Do you consider YouTube to be the topmost video platform? It is Google’s second-largest search engine and makes it a precious channel for marketers that cannot be overlooked. If you want to employ video in your marketing, the most popular YouTube videos, searches, and themes must be kept in mind. This might contribute to the plan for your video content by recognizing popular patterns from reviews to information and more. In this article, we have listed the top YouTube searches of the year 2021.

Although no officially published data is available, a few YouTube keyword tools might aid you in understanding the most searched topics on YouTube. Another way is to find data in Google Trends on Youtube trend subjects. So read about top searches on youtube in India that you need to know about.

Top youtube searches of 2021

Here is the list of most searched topics on YouTube for the year 2021:

Most searched topics on youtube, US             
  1. drivers license Olivia Rodrigo
  2. no more parties
  3. calling my phone lil tray
  4. techy
  5. big purr
  6. cardi b up
  7. heartbreak anniversary
  8. Friday night funkin music
  9. mortal kombat movie 2021
  10. Godzilla vs kong 
  11. Coi Leray
  12. throat baby remix
  13. streets doja cat
  14. back in blood
  15. king kong vs Godzilla
  16. can you feel my heart
  17. est gee
  18. Dhar Mann                           
  19. Jenni Rivera
  20. beatbox
Most searched topics on youtube, India
  1. Godzilla vs kong
  2. Botella tras Botella
  3. astronauts in the ocean
  4. peaches Justin Bieber
  5. survivor
  6. Lil nas x
  7. Apna time bhi aayega today full episode
  8. Dhar Mann
  9. ام سيف
  10. Fiki Naki
  11. piuzinho
  12. perputhen
  13. Tarak Mehta ka Ulta chashma
  14. Pamela Reif
  15. 52 gaj ka daman
  16. PSG

All-time most searched topics on youtube

Two billion active monthly users of YouTube view video over a billion hours each day so that new topics can soon be searched massively. You may find out which themes are most searched by checking Google Trends and by selecting “YouTube Search” at the top menu because YouTube does not allow direct access to keyword data. Here is the list of all-time top YouTube searches.

All-time most searched topics on youtube, US
  1. Fortnite 
  2. Minecraft
  3. ASMR
  4. NBA youngboy
  5. cardi b
  6. pewdiepie
  7. tik tok
  8. Ariana grande
  9. Post Malone
  10. gacha life
  11. BTS
  12. Bruno mars
  13. logan paul
  14. jake paul
  15. Peppa pig
  16. kodak black
  17. markiplier
  18. ed Sheeran
  19. juice world
  20. Kendrick Lamar
  21. Kevin gates
  22. fgteev
  23. jacksepticeye
  24. Billie Eilish
  25. baby shark
All-time most searched topics on youtube, Global
  1. Minecraft
  2. Fortnite
  3. tik tok
  4. pubg
  5. asmr
  6. BTS
  7. tiktok
  8. free fire
  9. blackpink
  10. baby shark
  11. Motu patlu
  12. despacito
  13. pewdiepie
  14. bad bunny
  15. Bruno mars
  16. Billie Eilish
  17. maluma
  18. cocomelon
  19. Bhojpuri song
  20. Aaj Tak live
  21. Peppa pig
  22. espanol
  23. peliculas completas en 
  24. بيبي
  25. Justin Bieber
  26. galinha pintadinha

Trending topics on youtube

Youtube videos and creators are not static; the most popular theme on YouTube keeps on changing from time to time. The trending page of YouTube gets updated approximately every 15 minutes to retain visitors on the website in large amounts. You can navigate through the trending tab to see what is the most sought thing on YouTube today.

Most subscribed channels of youtube 

Besides browsing for top-of-the-range videos on YouTube, it’s also important for viewers to stay updated on current trends and what material they make. The T-Series, India’s music and film studio was subscribed to most by YouTube in May 2021. 50 million more subscribers than YouTube Movies are on the top channel. The dominating subjects among the top 10 most subscribed channels are:

  • Music
  • Children’s
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in 2021:
  1. T-Series: 181 million
  2. YouTube Movies: 135 million
  3. YouTube Music: 115 million 
  4. PewDiePie: 110 million
  5. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes: 110 million
  6. SET India: 103 million
  7. YouTube Gaming: 88.9 million
  8. Kids Diana Show: 78.1 million
  9. WWE: 76.6 million
  10. YouTube Sports: 75 million

How to detect trending things on YouTube?

Like Google, the video search engine has its algorithm which determines which results can be shown on top YouTube searches. The algorithm evolves, but videos are assessed by:

  • The amount of view
  • Utility for an audience
  • Number of remarks
  • Bounce Rate of the video

Trending content might be music videos by renowned musicians or popular viral videos. YouTube does, however, try to keep the misleading videos out of reach from the trending page. The video, known as “best value computers available today,” may have been an example of a vine with a false title, in which the producer speaks of a funny experience in electronic storage rather than computer hardware comparisons. 

The most sought YouTube videos are easy to find. You can visit the YouTube trend page or check on the YouTube Google Trends website. YouTube’s Google Trends page lists the most popular subjects and search requests people have typed into YouTube. Search phrases that have been trending throughout 2008 are also visible.

Get more insights into your youtube SEO

A significant marketing tool might be video material. You must learn what the material works for your audience to make the most out of YouTube for your brand. This helps to inform your content strategy and content planning through tracking YouTube trends in your niche.

Besides knowing the trends on YouTube, keyword research will also find suggestions for subjects. Keyword tools allow you to filter out terms with a SERP video clip. This enhances keywords that are strongly aimed at video content. The YouTube tracker application can also correlate YouTube’s ranks with keywords and follow your YouTube rankings to notice winning and losing instantaneously.

Top youtube keyword research tools

While it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), proper keyword research is an accepted best practice for marketing professionals, allowing them to identify the most relevant search keywords and discover alternative search terms that people type when looking for information. This research is particularly helpful to organizations who want to know the keywords to use in their website copy, page titles, tags, and other organic content discovery optimization strategies.

When looking for videos on YouTube, individuals search for material using different keywords. How many people search for your term as well as other closely related keywords? You may increase your search results by incorporating relevant keywords into your video’s name, tags, description, and transcript. But beyond this, you can be confident that your video content is most exactly what your audience is seeking.

Here is the list of top youtube keyword research tools of 2021 that you can use: 

  • Ahrefs
  • Keyword Keg
  • VidIQ
  • TubeBuddy
  • Keyword Tool Dominator
  • Kparser
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • HyperSuggest

Final words

Now you must have got the idea about the top YouTube searches of 2021. So use the youtube keyword research tools listed above and make your videos trending on YouTube and reach more audience.