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10 Instagram Marketing Tips You Need To Know For Freelance Business

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Instagram has 1 billion users and your business can’t afford to ignore Instagram when deciding on a marketing strategy. It is a platform that has currently 25 million business profiles and it is the best place to market your freelance business. If you are thinking about how you can grow your business on Instagram, then you are probably at the right place. We will provide you with the best Instagram marketing tips for a freelance business. 

10 Instagram Marketing Tips You For Freelance Business

To market your freelance business on Instagram there are some few steps.

1. Get a creative username

When you first set up your Instagram account, you need to first think of a creative username or your business name. The objective of your Instagram should be to promote your business and build brand awareness. You need to be authentic in choosing your username because it is very important and plays a very important role in making your business grow.

2. Getting a business account and a logo

After setting up a username, you will be able to choose between a personal or business account. Make sure to set it up as a business profile. It gives you an insight into some tools which will be helpful for your business accounts and market your freelance business on Instagram. 

A business profile will also help in a way that your followers will be able to contact you via a link on your profile. Followers will also be able to send you an email, or directly message, know the location of your business and they can even call you directly. Think of a creative logo which can grab the attention of Instagrammers easily.

Instagram Marketing Tips
Instagram Marketing Tips

3. Instagram bio

Instagram bio is your first impression and through that people will be able to know about your business when they will come across your account. Your Instagram bio has 150 characters which will include your business name, contact info and a link for your business page. It is quite easy to market your freelance business on Instagram, you just have to know how to use it to make your business grow. 

4. Adding a link in your bio can be helpful

You can add only one link in your Instagram bio and it is the only link you can use anywhere in your profile. Instagram doesn’t allow clickable links in your photos or comments, and if you put a non-hyperlinked URL then it will be marked as spam. You can change the link at any time according to your marketing needs. 

5. What you should exactly post and how often you should post? 

It requires a lot more planning than simply posting everything on Instagram. Instagram is a visual platform and the appeal depends on the visual interpretation. Decide on a particular color palette and also determine your brand colors. Choose a very authentic and aesthetic feed for your business account which can help grow your freelance business. Stick to your chosen palette and create a harmony based on the colors. 

Plan days on which you can provide information about your products and days on which you have to post pictures of your product. Keep your posting time between 7:30 am – 10:00 am as nowadays the first thing people do after opening their eyes is to scroll Instagram. Use this time as your advantage and routine your posts around this time. 

6. Engage with influencers

It can be tough on the initial growing stage to engage with influencers but once you have built a good community then it will be easy for you to contact and give products to influencers which they can review on their platform. Try following and engaging with them in the initial growing days which will help build a community. Keep updating yourself with the Instagram algorithm.  You can go through these links 

7. Use relevant hashtags

Go crazy in using hashtags and it is the best Instagram tip for growing your freelance business. It enables people to stumble on your content and by using these hashtags your products can appear on the explore page and your content can be found by more people in more places. Take an idea about what type of hashtags you can use for your freelance business. When you post on Instagram, first use a good caption and then include as many relevant hashtags as you can.

8. Share

Share every single detail, from making to packaging and let people know everything that will give your followers an insight about your work. Self-promotion is the best promotion, don’t shy to promote your products. Take your pictures like BTS, hire good photographers for clicking product pictures and keep in mind that it is very important to give your audience high-quality content.

9. Creative captions

Posting images is very important but to keep your followers engaged it is important to write good captions. Design your captions in such a way that the purpose of your business is achieved. Don’t use long captions, no one reads that but keep small and informative captions. Treat captions as the only way to interact with your followers. Engaging with them through conversational captions can also be very helpful.

10. Post-IGTV videos, reels as well as stories

IGTV videos and reels are the recent updates of Instagram. Posting informative IGTV in which you can put longer videos to give people an idea about the benefits of your business, and posting short creative reels can help market your freelance business. Post stories highlighting your recent posts is also a way you can attract people.

Final words

The world is shifting to a virtual world where people prefer buying things from the comfort of their own homes and that is why it is very important to market your freelance business on Instagram. It is one of the best platforms where a majority of the population is available and ready to purchase anything different and unique. 

There is a lot of competition also but you have to focus on your authenticity. As a freelancer, you need to use this platform for promoting your business as much as possible. So here’s a complete guide on Instagram marketing tips you need to know, to grow your freelance business in 2022.

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