services offered by a Portland social media company?

Brands hire social media companies because of their services. So, if you also plan to hire a Portland social media agency, you better know the types of services they offer. So here they are:

Social media management

Every social media agency in Portland can handle your brand's social media account for you. So you can trust in their services and let them grow your online presence on various social media channels.

Social media marketing

Just handling your account is not enough. They can even strategize and implement social media ad campaigns to help you maximize social media's full power.

Social media advertising

Advertising is important for any successful social media strategy. With the help of a social media agency, you can ensure your advertising campaign is a success.

Brand Management

A good social media agency can communicate your brand's image effectively. Moreover, they can also help you establish a strong and unique brand voice for your business in Portland.

Content Creation

To ace social media, you need to be on top of your content game. Therefore, you need the help of Portland social media experts to help you churn out relevant and valuable content.

After looking at these services, you might have decided to hire a reliable Portland social media marketing agency. However, finding a good social media agency is not exactly an easy job, and this is why you should continue reading the section below.

Grow your brand with a Portland social media agency

In this day and age, where every business is competing to improve, working with just any social media agency will not do. Especially in a city like Portland, where the competition is even higher, you need the help of a top Portland social media agency like Gigde. Here is why hiring our social media service is the right choice for you.

We provide you with a team of experts

By hiring Gigde, you will get to work with talented social media experts who can craft conversion-driven social media strategies. Moreover, they can even help you increase your engagement and attract new followers.

We take your goals seriously

As a social media agency in Portland, we aim to give you the desired results. Therefore, we will carefully listen to your goals and needs and then try to give you a social media strategy that achieves them all.

We provide top-notch social media services

A social media company is recognized for its services. Therefore, we try to provide our clients with the very best. When it comes to our client's success, we leave no stone unturned. Here is how we can help your business in Portland grow:

  • We will help you build brand awareness on various social media channels.
  • Our experts can help you nurture a community of loyal followers.
  • Our Portland social media agency will ensure you see a significant improvement in your sales.
  • We can create thumb-stopping content and ads to increase your engagement.
  • You can also take advantage of our other digital marketing services.

By hiring Gigde, you will be making the right choice for your business in Portland. Therefore, when looking for a good Portland social media firm, do not forget to check out Gigde.


Social media has now become an integral part of human life. If you want to know about a business, your first instinct would be to check either the internet or their social media. Thus, as a business, you need to find a good Portland social media agency to help your brand conquer social media.

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