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How to Stop Spam Comment in WordPress in 4 Easy Steps

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Summary -Learn how to stop spam comments in WordPress and protect your site's reputation. Spam comments sent by bots and people, are harmful and might contain bad links. They can damage your website's reputation, slow it down, and pose security risks. Prevent these issues by turning off link notifications, reviewing comments before posting, blocking repeated spam, or even disabling comments. You can also use antispam plugins like Akismet, Forget Spam Comments, Antispam Bee, or Titan Anti Spam.

WordPress is the first choice among business owners and individuals for creating websites and blogs. The user-friendly interface and extensive range of WordPress SEO plugins make website building accessible to everyone.

However, as with anything popular, there's a downside. Here comes the question of 'how to stop spam comment in WordPress.' Dealing with these irritating aspects can become a real headache for website owners.

They not only turn your and your user's smooth experiences upside down but can also damage your brand's reputation. In this blog, we'll learn how to stop spam comment in WordPress. So, if you're tired of dealing with spam, join us as we equip you with the knowledge and tools to stop spam comment in WordPress.

What are Spam Comments?

If you run a blog or website that gets many visitors, you have thought about stopping spam comments in WordPress. In other words, these comments are sent by both real people and automated programs (bots). These are promotional and unsolicited ads and comments posted on platforms with high-level engagement.

Although dealing with them can be a hassle, you must delete them individually to keep your website and comment section looking nice. Besides, these spam comments have harmful links that are bad for both the people visiting your site and how your site shows up on search engines.

Let us look into how to stop spam comment in WordPress.

Reasons Behind Spam Comments

Before we understand how to stop spam comment in WordPress, let us understand the reason behind it.

It's important to stop spam comment in WordPress because spammers leave comments that include links back to their websites. This strategy boosts their website's reputation and gets more visitors. Ultimately, when their websites gain more recognition, they get a high rank in search results, which results in more traffic.

Therefore, to achieve this, spammers promote their services through these comments more often. However, such practices are not ethical and can negatively impact your website. To prevent this, use different methods to effectively stop spam comment in WordPress and safeguard the integrity of your website.

Effects of Spam Comments

Stop spam comment in WordPress before it hurts your business growth. Here's how spam comments affect your website:

1. Your Website's Reputation:

Website ranking is important for scaling a business. Moreover, search engines like Google monitor your website's reputation. If there are too many spammy links in the comments, Google might negatively mark you and move your website from the coveted first page. Thus, it is critical to stop spam comment in WordPress.

2. Dangerous Links:

Some links in spam messages could lead to dangerous or bad websites. Ultimately, people who click these links might end up on sites that could harm their computers or steal their information. This, in turn, harms your reputation, and thus, you must stop spam comment in WordPress.

3. Slowing Down:

Too many spam comments can make your website slow. In other words, it's like having too many things in your backpack – it's harder to move around quickly, making your website take a long time to load, resulting in unhappy visitors.

Every website that allows comments can have this problem. To keep your website safe and your visitors satisfied, it's important to have a plan to stop spam comment in WordPress.

How to Stop Spam Comment in WordPress?

To stop spam comment in WordPress, you have a few options. Firstly, you can use a special tool that blocks spam and change how comments work in WordPress.

Secondly, add plugins, and lastly, change the settings. Ultimately, this will help in keeping your website free from annoying spam comments. Let's look at some ways to stop spam comment in WordPress.

1. Turn Off Link Notifications between Websites

The first step to stop spam comment in wordpress is by turning off notifications between other websites.

When you write something on your WordPress blog and someone else writes something related to it on their blog? Well, there's a way for their blog to tell your blog about it. It's like a notification. This is called a pingback or trackback. Some of these notifications might show up as comments on your WordPress blog post, and they'll have a bit of what you wrote in your post.

But a lot of these notifications are spam, like unwanted messages. To prevent this and stop spam comment in WordPress, you can go to your blog's settings and find the part about discussions. You'll see an option to allow or not allow these notifications there.

Eventually, it's a good idea to uncheck the box that says 'allow pingbacks and trackbacks.' In the long run, this will help you avoid getting unnecessary and often spammy notifications from other blogs.

This is one of the best ways to stop spam comment in WordPress.

2. Review all comments before they're posted

The second way to stop spam comment in WordPress is by monitoring who remarks what on your blogs and posts.

Mostly every website has blogs where people can leave comments. Sometimes, people leave comments just to put links in them, which might not be helpful or relevant.

So, stop spam comment in WordPress, and ensure that every remark posted is genuine; also, check if a comment has any links.

Also, you can control all of this in the settings of your blog's discussion system. You can say whether you want to check comments with lots of links or whether you want to trust people who've left good comments in the past. And if you change your mind, you can always change these settings later.

3. Block repeated spam comments from users

This is one of the effective ways to stop spam comment in WordPress by blocking the nuisance creator themselves.

Sometimes, some people leave annoying and repetitive comments, like advertisements or irrelevant things. To stop spam comment in WordPress, you can list words or phrases that these spammy comments often use. Now, you put this list in your website's settings.

Ultimately, when someone tries to leave a comment with those spammy words, your website will automatically say, "Nope, you can't post this." It's like having a gate that keeps out unwanted comments.

Also, you can set a rule that if a comment has too many links, it won't go through. For example, you might allow only one link per comment to prevent people from posting too many links that could be spammy.

So, in simple words, you're just telling your website to recognize and stop spam comment in WordPress, ensuring that only real and relevant comments get through.

4. Disable all comments

The best way to deal with this problem of how to stop spam comment in WordPress is to remove the comment section from your blogs.

If you don't want people to leave comments on your website, you can turn off commenting. To do this, go to your website settings and find the part about comments. There, you'll see a checkbox or an option to turn off all articles' comments. However, some themes also allow you to do this for each article.

For example, if you're using a theme like Blocksy or Kadence, go to the article you want to turn off comments for, and in the settings on the side, look for 'Discussion' and uncheck the box that says 'Allow comments.'

This way, you could stop spam comment in WordPress.

Prevent Unwanted Comments with an Antispam Plugin

The best way to stop spam comment in WordPress is by using a plugin. This tool can handle spam for you, so you don't have to worry. However, many plugins are available to help you tackle this problem.

Let's look at some 'antispam plugin Wordpress' that work well to stop spam comment in WordPress.

1. Akismet

Akismet plugin is a handy tool for WordPress websites that helps keep away those annoying spam comments and trackbacks. It's like a smart filter that automatically catches and stop spam comment in WordPress. Although the best part is, if you're using WordPress, the Akismet plugin comes already set up – no need to download anything.

Just turn it on and put in your special Akismet API key, which you can get for free by signing up.

Also, the free plan is usually enough to stop spam comment in WordPress. It watches out for spam in the comments people leave on your site and even in the forms they fill out. So, it's like an extra lock on your website to keep it safe from all those fake messages.

2. Forget Spam Comments

Forget Spam Comment is a free tool that helps keep your website safe from spam comments. Unlike other plugins, it doesn't make you create an account or mess with settings.

Therefore, once you install it, your website is protected automatically. It's really simple to use and doesn't bother you with extra steps like captcha challenges.

Plus, it works quietly in the background, so you won't have to worry about sorting through unwanted comments. Besides, it's designed to follow GDPR rules, and it's super lightweight so that it won't slow down your site.

It uses JavaScript code to work its spam-blocking without slowing down your site and works nicely with other plugins.

3. Antispam Bee

Antispam Bee is another great plugin for WordPress websites that helps stop spam comment in WordPress. It's similar to Forget Spam Comments but has a few extra settings and a dashboard to see its performance.

The dashboard shows you how many spam comments Antispam Bee has stopped, displayed as a line chart. Antispam Bee is one of the best tools to stop spam comment in WordPress.

Some important features of Antispam Bee are:

  1. It trusts commenters who have been approved before
  2. It trusts commenters who have a Gravatar profile picture
  3. You can allow comments only in a specific language
  4. You can block or allow comments from certain countries
  5. It checks and verifies the IP addresses of commenters
  6. It checks a local database to see if a commenter has been marked as spam before

4. Titan Anti Spam

This is another tool that will help to stop spam comment in WordPress.

Titan Antispam uses something called invisible captchas to keep out those annoying spambots. The pro version also stops people from putting in spam manually.

So, to stop spam comment in WordPress, it's great, but it doesn't guard all the different forms on your website. So, you might want to use it along with something else for extra protection.

Despite that, it's still good because it's not heavy on your website. However, the Antispam Pro version has extra settings. It helps stop spam by checking how much junk is in a comment. If there's too much, it says no to that comment before it reaches your website's storage.

This brings us to the end of the list of tools that can assist a business to stop spam comment in WordPress websites.


In the ongoing fight against spam comments, WordPress users have an array of effective tools and tactics to rely on. By combining these strategies, website owners can create a solid defense to stop spam comment in WordPress.

This doesn't just make the website better for visitors but also helps it gain trust and do well on SERP. So, get ready to take action, strengthen your WordPress defenses, and wave goodbye to those bothersome spam comments for good.

So, if you're Seeking expert help in maintaining a spam-free website and enhancing your online presence, consider Gigde's services. Our team ensures a seamless and secure website experience. Let's work together to keep your site spam-free and your reputation soaring. We know how to stop spam comment in WordPress, without impacting your SEO on WordPress strategies.

Are you ready to stop spam comment in WordPress together?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are spam comments, and why are they bugging my WordPress site?

Ans. Spam comments are like those unwanted ads that fill up your site's comment section. They come from robots or sneaky people trying to promote stuff or cause trouble. They mess with your site's vibe and can even spread computer viruses. It is best to stop spam comment in WordPress.

Q2. Any quick fixes to stop spam comment in WordPress from causing chaos?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to stop spam comment in WordPress sites. Use a CAPTCHA – it's like a robot test. You can also control comments by approving them or locking the door on old posts to keep spammers away.

Q3. Can spam comments actually harm my website, or are they just irrelevant?

Ans. Spam comments aren't just irrelevant; they can cause harm. Some spam even carries harmful links that could lead to security problems. So, it's important to take them seriously and stop spam comment in WordPress.

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