In 2021 Is The Side Effect Of Social Media Marketing Overshadowing Its Benefit?

With the constant changing dynamics of the marketing world, it becomes essential to adopt new techniques and strategies. Social media as a marketing tool is not a new concept but in the past few years, it has gained momentum. Almost every business is now including social media marketing in their marketing strategy.

Social media marketing is a marketing method of using social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest etc. It is a great way of connecting to your audience, gaining new customers, promoting your brand, products and services. The effects of social media marketing on your business can be extraordinary. 

Social media marketing stands on its five pillars, strategy, planning and publishing, listening and engagement, analytics and reporting and advertising. However, this whole meaning of social media marketing is derived from a marketer’s view. The actual way of social connections works entirely different from what marketers show us.

Have you ever thought that what if your perception of social media marketing is not correct? What if social media marketing does not work in the way marketers have made us believe? What if social media affects marketing, isn’t it a nightmare for you? The future of social media in marketing is changing with the changing market dynamics.

In this blog, you will know why social media should not be part of the marketing department.

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How does social media affects marketing?

Since the craze for social media networks is growing like never before, brands are focusing more on it, investing more in social media marketing. They are leveraging this platform for marketing gain. However, the actual scenario is different, social media affects marketing strategy rather than uplifting it.

Till now everyone believed that – 

  • Consumer’s trust in the Information shared by brands on social media.
  • They like the brand’s social media marketing strategy.
  • A brand’s online consumers are their actual customers or online consumers are the interested prospects.
  • A brand’s social media followers are the indicator of future success.
  • Social media content influences purchasing intent.
  • Earned media is best for reaching customers.

However, this all is untrue. The situation is exactly the opposite of what everyone believed. The future of social media in marketing is different from what marketers think it will be.

Consumers on social media

  • Don’t like the brand’s social media marketing strategy. They don’t like irrelevant content.
  • Don’t trust everything shared by brands.
  • Are not the actual customers or interested prospects. 
  • Followers are not the indicator of future success.
  • Don’t change their purchasing decisions based on social media content.
  • Earned media does not help in reaching consumers.

Consumers who are active on social media, following your brand, liking your posts etc may not be your actual consumer. People generally buy a brand’s product because they trust them, they have used their products etc. So, just focusing on promoting your brand on social media is not enough, rather you should focus on using the platform to connect with your actual audience, address their issues and more.

Social media should not be part of your marketing department anymore. Simply because marketers focus on conversion. The effects of social media marketing on your business will only be impactful if your social media strategy should focus on community building.

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4 major effects on social media marketing in 2021 – 

1. Marketers don’t process the data well – 

The effectiveness of social media marketing data is top-of-mind. The understanding and processing of social media marketing strategy data are important for every business. However, marketers are not good at doing this, they don’t do data well.

Around 67% to 77% of marketers are not capable of measuring their social media marketing impact or effectiveness. The marketing agencies focus on highlighting their services. Your marketing department conducts studies for the marketing gain or purpose and not for understanding the effects of social media marketing on your business, they sometimes use content marketing reports without understanding its loophole.

Marketers either ignore the data or don’t know how to measure the data. The worst thing is, without measuring the usefulness of data, they plan to increase the social media marketing investment. Ultimately, your social media affects marketing decisions.

2. Organic social media activity rarely works – 

Marketers believe that social media networks have the power to influence purchase intent. However, this is untrue, social media is not the best way to promote your brand, build brand trust or awareness. Organic social media marketing activity doesn’t work, so you should stop it. 

Organic posts do not reach a vast audience. It does not impact customer’s purchasing behaviour. On the other hand, customers like your brand because they are already fond of it on social media. The mere act of following or liking or commenting on your posts are not an indicating measure of future success. Your social media engagement is the consequence of your brand’s awareness and affinity. It doesn’t play any role in enhancing the awareness or affinity of your brand. 

3. Unlearn marketing for building online social groups – 

Building online social groups is a big part of social media strategy. However, marketers can not do this because they are more focused on conversions. So, to build an online community, you have to unlearn marketing.

How a brand interacts or connects with the platform is entirely different from how a customer does. Consumers use social media as a platform for building connections whereas you consider this platform as a channel for marketing, launching new campaigns and other opportunities. 

You should not view social groups as a channel for the opportunity. You should see this platform as a tool for providing customer care. This is how you can build community or social groups.

4. Move your social media out of the marketing department – 

Only brands with remarkability, cause or purpose built-in and brands that follow true marketing principles can build social communities. So, it is important that you move out your social media from marketing and put it into customer care. Customer care is about community and not conversions.

Marketing focuses on conversions, sales funnels and promotions etc which need expert supervision. On the other hand, brands that are using social media in their customer care only require passion and love for their online community. They just have to work towards improving the user experience by solving their problems. 

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Concluding note – 

Social media is a precious tool for your business especially if you use it in customer care functions. The future of social media in marketing is changing. Now, it must shift from marketing to customer care. You must use social media as a tool for community building because consumers interact with social media to find connections and collaboratively.

On the other hand, marketing language is about conversions and not connections, marketer to customer relation. Hopefully, this blog will clear your perception of social media as a marketing tool.