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Here Are The 4 Important ICT Skills In The Industry You Must Possess

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The 21st century is a technology-driven era. Everything has come online and that needs technology to operate. From education to job, everything requires technology to reach its maximum productivity. Therefore, companies look for employees who are technology savvy and who have knowledge of ICT skills. Now you must be thinking about what ICT skills are. ICT means Information and Communication Technology. It is important for many careers because it enhances the efficiency of the workforce. It is not only used in technology-driven industries but also in the area of construction, retail business and health care systems etc. Basic ICT skills are required for communicating with different people and processing information using different technologies.

It has several components such as hardware, software, online data-sharing platforms and communication systems. These components are helpful in viewing, saving, editing and sharing information. Proper application of different types of ICT can help the company grow higher. Basic ICT skills help in the effective utilization of time and resources of the organization. It is important for conducting the daily operations smoothly. If you trained in using different types of ICT, you will be highly demanded in the industry. So, having ICT skills listed in your resume can add value to it. You must know about digital technology to become more familiar with ICT. It is a technology that is used daily for performing different tasks such as sending email, making video calls, contacting people and surfing the internet etc. 

How to Improve ICT Skills?

Polishing your information and communication technology skills is very important for building a great career. So, before applying for any job, match your ICT skills and the requirements of the company. If you feel you are lacking somewhere, you can improve your basic ICT skills by bringing those skills to use regularly. For instance, you want to understand video conferencing apps such as Skype and Zoom, so you can have a practical mock test that will help you in learning more about them. You can take training from your friends, family members and colleagues who are good at these skills. 

You can have face-to-face training sessions with them to learn new skills and become tech-savvy in a better way. You can also get training from the institutes in your locality which provide education on technology-based programs and learn different types of ICT. Since everything has gone online, education too can be obtained using online platforms. You can enrol yourself in online training programs or can get knowledge through youtube channels dedicated to providing training in this field. The best way of learning something is by getting on the job or field experience. So, you can take on internships related to the field to learn the skills effectively. You can use these ways for acquiring new skills and improving the already existing skills. 

Different Types of ICT Skills

Information and Communication technology is important in every job. Hence, you must have the related skills. For acquiring the skills, first, you must know the different types of ICT. It includes various skills such as Calendar Management, Data Analysis, Computer Programming, Email management, Social Media Management, and Data Management etc. 

1. Social media management 

Looking at the current scenario, it will not be wrong to say that almost every company requires social media to maintain interactivity with its audience. Social Media Managers have to be familiar with every trick of the platform. Even if you are not from the social media department, you must be aware of its do’ and don’ts’. You must be aware of the usage, benefits and limitations of social media to use it effectively. You must be aware of the social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Linked In, Reddit and social media groups, SEO, trends and their impact to be in the limelight. You must know how the hashtags, algorithms etc. work to use them effectively and efficiently.

2. Email management

Almost everything has gone online. So, formal communications are usually done using email services. Hence, the job of communicating through email is not easy. If you are part of the email management team, you will be required to communicate with different people like clients, customers, colleagues, and employers etc for business purposes via email. It looks professional and formal. Therefore, you must know how to write and format a professional email. You should also know about how to manage the settings of Email. Thus, you must be aware of the settings and application of MS Outlook, Gmail or G-suit, Groove, Inbox management, Stationery settings, Spam settings, Written Communication and Zoho Mail etc.

3. Word processing and data management 

You must know how to use word processing and data management technology like MS Word, MS Excel, Note Taking, SQL, MySQL, Typing, Libre Office Writer etc to make written documents such as business letters and maintain the database. You must know how to analyze, maintain data using MS Excel and take notes of important things using MS word. Hence, you must have fluency in both systems to work effectively. You must know how to record the data in a spreadsheet. 

4. Desktop publishing

For creating material to print and distribute, you need to be fluent in Desktop Publishing. You will need to make newsletters, brochures, flyers, pamphlets and leaflets etc. Hence, you must know how to use MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Publisher and QuarkXPress to do work effectively and creatively. The job requires your little knowledge of the skills and creating something artistic. Therefore, you must know how to use desktop publishing software to work properly.

Concluding note

ICT Skills are very important in this global era. It is required in the majority of job profiles. These skills will help you in gaining heights in the career. You must improve your information and communication technology skills to grow more in the industry. For that, you must know the different types of ICT. Polish your skills so that you can use them effectively. This will help you in achieving the goals of the organization as well as yours.

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