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What is Long Form in Content Marketing And Its Benefits

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Long-form content marketing is the type of content marketing that promotes content that is long-form, generally ranging from 1000 or more words. These types of content are written to provide deep data and facts about a topic. In this blog, we will study several topics including the basics of content marketing, steps of creation, types of content, advantages, and strategies.

Without wasting a single second, let's dive deep into the blog, surrounding content marketing.

The written form of communication is one the oldest ways that just evolved from papers to digital screens. Rest, the data, way of presentation, formation, and other things remained constant. Content marketing has been a revolutionary medium in order to engage and interact with the customers of a brand and build relationships with them. Furthermore, long-form content marketing is certainly popular in the categories of content marketing.

It has become an important part of successful digital marketing strategies. It helps the brand to create various materials like blog posts, articles, infographics, and more, targeting the customers’ needs and interests. In today’s blog, we will be looking out for a few important topics, including:

  1. About content marketing
  2. Types of content
  3. Steps to create a long-form content
  4. Strategies to create impactful content
  5. Merits of the long-form content

What is Long Form Content?

Long-form content advertising is the type of content marketing technique that supports creating, distributing, and publishing long form content. Typically these types of content ranged from 1000 words and more. The long form content permits the businesses to affiliate the users with informative, comprehensive resources of knowledge.

Brands benefit from this type of marketing as they can build deeper relationships with their clients, users, and readers. It helps in establishing the brand as an authoritative figure in the respective industries. Long form content marketing includes blogs, websites, articles, emails, videos, and more.

A few long-form advertising examples are “Social media advertising, Product page advertising, White papers & case studies, Advanced banner ads, Blog posts & website content, and Email marketing”. These advertising methods are adapted and used by brands and SEO service providers. For instance, Gigde Global uses these advertising methods for the best outcomes.

What are the Types of Long Form Content?

Long-form content includes knowledge in a very detailed and comprehensive manner. It allows the user to gain knowledge over deep facts and figures. This helps them to understand a topic including the pros and cons of it. Listed below are some categories of long form content.

1. Blogs

A blog is known as a portion of a website, which concludes various ranges of content like from short posts to long-form content. The blogs are written in diary style but to provide detailed data and updates on specific topics to the readers.

2. Articles

In long form content marketing, articles have a significant place. They are long pieces of content, generally ranging between 500–2000 words. It is written to provide deep knowledge of a specific subject with the aim of providing valuable and impactful information to readers.

3. Guides

A guide is known as a long-form article. This content type deals with a specific process or needs clear and precise instructions on how to accomplish the task. The content is organized and goes through each step of formation and can range from 500–5000 words.

4. eBooks

eBooks are more comprehensive and longer documents that usually count around 10,000 to 30,000 words. The depth of the content also depends on the topic. eBooks are the source of comprehensive knowledge on the topic in one source of the document. It also includes graphics, charts, and diagrams.

5. Whitepapers

A whitepaper is a type of long form content marketing category that helps in designing informational documents that are intended to affiliate a detailed explanation of a particular issue. White Papers are usually around 4,000–15,000 words containing in-depth analysis and conclusions.

6. Case Studies

A case study is a document that deals with an in-depth look into a given situation. Case studies surround the “before” and “after” of the topic for valuable insights into the issue. They usually take around 10,000+ words to effectively dive into their topics.

What are the Steps to Create Long Form Content Ideas?

Long formatted content needs a detailed and structured way to draft it. Listed are the steps that should be taken care of, while writing long form content.

1. Decide a trending topic

Before drafting long formatted content, it's important to know what is trending in the industry. What are the topics that are liked and desired by the audience out there? What genre, do readers look forward to? Make sure to choose and decide on a topic that can help the brand present interesting yet engaging content.

2. Start with a hook

An excellent long form content needs a very amazing and eye-catchy start from the point of view of a reader. The introduction of the blog should set the tone for the rest of the content. Present a fact or a pun but make sure to start with an engaging statement to capture the reader’s attention and keep them hooked throughout the content.

3. Utilize headlines and subheadings

A well-structured and divided content can help in understanding the facts well. Making sure to break the content into smaller chunks will help in maintaining the interest and engagement of the readers. By breaking up the monotony of a long article, the brand can also help search engines to find the content and index it in rankings.

4. Include visual content, examples, and case studies

While talking about long form content marketing, the utilization of visual and exemplary fact power impacts it a lot. Adding photos, videos, infographics, examples, case studies, and more can help the brand to present content with real-world content which will associate more meaning and interest to the read time of the readers.

5. Synthesize complex ideas

Long-form content typically covers very complex and hard topics that are considered as difficult and tricky to understand by the readers. In such cases, the brand synthesizes the content into simple wording and terminology. It ensures that the readers can understand the content easily that the brand is offering them.

6. An action call at the end

By the end of the content don’t forget to add links or calls to action, as these are some important parts of long form content marketing. To keep the users engaged and wind up even after the end of the content make sure to add something extra. By giving them something more to do, the readers will stay engaged and in the sales funnel of the brand.

What are the Strategies to Compose an Excellent Long Form Content?

Strategies are important to consider as to why we need this technique. How it will help in enhancing the brand’s presence more. Listed are the strategies that are helpful in content marketing.

1. Conduct a deep research

For long-formatted content, deep research including facts to back up and interest of the audience should be conducted. Research is a valuable tool when creating long-form content. Find other resources to back up the data provided in the content to add credibility to your content, while keeping choices of audience in mind.

2. Structure the content properly

Outlining and formatting the content is a really important strategy to work with. Create a structure that can help the readers to understand the content easily. Whereas, consider adding videos, images, infographics, and other visuals to hold the reader’s attention.

3. Consider length and word limit

In long-form content marketing, the length of the content or word limit doesn’t necessarily indicate how great it is. However, since it is long-formatted content, make a wise choice of words and word limit as well. Keeping the reasonable length won't break the interest of the readers.

4. Optimized and quality content

When writing long-form content, the aim should be to create quality content that will help in engaging the readers. Make sure to use an active voice while avoiding long complicated sentences. Try to be creative and narrate the facts in storytelling and different modes of tone.

What are the Merits of Long Form Content Advertising?

We know enough about “what does content marketing include”, now it's time to know what the brand can get. Following are the advantages that can be taken while using long-formatted content in the marketing of the content.

1. Increased amount of engagement

A high quality and well-drafted long-form content helps a reader gain maximum knowledge with minimum effort. This attracts the attention of readers and they are likely to share it as well. Hence, eventually gaining high engagement rates and valuable feedback from the audience as well. It also helps in increasing click-through rates.

2. Enhanced credibility

Long content, full of facts can demonstrate a greater depth of knowledge to the users and readers, who are searching on the subject matter. Long formatted content is a source of credibility for the brand and the website as it contains case studies and a long time of research as well.

3. Improved opportunities for SEO

Talking about the benefits of long-form content marketing, it helps in seeking improved opportunities for SEO. Understand it like this, it is a large block of content that is like an empty room that can add various things like links and keywords, enhancing the performance of SEO.

4. Quality content

Any long-form content should never be full of 'fluff and rubbish’. Content marketing strategy is crucial for businesses to effectively engage and attract their target audience. Generally, long-formatted content is full of interesting, informative pieces, studies, or research, which helps the brand to build trust and authority as well. It also helps the users to access a lot of information and quality content in one website or search.


Long form content marketing has become the “go-to marketing strategy” for most of the brands and digital marketers. Long form content has a lot to offer to these marketers and brands. It has many benefits that shorter content cant provide. Various strategies also help in enhancing the content, making it more useful for the brand.

Now coming to the important part, companies like Gigde Global are known for their content marketing strategies and assured results. They work with new strategies and help the brands to get the success they have set their eyes on. Hence, if you want some guidance and consultation, get your appointment asap!

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