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7 Tech-Savvy Ways To Beat YouTube Algorithm to Rank Videos Higher

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Since the COVID-19 pandemic, social media and other online platforms have had a heavy role in communication spread. Content creators have been working hard since 2020 to promote engaging content. To have an increasing number of viewers and subscribers, a YouTuber needs to publish content which have a fine engaging quality that attracts loads of audience. To increase the possibilities of the YouTube algorithm recommending your videos, you need to optimize them for SEO.

YouTube Trending Algorithm

You have to help viewers discover your videos once they type in an exceeding keyword or phrase. In this blog, we are going to learn how the YouTube algorithm works in 2022 without further adieu let us go through it.

1. View velocity

Your subscribers have to view your video content as soon as you hit the publish button. The lower the viewer velocity is the higher the ranking of your videos. As a YouTuber, you have to grow your subscriber list. Create high-quality videos that match your user’s needs.

For example, if you’re creating content about YouTube algorithm videos, digital marketing, or SEO, your content must add value to your subscribers. Having genuine subscribers will attract them to get a reaction on your channel. View velocity does not depend on paid promotion.

View velocity solely depends on organic traffic. Therefore, you would like to grow your subscriber list by being consistent in content publishing. As a little YouTuber, you’ll be able to ask people to subscribe to your channel before publishing your video. To increase view velocity, you’ll be able to raise awareness to the users by creating an email list. You can request people for the email address and forward a personalized message to them after publishing a video.

2. Click-through rate (CTR)

YouTube algorithm relies on click-through to see if your videos will appear on search results or the house section. YouTube would recommend your video if you have an increasing Click-Through Rate. It implies that your content has relevance to the user’s search query.

You can increase the Click-through rate by creating an attractive title description, thumbnails, and high-quality content. Marketers have to create content that the users will want to observe. For instance, you’ll be able to create a poll and ask your audience what they need to understand a couple of specific topics or your organization.

Published content will improve both audience retention and CTR. But, this may only happen if the audience will find the videos relevant to them. Users will click to observe a video supported by the thumbnail. As a content creator, don’t be tempted to use clickbait. It can have a setback if your content doesn’t appeal to the viewers.

Clickbait will affect your view duration furthermore as video views. YouTube algorithms may find yourself penalizing you for cheating. Your content might not appear on YouTube’s search, recommended section likewise as a trending page.

3. Watch time/view duration

Viewers should be able to watch your videos to the top. You will have more views if your video has an increasing ranking. Watch time is crucial to the YouTube algorithm.

The content creators are supposed to make logical and appropriate content. You have to provide logic and humor in your videos. You can also insert images, infographics, and videos. It breaks the monotony of watching plain videos and attracts the viewer to stay watching. You’ll be able to also add links to other relevant videos on your channel. It will facilitate the creation of videos that your audience will want to look at.

4. Search

The YouTube algorithm determines which videos will appear within the search area. As an example, let’s say a user is trying to find a video on how YouTube monetizes a video. First, your video has to be ranked for the keyword, monetize. it’ll increase the probability of ranking on search.

It implies that your titles, descriptions, metadata, and tags should match the search queries. Sometimes, a user can use a keyword that you just are ranking for on a groundwork engine, and your video appears on the search results. it’ll increase the click-through rate to your YouTube channel.

5. Subscription

To grow your audience, you would like your viewers to take your channel. You’ll be able to proceed and ask them to click on the notification bell. It will showcase newer content on their device when you publish it on your page. YouTube algorithm works by checking the number of subscribers you have gained. As an audience, you need to subscribe to a YouTube channel. It means the data on the page was helpful to you, and so, you do not want to miss future posts from the platform.

6. Home and recommended videos

YouTube will suggest videos on the sidebars of a video and residential screen. If the algorithm YouTube doesn’t recommend your video, you’ll promote the subsequent video in your channel at the tip screens. The recommendation system can rank a video by analyzing its performance and the way it’s satisfied, similar to people. The algorithm of YouTube will recommend videos from different channels and promote other forms of content.

7. Trending

The trending section has popular and new videos. It is specific to the user’s country. YouTube considers the view count and growth of the videos they rank during this section. The user must click on trending on the left side of the platform. YouTube will monitor the views on the pages and the way quickly they grow.

The trending section is the way to optimize your videos for the algorithm of YouTube. Videos have a better engagement rate and may increase conversion for a business. YouTube may be a social media platform that you simply can use for entertainment, marketing, how-to, content creation, and learning.

YouTube recommendation algorithm

The YouTube algorithm controls different sections within the platform. That’s the search, trending, home, subscription, notification, and recommended pages. There have been changes within the algorithm since its launch in 2005. The changes within the algorithm are to assist viewers in discovering the content that they’re looking for. In the previous year, YouTube was ranking pages that got the major clicks.

However, there are several changes to the algorithm as more people keep uploading and looking for videos on the platform. There’s no limit on video uploads to the platform. It will still recommend the videos if the viewers still watch them.

However, if the videos don’t perform well, they’ll not appear on search or home sections. Creating high-quality videos is crucial to the ranking of the video. There’s a necessity to publish content that’s relevant to the users. The metadata should match user queries. As content creators create more content, your audience has to watch it to the top. It’ll inform the YouTube algorithm that the videos are appropriate for other viewers to look at.


As a content creator on the YouTube platform, you need to stay up with the algorithm changes. Despite the algorithm changes, YouTube’s goals will always be identical, increase viewers, and subscriptions, and fascinating with videos. As users of the platform, you’ll maintain these changes to draw in subscribers and watch time in your channel. YouTube pays attention to the content which is viewed by most audiences.

Therefore, you would like to form quality content that improves your vanity metrics further. As a result, your videos are ranking on the search results page recommended section and residential page.

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