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WordPress vs Joomla: The Better CMS in 2024?

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If you are one of those people who wish to start their website but are stuck with questions like: “Which Content Management System should I go with?” Or, “Which CMS platform would be best suited to the specific needs of my website?”

Once you start thinking about it you may start comparing various CMS platforms to understand which is the best platform for you. After comparing multiple platforms you may eventually end with the question: “WordPress vs Joomla, which is a better CMS platform?”

Now you are not the first person to ever ask this question, and you will never be the last. The chances of you picking between either of the platforms depend on your needs as well as various other features and aspects of both platforms.

Choosing a good content management system is of utmost priority for you to successfully establish your website. Understanding the pros and cons of content management systems is crucial in this decision-making process.

So to make your choice easy we are going to compare two of the biggest CMS platforms on the internet. They are WordPress and Joomla, both of which are open-source Content Management Systems.

WordPress is used to create

  1. Websites
  2. Blogs and even
  3. Mobile applications

Joomla on the other hand is mainly used to publish

  1. Web components
  2. Develop Dynamic Websites
  3. Online Applications.

Both platforms have existed for the same amount of time, therefore both have been compared with each other for a long time. In this blog, we will attempt to compare WordPress Vs Joomla to help you understand which cms suits your business needs and goals the best.

WordPress Vs Joomla

Joomla and WordPress are now considered to be two of the most popular CMS among users. Both offer powerful web development tools enough to make your site successful. Following is a Joomla Vs WordPress comparison based on various aspects, capabilities, features, etc.

WordPress vs Joomla: Statistic

WordPress was launched in 2003, as a blogging platform, in the past few decades it has slowly established itself as a multi-purpose CMS. According to statistics, it powers an overwhelmingly 43.3% of the websites on the internet. This may not be surprising because it has been present for such a long time. But what is even more shocking is the fact that it now holds about 65.1% of the market share of the CMS market.

Jumla, on the other hand, was launched in 2005, so we can pretty much say that it existed alongside WordPress for the past decade. However, Joomla in comparison powers about 3% of websites on the internet, as for the shares it holds about 5.4% of the CMS Market. These numbers may seem insignificant in front of WordPress's impressive statistics, but in reality, these percentages are pretty good. Joomla is the second most it is a lot popular content management system after WordPress.

However, if we look at the recent Google trends, we will find out that Joomla’s CMS market share has been dropping since 2010. On the other hand, WordPress is still constantly growing and has taken a lead position when compared to other CMS platforms.

WordPress Vs Joomla: Ease of Use And Setup

WordPress is very user-friendly, while Joomla requires some sort of technical expertise to navigate. For those who wish to create a regular website, WordPress seems to be a better option. Because with WordPress you will be easily able to create a website within a few couple of hours. 

Most of the website hosts already include a WordPress auto-installer and some even come with pre-installed WordPress. In addition, its user interface is very easy to use, so even the most casual users with limited technical knowledge can create websites and get started immediately!

Joomla like WordPress also has a good amount of hosts that offer one-click installation. However, its liability lies in the fact that its control panel is full of website development terminology. Therefore many consider it to be not beginner-friendly, with its complex navigation system. However, it does offer easy-to-use tools and page builder extensions that could further assist users. When it comes to set up it is obvious that WordPress is easier to use them Joomla. 

Therefore in WordPress vs Joomla - a fight for ease of use and setup, WordPress wins fair and square. For those seeking a platform without the necessity for extensive technical understanding, finding guidance from a Technical SEO Consultant could be beneficial in choosing between WordPress and Joomla.

WordPress Vs Joomla: Which is Better for Blogging?

As you are already aware WordPress started as a blogging platform, therefore it will very obviously excel in that particular area. The default editor is very beginner-friendly and allows easy formatting, adding media as well organizing content. While Joomla does support blogs, it was not primarily made with that purpose in mind. Therefore, you might require additional extensions in Joomla to be on par with the blogging capabilities of WordPress. Due to these noticeable differences, advanced bloggers may prefer WordPress over Jumla.

WordPress Vs Joomla: Content Management

In the raging debate of WordPress Vs Joomla, content management is a very important aspect to look at. Both WordPress and Joomla have robust content management systems. However, Joomla’s content management system may be a bit more complex, especially for beginners. 

Wordpress’s Gutenberg block editor allows more flexible content creation and layout management. With WordPress users can easily create pages, organize content, and even preview changes before publishing. While Joomla’s interface offers more options, which might prove to be good for managing large websites.

WordPress Vs Joomla: SEO

WordPress is highly regarded among users for its SEO-friendliness. It offers efficient plugins like Yoast SEO tutorial, etc, to assist users in optimizing content, meta tags, and sitemaps. So it would be easier for users to improve the overall ranking of their website. Joomla as well posses SEO Capabilities, however, they might require manual configuration and even third-party extensions to achieve similar results as WordPress. Therefore users might find it more difficult to use when it comes to SEO settings.

WordPress Vs Joomla: Appearance and Functionality

WordPress’s ecosystem has an extensive collection of themes and plugins, both for free and premium. Hence, users can easily search for suitable themes and functionality for their websites. While Joomla offers a variety of templates and extensions, even though the selection might not be as vast as WordPress, it still has a lot. But it does give the users the freedom to customize the templates, however, this only be accomplished with the help of technical experts. In addition, Joomla also has a more complex installation and activation process, which is another downside of Joomla’s functionalities.

WordPress Vs Joomla: Which Has Better Security?

WordPress Vs Joomla: Better Security

Before choosing a platform it is always better to know about the security factors of the platform. Both WordPress and Joomla Have good security measures to protect from attacks. However, WordPress has a high chance of being attacked simply because of how popular it is. WordPress has security plugins for the users to choose from, while Jumla has built-in security tools, such as two-factor authentication and Google ReCaptch, to combat bots.

Joomla Vs WordPress: Which Provides Better Support?

Joomla Vs WordPress: Which Provide Better Support

Since WordPress is so popular it has its own extensive community of users, developers, and even experts who are actively contributing to the forums. While Joomla has a supportive community, it is not much in comparison to WordPress. From this, we can assume that finding solutions on Wordpres is much easier in comparison to Joomla.

What Are The Differences Between WordPress Vs Joomla?

If you are still wondering which is better WordPress or Joomla cms? Following are some differences that may help you to decide which of these platforms is better suited for your business:

  • WordPress is written in PHP language, and it is connected with MySQL or MariaDB. Joomla is also written in PHP, however, it uses Object-Oriented Programming techniques and software design patterns.
  • While Joomla can support various databases WordPress only supports MySQL and Maria DB.
  • WordPress does not support various languages, on the other side, Joomla is capable of supporting multiple languages.

WordPress vs Joomla: The Ultimate Showdown!

Ease of UseUser-friendly with a small learning curve.User-friendly with a steeper learning curve.
SetupA Straightforward setup with minimal requirement for technical knowledge.A bit more complex setup process with some requirements for technical knowledge.
BloggingWas originally designed as a blogging platform, with a wide range of blogging features.Support blogging, but require an additional extension for functionalities.
Content ManagementExcellent content management system with intuitive editor and customizable taxonomies.Equally capable CMS with more complex coent organization options and hierarchical structure/
Appearance and FunctionalityOffers a vast collection of themes and plugins.Comparatively less, but still offers a wide array of templates and extensions.
SEOIs SEO-friendly, with various plugins available for optimization.Also, SEO-friendly, but requires manual configuration or 3rd party extension for advanced SEO.
SupportHas free active support community forums.On the other hand, has a sizable community with plenty of resources available for support.
eCommerceHas become a powerful eCommerce platform with various online selling features.Comparatively less feature-rich or user-friendly.
SecurityIs More likely to be attacked but offers a variety of security plugins to choose from.Less likely to be attacked and has built-in security tools.

WordPress Vs Joomla: Which is Better?

To answer your question in simple words, it is impossible for us to objectively decide which of these two is more useful. This question in itself is flawed because choosing the right platform depends on the specific needs and goals of a business. Because at the end of the day, both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

A comparison of WordPress Vs Joomla may help individual users, but for businesses looking for ways to create a good website, it is important to consider the platform carefully. They have to make sure they weigh each factor carefully to decide upon the platform that helps them grow and progress.


When it comes to choosing a good CMS Platform for your site you must choose them wisely. Because this decision can significantly affect your business online. The decision between WordPress and Joomla depends on your specific needs, goals, and technical expertise. 

Both the platforms have their advantages and disadvantages, and a simple WordPress Vs Joomla comparison may help you make the final choice. Comparing the two popular CMS platforms of various criteria like ease of access, content management, support, security, SEO, etc will help you in the long run.

One important factor that helps you expand your presence online is SEO. As we already know both Joomla and WordPress are SEO-friendly. However, it becomes difficult for sites with no expertise in SEO to properly optimize their website to reach their target audience. Therefore, we suggest reaching out to gigDe.com, to provide you with advanced SEO services and best practices.


Q.1 Why is WordPress more popular than Joomla?

The reason why WordPress is more popular than Joomla is because it is easier to use. Another factor that makes WordPress more popular is the fact that it is beginner-friendly and very easy to set up.

Q.2 Does anyone still use Joomla?

With almost 40% of websites being powered by WordPress, it is difficult to imagine any other site as its competition. Still, there are many users who prefer using Joomla because of its benefits. We should also not forget the fact that Joomla is still the second-largest CMS platform.

Q.3 Is WordPress faster than Joomla?

While Joomla might seem more user-friendly in comparison to other CMS platforms. But WordPress is still faster because users can easily create a website on WordPress in a few hours.

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