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7 Interesting Networking Tips for Illustrators Across The Globe

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Whether an artist, editor, writer, designer, photographer, musician, maven on the social media or the creator of content, there may be a satisfactory sense of insecurity in creative positions – or on the flipside. Illustrators are mostly somewhere in the centre: talented, driven, but just unable to get a chance. It also does not help to isolate many freelance creative gigs. In this article, we have explained how to network as an artist and jotted down some best networking tips for illustrators. So read and find out what you have to do as an illustrator to create a better network and grab the opportunity.

Top 7 Networking Tips for Illustrators

Here are some of the best networking tips that every illustrator can use to build there network

1. Give importance to in-person interactions

Networking as a creative person offers people the opportunity to know you as a person rather than seeing and progressing. Meeting in person improves opportunities for others to invest in you, your ambition, and your career. This is one of the best networking tips for illustrators. Moreover, many people and companies want to support local artists or recruit local artists—and you’re just the kind of local talent they are seeking when you come in person to your town. Meeting personally with a person also offers other benefits to creators. This differs from other forms of networking because your creative search can be a sidetrack, or you can start your own new business. Otherwise, if you’ve been here for a while, you may have cut it off isolated – so networking offers an opportunity for people outside of your everyday bubble to talk.

In addition, creative achievement can be harder to quantify, unlike more data-driven positions. No matter how you stop your creative work, it might leave some non-creative people scratching their heads if it does not directly lead to revenue-based or statistical results. You have an opportunity to express your true passion by yourself and have a conversation, be it the process, inspiration, public reception, or appreciations that you have received. This can provide gravity and clarity for something that can look fun and easy on the surface, like a festival pop-up event or which more traditional professionals may not know.

2. Properly tailor your talents

You know, of course, the value of your skills, but not others – at least not immediately. But, if you’re in a visual field, you can quickly bring your work out of an abstract concept with business cards or pull up a portfolio on your phone. This is among the top networking tips for illustrators. But not everything that is needed is visual examples. Have anecdotes on how your talents are making a difference. Connect the points to them. Installing that this calling can apply to everything from product descriptions to email blasts rather than just telling someone you are a writer. You can create office art, advertisements, website graphics, leading team portraits, holiday cards, or swag if you are a visual artist.

3. Visit all types of get-togethers

Creativity crosses industries, so don’t just network events that focus solely on creators in your particular field. For instance, a tech summit is an excellent opportunity to promote your storytelling skills in newly started companies; a construction convention may be an opportunity to put your brochure and property signage design skills together, and a social media gathering can connect your copywriting skills with campaigns on the horizon. This is one of the effective networking tips for illustrators. By broadening your horizons, you will not only discover new opportunities that otherwise would not be on your radar – you will also be discovered by professionals in other fields.


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4. Always reflect on your best behaviour

Although you are a true visionary, keep the behaviour of the diva under control. You make networks to make connections easier, not to repel them. In addition, when it comes to appearing arrogant or flying, artists and creatives already have a bad rap; give creators a good name with a victorious attitude. This is one of the top networking tips for illustrators that you can use as an illustrator. Be humble when you describe your work and give others the same respect for their careers and passions as you do. It’s not just to be polite — the more curiosity and consideration you show to people in other areas, the more you learn about areas in which you may also have a chance.

5. Set sensible expectations

Yes, networking increases your chances of selection of an appealing contract or a commercial commission. But the truth is, most networking opportunities (even those that seem awesome) will lead to nothing. Not immediately, at least. The good news is that the benefits of networking are not so narrow. Forging links means that for a long time, you’re in it. Don’t bank on dark opportunities for an immediate slam. Look to the future instead. Once a strong connection has been established, it is all the best that months later, there will be a stronger project, and you will be very aware of the situation as it approaches.

6. Build your skills from school

Student meetings may be a perfect place to start your creative networking because even if you have years or disciplines in between, you have something in common with other participants. But there’s no need to end your school connection. If you’re trying to move in a new direction or want to improve your skills, you can have a competitive and demanding advanced degree or a certificate class. Do not forget that your students and faculty are also excellent and topical networking candidates. This is among the best networking tips for illustrators.

7. Help people in various industries

You don’t interact unilaterally when you are networking, and you’re not just there to get a chance. Some of the most successful experiences you have with your networking can be when you give someone else a leg. Whether you propose a resource, relate an experience, share a link, or invite someone to another event, a pitch can nurture genuinely strong ties. By exhibiting interest and effort, you are showing your interest in building a real and symbiotic professional friendship and not just trying to get something out of interaction. This is one of the best networking tips for illustrators.

This not only opens the door to you but it creates a relationship for longevity. This is particularly useful for you in a creative environment, as your work will evolve depending on techniques, customers, or trends. If you keep in contact all through the twists and turns of your career, you’re much more likely to look at someone — a far more significant advantage than someone who just once sees your work and does not remain in the loop.

Final words

So these were the best networking tips for illustrators that you must implement if you are an illustrator and want to grow your network. These tips will surely help you to build a strong network and assist you in grabbing great opportunities.

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