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Brands That Work With Micro-Influencers In 2024

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This blog will explore companies that work with influencers so you can pinpoint the best agencies for your influencer marketing campaigns. In addition, you will also get to know how they use influencers to drive more growth, more consumers, and more customers for your business. Read more to gain insight into influencer marketing agencies and their advantages.

Today's audiences are more likely to be swayed by an influencer, seen as a peer, than brand-sponsored traditional ads. This has led to the emergence of the creator economy, which is expected to reach $528.39 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 22.5%.

With so much money and brand endorsements at stake in an industry that isn't highly organized, it paved the way for the arrival of influencer marketing agencies.

Companies that work with influencers know how much impact social media has on the lives of people. Some of the most popular social media platforms have billions of active users who use the platform to browse for brands and products. The immense potential social media has for digital marketing makes it a popular channel for brands to promote themselves.

Out of the marketing strategies in social media, Influencer marketing has proved to be one of the most effective marketing methods. If you also want to be one of those brands that work with micro-influencers, then your first task should be to find a reliable influencer. But how can you find such influencers who are not only relevant to your industry but also experienced?

Well, a simple solution to this problem would be to look for companies that work with influencers. Keep reading the next section to find out more about them.

Companies that Work with Influencers: What Are They?

So, what are these companies that keep on being mentioned throughout the previous section? These companies are what you call influencer marketing agencies. An influencer marketing agency is a business that crafts, manages, and optimizes influencer marketing campaigns for brands. Simply put, these companies take care of your influencer marketing campaign while you can relax and enjoy the fruit of their efforts.

Companies that work with influencers have a pretty good idea of how to run a successful marketing campaign on various social media platforms. In fact, they can organize everything from the formation of the campaign to the influencer outreach.

This way, you'll be saved from the trouble of finding good influencers and convincing them to endorse your product. However, this is only one advantage of hiring an influencer marketing agency; keep reading the next section to find out more.

Advantages of Hiring a Marketing Agency for Influencers

If you are also one of those companies having difficulty finding the right influencer, then a marketing agency can help you out of this situation. All you have to do is find the leading companies that work with influencers, and you are sorted.

  • Brands that work with micro-influencers have seen an increase in their online presence and brand awareness.
  • According to one statistic, 31% of social media users discover new products via influencers. That is a huge number; influencer marketing will increase your sales and revenue.
  • Moreover, influencer marketing can also help you gain credibility and customer trust.
  • Influencer marketing has one of the highest ROI, and the fact that it's less expensive and more effective than hiring celebrities is a bonus.
  • One of the biggest advantages of influencer marketing is that it keeps your audience engaged; this way, you can earn their loyalty and turn them into regular customers.

After learning about all these advantages an influencer marketing agency has, you might be excited to find one for your business. Let's now learn about the top companies that work with influencers in the next section.

Top Influencer Marketing Agencies You Can Work With

Here is a list of some top companies that work with influencers that can take your business to the next level.


We are a full-service digital marketing agency with our forte lying in social media marketing and influencer marketing. In fact, we can also help you increase your online presence and brand awareness using customized strategies designed specifically to help your business prosper. In particular, our influencer marketing campaigns have actually helped our clients empower their brands and attract loyal customers.

From influencer outreach to strategy planning and implementation, we can assist you at every step of your influencer marketing journey. So, if you require an affordable company that not only understands your needs and goals but also helps you achieve them, then don't forget to give Gigde a go.

Station Entertainment

One of the top companies that work with influencers, Station Entertainment has taken upon connecting leading brands with amazing talents. Meanwhile, they aim to craft creative campaigns that will make your audience fall in love with your brand.

No matter which social media platform it is, TikTok, Instagram, or Youtube, they guarantee to provide effective campaigns that bring results.

The Shelf

This is a well-known marketing agency for influencers, with its own proprietary platform that can give access to millions of influencers across top social media platforms. The Shelf can help you plan, implement, manage, and optimize influencer campaigns while producing good ROI.

Being one of the leading full-service influencer marketing agencies, they can give you scroll-stopping campaigns that deliver.


A leading influencer marketing company, NeoReach is famous for managing world-class influencer campaigns. As one of the top marketing companies that work with influencers, Neo Recah has made a name for itself in developing industry best practices.

Moreover, they have one of the world's largest creator networks, with over 250 million creators. But that is not all; with the help of their excellent services like creator discovery, campaign management, analytics, and reporting, there is nothing you cannot do.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

This is a global influencer marketing agency that specializes in creating and managing campaigns for the top social media platforms. No matter which platform it is, from TikTok to Youtube, they can make your campaign a huge success.

Moreover, with their data-driven approach, they can optimize your influencer campaigns to increase ROI, brand awareness, growth, etc., which is why they are among the top companies that work with influencers.


A popular influencer marketing agency, Americanoize, aims to help brands engage with global audiences by using top influencers as a medium. They provide various services, including all kinds of influencer marketing activities based on your brand's analysis.

In addition, they can also help you express your brand's story with a highly impactful influencer campaign. Further, they take care of everything from influencer conversations to contracts, etc., so you don't have to worry about anything.

Fresh Content Society

Fresh Content Society is a social media-focused marketing agency that has received much recognition for its marketing services and campaigns. It is also one of the companies that work with influencers to help their clients attract and retain loyal customers.

In fact, Fresh Content Society promises to help you create thumb-stopping campaigns that engage customers and maximize results. Besides influencer marketing, they also provide services like Paid media, community management, analytics, etc.

LYFE Marketing

A leading social media marketing agency based in Atlanta, LYFE Marketing also provides influencer marketing services. With the help of their passionate team of experts, you can transform your presence into one of an industry leader.

Further, LYFE marketing is known for using the most relevant strategies to help brands remain engaging and relevant. Being a social media company, they have much experience working with influencers and managing such campaigns.


HypeFactory is a well-respected global influencer marketing agency that aims to deliver the best possible results to its clients. Regarding influencer marketing, there is no doubt about their ability. From Instagram to Twitch to TikTok marketing, they do it all.

Moreover, they have a very trendy, youthful, and brave approach, which gives them a place among the top companies that work with influencers.


Ubiquatiois is a good option for companies looking for micro-influencers. They have all the things you need to make your influencer marketing campaign a success. Ubiquitous believes that every brand should use influencer marketing, one of the fastest growing marketing verticle.

With the help of most viral, highly compelling, and data-driven campaigns, Ubiquitous promises to make your brand a household name.

The Goat Agency

Among all the companies that work with influencers, the Goat Agency stands out because of its unique approach. They use the right compensation for data-led performance, creative strategies, real human relationships, and engaging content to boost clients' growth.

Moreover, they have worked with some of the biggest global brands and helped them manage influencer marketing campaigns.

Viral Nation

Viral Nation calls itself a digital and social innovation group that specializes in influencer marketing. Their main aim is to utilize integrated digital solutions to power the social ecosystem of a brand.

And if you want to know how they do that? By aligning talent, media, and technology. This way, Viral Nation can boost your business's growth as they have done for major brands through their expertise as the growth agency.


Socially is one of the companies that work with influencers to form lasting bonds between people and businesses. They use their top creative talents to help brands stay ahead of competitors and sustain their position as industry leaders.

Regarding influencer marketing campaigns, they specifically focus on increasing conversions and generating better ROI.

Lilo Social

A popular name in the world on social media marketing, Lilo Social has proved to be a reliable influencer marketing business. Known for its full-funnel approach, Lilo Social can also help efficiently manage your influencer marketing campaigns.

Their expertise in Social media and drive to achieve the maximum results might be very handy during your campaign.


Moburst, as its name suggests, is a mobile-first digital marketing agency. They offer a wide range of marketing services, including influencer marketing. Mind you, their influencer campaigns are no joke.

In fact, Moburst is known for turning influencer marketing into an ultimate performance generator. Thus, Mobusrt has secured a spot among the top companies that work with influencers.


A well-known name when it comes to influencer marketing, Sculpt is better known for its B2B social media marketing services. Sculpt is quite adept at using influencer marketing campaigns for B2B businesses to attract more clients. Moreover, they are also used to help brands inspire people and influence their purchase decisions.


MOMENTiQ takes the cake for being one of the leading companies that work with influencers. Their motto is to create epic influencer moments that help brands move forward. MOMENTiQ specializes in end-to-end influencer marketing that drives real and visible results.

In terms of campaign management, they specifically excel at managing influencer campaigns on TikTok and YouTube.


This is an award-winning influencer agency with an experience of working with some of the world's most prominent brands. This New York-based agency was founded in 2011. Hence, they have plenty of experience in their field.

In addition, their white glove approach, unmatched talent curation process, and unique strategy give them an advantage over their competitors. So, it is safe to say that HireInfluence is one of the leading companies that work with influencers.

Visual Fizz

VisualFizz specializes in providing impactful marketing strategies to industry-leading brands. In fact, their main purpose is to use effective marketing tactics, influencer marketing being one of them, to help brands maximize their potential.

Despite influencer marketing not being their top priority, they still give their best when crafting and managing campaigns.


Influencer marketing has taken over and turned the marketing world upside down. Before, people used to hire celebrities to endorse their products for them. But with the rise of influencer marketing, the dynamics have shifted, and businesses can now rely on influencers to market themselves to large audiences.

So, if you're also interested in finding one of the top companies that work with influencers, then we recommend Gidge. Check out Gigde to find some of the top influencers from your niche.

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