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Best Ways to Increase Google Reviews to Boost Bussiness

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These days it has become a habit of most people to check out reviews of the product they are willing to purchase. Reviews help any customer in many ways. They express the experience of those consumers that already have used the product.

In this internet-powered era before making any purchasing decision, reviews play an important role for customers. Thus now it’s essential for brands to increase their Google review rate with good review scores.

Increasing Google reviews of your brand can help your brand to grow in the local market. One thing that companies should consider is increasing their brand review rate can only be beneficial if the Google review score is good. Otherwise, dismissive reviews can push your brand toward a bigger problem. This makes the customer rethink about their purchase and also make them compare your brand with another local area brand.

In this blog, we will be discussing the factors that may help the brand to understand the importance of reviews and the methods of improving them:

  • How to increase reviews of your brand?
  • How do reviews manage a brand’s reputation?
  • What is the importance of reviews?
  • What is the need of online sites for review?
  • How to improve review ratings.

What are the Ways to Increase Google Reviews?

Google Reviews is a free service offered by Google to both companies and customers. If used in the correct manner, then this can be beneficial for both. From the brand's perspective, they get to know about their product’s pros and cons from consumers which can help them to improve their product’s quality. On the other hand, if we talk about the customers, reviews help them to know about the quality and the features they are looking for in the product.

Below we have mentioned the ways how brands can increase Google reviews and increase the good review rates:

1. Ask customers for reviews

In research by Brightlocal, it states that if a brand asks customers through an email or a text message and requests them to leave a review about your product. Then there is a chance that 87% of the people will leave a review about their experience with the product. And it is likely that 81% of them will leave a positive review if the performance of the product is beyond their expected experience.

2. Add a QR code to the brand's receipts

One of the easiest ways to increase Google reviews is by a customer scanning a QR code. By adding a QR code for review in the receipts like bills, business cards, information packets, or even product packaging. Like if a customer has purchased your product then provide them a bill consisting QR code and give their feedback about the product. Tell them that their feedback is essential for your brand.

3. Integrate the review link in the website

If you are selling a product either online or offline, you must have your brand’s presence online. This will increase the chances to reach interested customers. Especially an e-commerce brand that would primarily engage with its customers through a website. If you think relying on email and SMS may sometimes irritate a user then why not add the review link to the website itself. You can also redirect them to the review page after purchase.

4. Take the support of social media

With the help of social media now it is way easier to reach customers online. This increases the visibility of the brand. So other than promoting your brand and its services, you can also ask them for Google reviews about your products. Simply you just need to add the link in the bio of your brand’s profile. Brands can also share this link with any attractive post to encourage customers to interact with it.

Having a strong and engaging social media presence for business is crucial in today's digital age for reaching and connecting with a wider audience.

5. Be responsive to reviews

This is one of the most important ways to increase Google reviews. Interacting and responding to the reviews of customers make them feel that their reviews are really valuable for your brand. When a new customer arrives on your review page and sees the brand’s response to the previous reviews. This encourages them to leave a review from their side also. This too builds the trust between the company and the customer.

How Google Reviews Manages the Brand’s Reputation?

When talking about brand’s reputation management google reviews plays an important role in building and presenting the reputation of your brand in the market. Managing your Google reviews is essential these days, as customers believe in Google reviews more than what brand is advertising about the product. And if those reviews are dismissive then it may impact your brand’s reputation in the market. This becomes a reason why the company should take an active approach to improve and manage its brand’s reputation.

Using the approach of review management for your business is one of the ways to increase Google reviews and improve the brand’s image. This allows the company to gain customer’s trust easily. With this increased trust and reputation, the company will be able to boost its revenue by generating more sales. This happens because once customers see other consumers are satisfied with your services. They feel more comfortable purchasing those services for themselves.

What is the Importance of Google Reviews?

When enquiring about any service or product the first place a user searches for information is Google reviews. Google reviews not only provide information or start engagement between companies and customers but also are important in many other ways. Below we have mentioned some key points that show the importance of customer reviews for your brand:

  • It improves the SEO of that brand in the local area.
  • Positive reviews can help you gain more customers.
  • A single positive review or recommendation can attract a number of new customers.
  • Reviews and feedback from satisfied customers show the quality and reliability of the product.
  • Receiving frequent Google reviews on your brand increases the company's exposure among Internet users.

How Online Site for Customer Reviews Works?

There are various reviewing sites available on the internet other than Google My Business. Most of these websites are industry specific so for example, if a person is looking for reviews about any smartphone then he would probably visit a tech & gadgets-related review site to get the exact information they are looking for. This leads them to make their decision if they want to buy that product or would buy any better alternative of it.

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How to Increase Google Review Rating?

Like reviews, ratings also play an essential role in explaining the experience of consumers after using that service or product. But ratings are a little bit different than reviews. Reviews contain more detailed information about the quality of that product, whereas ratings just show the quality of the product in the form of numeric measurement. For this companies can use many ways to increase Google reviews & ratings

Another study from Brightlocal states that around 58% of people seem convinced to make a purchase from a brand if they saw that it has received high star ratings. But in 2023, 47% of customers said that having only higher ratings without any no words in review makes those ratings look suspicious and fake.

  • Using a traditional method by offering them a “leave us a review” card.
  • Try to take Google reviews in person.
  • Create a campaign on social media for reviews.
  • Frequently interacts with the reviews
  • Offer customized appreciation digital cards through email after they post a review.
  • Respond and appreciate every honest review, whether it's positive or dismissive.


Google reviews work as a double-edged sword. Rather than worrying about dismissive reviews, the company’s prime focus should be on how to convert those dismissive ones into positive ones. Companies need to learn ways to increase Google reviews of their product. Increasing the number of good results will directly have an impact on the visibility of the brand, its increased sales, better trust, and engagement with the customers.

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