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Duckduckgo vs Google | Which is The Best Search Engine

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Google is among the world’s biggest corporations. However, they are best known for their search engine, which they’ve extended into many other aspects of our lives. Since Google charges zero dollars for its services, it stores an unbelievable amount of information about our online activities.

Google’s primary source of revenue is derived from targeted advertisements. DuckDuckGo is one of the good alternative search engines if you’re searching for something that keeps your personal information private. In this article, we have provided a comparison of Duckduckgo vs Google. We have given the in-depth difference between Duckduckgo and Google. So read and find out.

What is DuckDuckGo?

DuckDuckGo is an alternative search engine that is popular to keep your personal information secure.

Google saves search info and keeps it linked to your account as well. Personalized search results and targeted ads use the recorded information that you have. However, DuckDuckGo does not collect any data on its users, and as a result, does not personalize search results. This is one of the biggest comparisons between Duckduckgo vs Google. For effective online visibility, consider implementing these essential Google SEO tips.

According to Google, the search engine has seen consistent growth over the years, starting with an average of about 79000 daily searches in 2010, to a peak of 79 million daily and 61 billion total searches by November 2020. The company’s collaboration with browser manufacturers, including Firefox and Apple’s Safari, has contributed to some of this year’s success.

They have worked with several Linux operating systems, including GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and Cinnamon, and offer native applications for both Android and iOS. DuckDuckGo has been added to the list of default search providers in Chrome’s March 2019 update.

For those who want to go a step further, by default, DuckDuckGo search results are offered to TOR browser users. DDG aims to provide users with higher-quality search results from over 400 diverse sources. If you are still of the mindset that you need to get different results, you can use DDG’s bangs feature to search third-party sites and search providers from other search engines.

Who is the owner of DuckDuckGo?

Gabriel Weinberg, the founder, and CEO of DuckDuckGo, first launched the search engine in 2008. Under the privately held company DuckDuckGo Inc., the business is still owned and run by Weinberg. While the company currently has over 116 employees working in the background to assist with DDG’s growth, the situation could change depending on demand.

To have a grasp on privacy, it is important to have a general understanding of the people who manage the organizations you entrust with your data. Names Database, one of the first-wave social networks, was created by Gabriel Weinberg before he created DDG. By 2006, he had sold the company for $10 million. The funds were used to finance DDG’s growth from the outset. After helping write Traction, a book about startup development, Weinberg went on to co-author it.

How DuckDuckGo make money?

Weinberg’s initial investment helped the company get through several difficult years. Union Square Ventures backed DDG in 2011. Based on Crunchbase, DDG was able to receive an additional $3 million during the initial funding round. In total, they have raised $13 million through their external fundraising efforts. A VC investment does not make a business profitable, however. For the long-term sustainability of the company, DDG displays advertisements.

The ads on the service are different from the type of ads served by other search engines since they do not focus on targeted data. The keywords used in your quest, rather than advertising, are the basis for the advertisements. As part of the Yahoo-Microsoft search partnership, DDG’s advertising is syndicated around the internet by Yahoo.

However, you may feel bad about your data being sent to two companies that have questionable attitudes toward privacy. As a result, DDG enables you to disable ads in the settings. A major argument in the ongoing DuckDuckGo vs Google fight is this: Amazon and eBay use DuckDuckGo as part of their partner services. So DDG gets a small percentage of the revenue if you click through to either site from your search results and then make a purchase. To improve your sales on Amazon, it's important to focus on effective Amazon optimisation strategies.

Is DuckDuckGo trustable?

Technology corporations’ track records of data safety have deteriorated significantly in recent years. You could get exposed to significant risk if Facebook had decided to sell the data to unscrupulous third parties or if Spotify hard reset the passwords of 350000 compromised accounts.

There is no reason you should trust DuckDuckGo because they might not be trustworthy. Although the company’s privacy-focused backstory and business model are great points, to begin with, there is a tonne of reasons to have faith in DDG. If you’re worried about whether or not DuckDuckGo is healthy, these points can help ease your mind.

Privacy policy

The privacy policy, which is very clearly written, offers some reassurance by explaining the minimal amount of information they gather. First, they do not store IP addresses or specific User-Agent identification. Secondly, they can only save settings in a cookie. This is the biggest difference between Duckduckgo and Google.


DDG has also made a portion of its applications open source. More than a quarter of DuckDuckGo’s assets are available on GitHub. While the search core is proprietary, making most other web sections available gives everyone the ability to view the code, thereby enabling independent innovation. This is the second big difference between Duckduckgo and Google.

Privacy donations

Other businesses follow suit, donating a part of their earnings to various causes. They only pick organizations with the same goal as them, which is to raise the level of confidence on the internet. DuckDuckGo chooses a new organization each year, looking to the social networking site Reddit for suggestions. Their beneficiaries have received over $2.65 million in donations to date.

Beyond search

DuckDuckGo went beyond search in January 2018, launching a series of privacy-focused tools. The extensions and applications that come with their browser and mobile devices have been redesigned to include tracking security, encryption, and an easy way to search their private web. This is one of the biggest comparisons in Duckduckgo vs Google: search engine comparison.

Additionally, the new update incorporates a Web Privacy Grade rating of A through to F, which gives you an indication of how much a site respects your privacy. The browser extension and mobile apps provide several features that serve to block online monitoring and maintain your privacy. Alternatively, privacy applications on DuckDuckGo’s site aim to keep you secure while using the internet.

DuckDuckGo vs Google

Not only does Google have search as one of its most important services, but it is also one of the web’s most-used apps, as it offers email, word processing, spreadsheets, photo editing, and so on. Since Google has access to so much of your data, its search results can be highly customized, and it puts all of your information in one location.

To distinguish itself from competitors, DuckDuckGo does not have any personal data to draw from, and this makes the search engine stand out. DuckDuckGo uses encryption to keep your details secure online. This is among the top Duckduckgo vs Google comparisons. It almost seems the complete opposite of Google’s highly targeted world.

This means that you will not see targeted advertising, search results based on your data, or a filter bubble. To some, this function is one of DDG’s best, while to others, it is among the worst. Many concerned with privacy would find that this lack of monitoring seals the deal. However, DuckDuckGo has another surprise in store: bangs.

Using Bangs, you can go directly to third-party websites from DuckDuckGo. Suppose you decided to look for something on makeuseof.com. Google will let you perform a site search by entering the web address of the website known as “MakeUseOf.” You first use DDG’s bangs to type “!” mum,” and then look for whatever you entered.

In reality, there are tonnes of hits that make Google search seem sluggish. This is one of the biggest differences between Duckduckgo and Google. In addition, when you browse for any of the thousands of available bangs, you’re taken to the website you were looking for in the first place, rather than search engine results.

Final words

Google established itself as the preeminent search engine by providing customized searches. The applications and services they created were extremely helpful, gathering even more of our data to provide even better search results. The more recent privacy scandals have made us more careful about our results.

DuckDuckGo appeals to those concerned about their privacy, but it’s important to note that it’s not a niche product. Several features are helpful, and then some tricks only work on DuckDuckGo. Therefore it can be concluded that both of these search engines are great as per their terms. It depends on what you prefer and how you use these search engines.

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