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The fitness industry has come a long way, but many gyms have seen a sharp decline in memberships in the past few years. People are now opting to exercise at home, many residential complexes are providing gym facilities, and the market has become saturated with both boutique and high-end gyms.

If you are also facing the same situation, switching up your marketing tactic is the need of the hour. The very first step of strategy should be to build a reliable website online; for that, you will need the help of a gym web design company.

We live in a rapidly developing digital world where everything occurs online. Many businesses have abandoned the old marketing strategies and started adopting new and highly effective digital marketing strategies. The fitness industry is very competitive; thus, having a website is the bare minimum you can do for your business's survival.

This blog will explore how you can get help from a professional website management service to recover from the declining gym membership rate. To know more about these agencies, keep reading!

What are the Services Offered by a Gym Web Design Agency?

Did you know more than 70% of the businesses in the world have websites? This is a clear indication of them shifting their marketing efforts after realizing the internet's power. Similarly, as a gym owner, you must rethink your strategy and devise new methods to secure more memberships. Seeing how people spend more time in the virtual world than in the real world, you need to improve your gym's online presence.

What is the most important thing for you to build a strong online presence? A website, of course. A website could be a major factor that can help your gym stand out and help you gain a lead ahead of your competitors. But this will only be possible if your website is of good quality. Therefore, you should choose the safer option rather than taking a risk and hire a reliable gym web design company.

Moreover, a website is not something you can hold on your own; from creation to maintenance to optimization, each step requires the help of an expert.

Following are some of the top services provided by web design companies:

Web Design and Development

This service might be the most useful if you do not have a website yet. A gym web design firm is an expert in crafting new websites from scratch. They can help you implement the best WordPress website design & development practices to ensure your website is optimized and running smoothly.

WordPress Website Design

If you want to create a website using WordPress platforms but don't know how to begin, then a gym web design agency is the correct choice. They can help you create a unique website that is user-friendly and easy to manage.

Responsive Website Design

People nowadays use various devices to access the internet to search for information. Therefore, having a website that is responsive to all types of devices and adjusts to various screen sizes is very important.

With the right gym web design company, you can implement responsive web design to accommodate various types of users worldwide.

Website Hosting

Some leading gym web design companies can even help you with web hosting services. This way, you will be able to save both your precious time and money. They can provide you with excellent protection, customer support, etc. In addition, they also ensure your website runs perfectly without any hitches in the long ride.

SEO for Gym Website

SEO is a major part of your online marketing strategy. Think for it yourself: what's the use of a website if it cannot do what it's supposed to? SEO is the key that helps a website rank so you can attract quality traffic to your website and convert it into paying customers.

Website maintenance and ongoing support

As the internet involves, websites also need to evolve and update to function properly. Website maintenance and ongoing support are essential to sustain the health of your website. A top gym web design company will ensure your website management system is always up-to-date and available for your users.

Building your website requires the same amount of effort and dedication as building your muscle. With the best fitness website design, you can achieve all your business goals and surpass them.

Reasons Your Fitness Business Needs a Web Design Agency

When it comes to marketing, it does not matter how awesome your gym is; what matters is how many people know about it. A website is the perfect medium for you to attract potential customers. Following are some of the top reasons why you should hire a gym web design expert.

Drive lead generation

One of the best ways to convert leads is through a website. With the right strategy in place, you can guide your visitors through the decision-making process for your gym.

Offer your gym members self-services

By integrating your website and member management software, your member will have self-service functionality like:

  • Pay for membership
  • Update contact information
  • Ability to reserve spots in advance, etc.

Targeted marketing

With the right SEO, a gym web design company can help you place your website in front of the right target.

Build Credibility

People tend to trust businesses with websites more, and that is a fact. Therefore, building a website with a strong online presence can increase your business's credibility and legitimacy.

Social media is never enough

Just promoting your gym on social media is not enough. By focusing solely on social media marketing, you will miss out on people who do not use these platforms. This is why getting your website built by a professional web design expert is very important.

From membership to increased brand awareness, you can achieve everything with the help of a good website. So, if you have already decided to create a website, the next section is just for you.

How much would you need to pay for a Fitness Website Company?

Before you take the next step and hire a professional gym web design expert, you should know about its cost. After all, having a website is good, but you don't need to burn your pocket to achieve that goal.

While it's challenging to pinpoint the exact amount of design for a gym website, the ballpark range will tell you what to expect, therefore, here is a simple estimate of how much you may have to spend for the best fitness website design:

  • For a basic informational website with only essential pages like home, about us, services, and contact, you may have to pay around $2000 - $5000 minimum.
  • If you want a fitness e-commerce website with functions like class booking, membership, and other e-commerce capabilities, you may have to spend between $5,000 0$10,000.
  • If you want a bespoke gym website with highly advanced features and robust SEO, you must spend more than $10,000.

Remember this cost is a mere estimate and you will only know the real cost after consulting a gym web design company. But where will you find a web design agency that offers you quality services at a good price range? Read the section below to find out.

Craft a Captivating Website with a Leading Gym Web Design Agency

By now, you might already understand how crucial a website is for the success of your gym. But transforming your website into a member-acquiring beast is not that simple.

It requires the expertise of a gym web design company with lots of experience and skills to create a good website. Therefore, we suggest partnering with Gigde, a top marketing company with a wealth of experience in website design and development.

As a web design & development company, we have experience working with various industries and know exactly what you need to make your business goals a reality. With our extraordinary services, customized strategies, and an amazing team of talented web designers and developers, you will be able to create a website that competitors envy.

Here is what you will get by partnering with us:

  • A website with a strong online presence
  • Eye-catching web design that captures customers
  • Great user experience
  • Good security and privacy features
  • High-quality visuals and content
  • Website SEO services
  • Other digital marketing services to further promote your brand, etc.

To learn more about how we can help you with your gym website, check out Gigde.


In the rapidly expanding fitness industry, a website is necessary to survive. Your investment in a well-designed website will pay off with increased visibility and high conversion rates. Therefore, to succeed, you must understand the importance of a gym web design company.

With a growing trend in personal fitness and social media trainers, you have to be good not just in your core services, i.e., infrastructure and trainers, but also in putting your brand in front of your audience.

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