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Best Ecommerce PPC Agency: Services & Strategies in 2024

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Do you want to grow your company to new heights? It might be time to give your eCommerce pay-per-click (PPC) management a second look. Why? Well, PPC advertising is a secret weapon in online marketing—it's super effective.

Even the facts say it all: in North America alone, a whopping 347 million people use the internet. And that's not all; around 68% of Americans spend almost an hour daily on Facebook. Your customers are already glued to their screens, so your mission is to ensure they find their way to your website.

But how will you manage PPC on your own? That's where an eCommerce PPC agency comes in. If you want to grow your business online, mastering eCommerce PPC could be the way to go. So, stick around, and let's dive into how you can make your brand shine in the digital space.

What is eCommerce PPC Management?

eCommerce PPC management handles a company's paid-for ads when people click on them. These ads can appear on different places like Twitter, Reddit, or Pinterest, but most often, they're on Google and Facebook.

Now, if you're wondering what exactly you get when you hire an eCommerce PPC agency to handle your ads, let's dive into the next part to find out.

Advanced Services Offered By An eCommerce PPC Agency

When it comes to maximizing your eCommerce business's potential, an expert eCommerce PPC agency doesn't just stop at the basics. They get into advanced services that improve your online presence, engagement, and, ultimately, your sales figures. So, let's look at some Pay Per Click services:

Social Ads – The Power of Engagement

Social PPC ads operate differently from paid searches as they are more about the advertiser's choice than user intent. What makes them important is their ability to generate deeper engagement beyond mere clicks.

An eCommerce PPC agency encourages interactions like likes, follows, shares, and more through social ads. Eventually, it encourages visits to your landing page and enhances brand recognition.

Furthermore, each social platform serves a different audience, and tailoring your content mix to match these platforms is key. From LinkedIn for professional connections to Instagram for effortless content consumption, effective advertising involves targeting the right platform with the right content.

Display Ads - Visual Impact Across Networks

Moving beyond text-based ads, display ads consist of attractive visuals and are showcased across a search engine's partner networks. Meanwhile, Google Display Network (GDN) stands out among these networks, spanning millions of websites and targeting specific audiences. Moreover, it offers various formats like Gmail ads, responsive displays, and more while continually optimizing performance.

Alternatively, programmatic display ads, operating at a grander scale, offer extensive reach but demand a more hands-on approach. An eCommerce PPC agency is an expert in working on these ads. These ads, functioning through ad exchanges, require continuous adjustments and tracking efforts.

Despite being costlier, a good eCommerce PPC agency effortlessly navigates this complexity to reduce expenses and maximize impact.

Accelerate Your Campaigns With Gmail-Sponsored Ads

Gmail sponsored ads, seamlessly created through Google Ads accounts, appear within Gmail inboxes, labeled as 'Ads.' Clicking on them reveals an expanded ad, like an email, allowing a direct link to your website.

Through these ads, an eCommerce PPC agency builds brand awareness and targets potential customers at the initial stages of their buying journey.

Gmail ads offer complete insights, providing data on saved messages, forwards, clicks, open rates, and website visits. This type of advertising caters to various stages of the buyer's journey, reaching customers where they are rather than where you wish them to be.

E-Commerce Ads – Targeting Ready-to-Buy Shoppers

For online stores, e-commerce PPC ads are a must, targeting shoppers ready to seal the deal. Meanwhile, various platforms like Google Product Listing Ads, Facebook Catalog Ads, and Amazon Ads cater to these ads. Besides, updating shopping feeds is important, as these platforms utilize them for product advertising.

Optimizing eCommerce ads involves different types, including ad extensions and negative keywords. However, these changes and combinations can be overwhelming. That's where a specialist eCommerce PPC agency steps in to figure out and execute effective strategies.

Video Ads – Compelling Storytelling

Ever seen those brief video ads before a YouTube video? Those are in-stream ads, an essential tool for storytelling. Given YouTube's unparalleled popularity, video PPC ads are a logical choice. Using existing videos from your YouTube channel as assets for targeted video campaigns can effectively reach the right audience while excluding undesired websites.

On the other hand, similar to display ads, programmatic video ads offer extensive reach and refined targeting options.

Remarketing – Recapturing Lost Leads

Ever wondered about those visitors who explore your website but don't convert? An eCommerce PPC agency can help with that. Through remarketing, they re-engage these potential customers, offering them the additional time or information they need to make informed decisions.

Moreover, dividing visitors based on browsing allows tailored remarketing ads across platforms like Google and Facebook. Besides, dynamic remarketing takes personalization a step further, customizing ad layouts for each impression and factoring in user behavior, price range, and previously viewed content.

Shopping Ads – Filling Carts with Temptation

Ever noticed those product images showcased at the top of search results? Those are Google Shopping Ads, engaging users in a carousel format, offering a virtual window-shopping experience.

Through these carousel-style ads, an eCommerce PPC agency helps dominate the initial search result pages, giving users a window-shopping-like experience. Google Shopping Ads also offer customization options, showcasing details like price drops, star ratings, and special offers, enhancing their appeal.

Local Ads for Neighbourhood Stores

Local ads help target specific zip codes, benefiting businesses like plumbers, electricians, tax services, and more. These ads differ from traditional Google ads, primarily appearing in local search queries containing zip codes, neighborhood names, or cities.

An eCommerce PPC agency uses local ads to enhance the visibility of your business among nearby customers, increasing the chances of local purchases.

Advantages of eCommerce Pay-Per-Click Services

Running an online website comes with challenges, and that's where an eCommerce PPC agency steps in to lend a helping hand. These services pack a punch with numerous business benefits tailor-made for the e-commerce journey.

Increasing Sales

One of the advantages of employing PPC management services is their ability to zoom in on the most crucial task: attracting new customers. By drawing in more high-potential leads, these services effectively hike up your sales figures, putting your products in front of more interested eyes.

Reducing Advertising Costs

eCommerce PPC agency professionals are skilled in driving traffic back to your website while controlling advertising expenditure. Besides, they understand the balance required to keep your costs manageable without compromising your brand's visibility.

Boosting ROI

The heart of eCommerce PPC management services is maximizing your advertising budget's return on investment (ROI). Partnering with an expert eCommerce PPC agency means they'll dig deep into the best eCommerce PPC strategy to maximize clicks and minimize the cost per click (CPC) for each advertisement.

They also analyze campaign performances and offer insights and recommendations to optimize campaigns and increase ROI.

Enhancing Website Traffic and Sales

Pay-per-click services act as a catalyst to reel in more visitors to your website by strategically promoting your business in search engine results. On the positive side, the immediate bump in organic search rankings alongside higher conversion rates from these searches could significantly strengthen your online presence.

Streamlining Effort

One of the more freeing aspects of engaging with an eCommerce PPC consultant is the reduced effort required on your end. These services handle everything from the nitty-gritty of keyword research and creating engaging ad copies to overseeing campaign tracking and optimizations.

On the positive side, this simplifies your workload, allowing you to channel more time and energy into strategic projects to move your eCommerce journey forward.

In the competitive world of eCommerce, having an ace up your sleeve can make all the difference. PPC management services offer a suite of benefits and act as a guiding force.

Dominate The Marketplace With A Reputable eCommerce PPC Agency

Are you running PPC campaigns by yourself? Yes, you can handle PPC independently, but ensuring success across the board might be a different story. That's where a professional eCommerce PPC agency comes into play, offering a range of guarantees that can significantly impact your business growth.

Why Work with a Professional Agency?

Firstly, it's about relaxation. Partnering with a reputable agency like GigDe means they take on the workload, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without the hassle.

Their industry professionals are well-versed in the ever-changing market trends, providing top-notch services and suggesting strategies that align with your goals.

Beyond that, it's about savings. A professional eCommerce PPC strategy saves time and optimizes resources, ensuring a cost-effective approach. Working with an experienced team further provides better returns on your investment in PPC ads.

Understanding the Impact

eCommerce PPC strategy is not just about running ads but diving into the data. A reliable eCommerce PPC consultant doesn't just stop at running campaigns but excels in analyzing data and using insights to improve strategies for future campaigns.

Besides, every click matters online, and their years of experience highlight their success in executing successful PPC campaigns.

So, how exactly can GigDe's PPC services help scale your brand?

  1. Brand Awareness: We understand your brand's essence and create the perfect message to connect with your audience, strengthening your brand's voice.
  2. Drive Sales: Our dedicated campaign managers work relentlessly to boost your sales and revenue. We give our best to meet your business requirements and ensure your success is our priority.
  3. Stay Within Budget: Overshooting the ad budget can dent your profits. Our marketers are experts at maximizing your ad budget and increasing ROI.

GigDe isn't just a name; it's a promise of success and efficiency and a partner dedicated to scaling your e-commerce journey effectively and sustainably.


Businesses often face the challenge of choosing the right path that aligns with their budget, goals, and overall strategy. This shows the importance of entrusting your PPC digital marketing to a proficient eCommerce PPC agency.

We're excited to support you in achieving your business objectives. Let GigDe's skilled team manage your PPC campaigns now, ensuring the utmost success in sponsored advertising for your eCommerce journey.

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