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Pittsburgh Social Media Agency - Top Rated SMM Company

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Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in the USA to start your own business. The city has a dynamic and forward-thinking business environment that encourages growth. But there is one small problem: with its growing economy, the number of competitors also increases daily.

Social media marketing has become a big part of business strategy. It helps you reach your customers and make them aware of the brand, its products, and services. So, if you plan to establish your business in Pittsburgh, marketing will become a key point connecting you with your audience. On the other hand, if you already have a business in the city and want to improve its online presence, there is no better option than outsourcing social media services.

But one question still stands: To whom should we outsource the social media services? A Pittsburgh social media agency or a freelancer? Well, you will find the answer to this question in this blog, so keep reading.

Why use social media marketing in Pittsburgh?

Before you go any further with outsourcing social media services, you need to understand if it's beneficial for your brand. While it's no hidden fact that social media is a powerful marketing tool, before you jump the gun, you should know why it is so.

After all, if you plan to spend your precious time and resources on a social media agency, the very least you can do is learn about the importance and advantages of social media.

Social media is a channel that connects people with the world. If you apply this approach to business, social media will become an essential link between a brand and its customers. Social media platforms give you access to a global audience. Brands worldwide have been taking advantage of this fact to further their reach and attract new customers.

Pittsburgh social media management service and freelancer allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. They can also help you highlight your services and products and leave a positive impression on potential customers.

Overall, social media is a helpful marketing channel that you can take advantage of under the guidance of a professional. But the real question is which to choose: Pittsburgh social media company or freelancers?

Pittsburgh Social Media Agency Vs Freelancers

The city of Pittsburgh has a healthy ecosystem that inspires growth and development in all kinds of businesses. The city has a diversified economy, with some of its biggest sectors being services, medicine, tourism, education, technology, finance, etc.

Being part of such competitive industries, you would know how difficult it is to make a name for yourself. This is where Pittsburgh social media agency and freelancing experts come to the rescue.

With the help of a professional social media expert, you can easily pull off a social media advertising campaign that drives results. However, choosing between a Pittsburg social media company and a freelancer is tough. Therefore, here is a detailed comparison to help arrive at a solid conclusion.


  • Pittsburgh social media services, provided by an agency, would be staffed with professionals. They would have an entire team of social media experience with a lot of experience.
  • Freelancers are individuals who take on projects on their own. While they may be experienced, is there even a comparison between a single person and an entire team?


  • A Pittsburg social media agency would have access to all necessary resources and assets to manage your social media campaign.
  • Freelancers cannot afford the same amount of resources as social media companies. So, they can only handle your campaign with limited resources.


  • A reputable Pittsburgh social media company can provide you with all kinds of specifics and broad services. This is because social media agencies in Denver can scale their services by adding and subtracting specialists.
  • In terms of services, freelancing social media experts will be limited by their abilities and expertise. Unlike agencies, they will not be able to cover everything, nor will they be able to scale services based on necessities.

Learning Curve

  • Social media marketing has a learning curve, and it is pretty easy for an agency to keep up with.
  • Meanwhile, freelancers juggle multiple things at the same time. Therefore, it's tough for them to keep up with the learning curve.


  • Although a Pittsburgh social media services provider manages multiple projects simultaneously, there will always be a dedicated project manager to handle all your needs.
  • Freelancers may often struggle to manage work if they end up having multiple clients onboard simultaneously.


  • Next, a Pittsburgh social media agency typically has formal contracts and agreements with its clients. This means agencies have more accountability for the social media campaign results.
  • Since freelancers are not part of an organization, project management and accountability will always pose a challenge.


  • A social media company, as mentioned before, has a team of experts with various specializations. Therefore, it would take them less time to handle a campaign.
  • Freelancing social media experts generally work alone and would, therefore, take more time.


  • The cost of hiring a Pittsburgh social media expert may be more than a freelancer's due to the large infrastructure, more expertise, and advanced tools. However, they are still considered a cheaper option than housing social media specialists.
  • By hiring a freelancing social media expert, you only have to pay them for their services; this can be quite cost-effective. Moreover, you don't have to worry about providing benefits like office space, equipment, etc.


  • Pittsburgh social media management services typically work on fixed contracts. So there is very little scope for making changes mid-way
  • One of the primary benefits of hiring a freelancer is their flexibility.


  • The results produced by a professional Pittsburgh social media agency would be good. This is because they have everything they need to handle a brand social media campaign successfully.
  • If the experts you have hired are skilled enough, then it's obvious they will bring you good results. Regarding results, everything depends on the individual's knowledge and expertise.

After reading this, you might already have a good idea of which option is better for you. We suggest that if you have the budget, do not compromise and go with an experienced Pittsburgh social media professional. That way, you will be guaranteed good results and growth.

Why is Gigde the right Pittsburgh social media company for you?

Being part of a highly advancing digital world, businesses in Pittsburgh need to keep up with the digital revolution. They must adopt new social media marketing strategies and research unique ways to attract an audience. One such notable and extremely effective method is social media marketing. You might already be familiar with how much businesses need social media.

You may not know how much difference a right Pittsburgh social media agency can make. Working with a subpar company will only bring you subpar results. Therefore, you need to work with one of Pittsburgh's best social media agencies to generate good results. If you'd like to go with our suggestion, then Gigde is the right choice for the success of your social media campaign.

Here are a few reasons why hiring Gigde might be beneficial for your brand:

We will help you build brand awareness

With the help of our advanced services and tools, we will nurture your brand voice and identity on various platforms. As a Pittsburgh social media agency, we will help you create a unique and appealing brand image.

We can manage communities

Our social media specialists can build and manage communities on all social media platforms.

We will create valuable content

Our social executive in Pittsburgh knows how to create content that attracts, engages, converts, and retains an audience.

We will boost your income

By building a strong social presence and running a successful campaign in Pittsburg, we will help your business drive growth and double sales.

We will increase your engagement

Increasing your social media engagement will boost your lead generation and conversion. In addition, when you partner with a social media agency like Gigde, you will have a team of experts to handle all your social media interactions.


Overall, if you even plan to expand or establish your business in Pittsburgh, remember social media marketing is a good option to do so. However, achieving success through social media is difficult; you will need a Pittsburgh social media agency to handle all your social media activities and campaigns. Therefore, make a wise choice and go with Gigde.

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